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Fighting Spirit

FRANCHISE: Fighting Spirit



Ippo MakunouchiIppo Makunouchi
8 incarnations
Mamoru TakamuraMamoru Takamura
8 incarnations
Kumi MashibaKumi Mashiba
6 incarnations
Takeshi SendoTakeshi Sendo
6 incarnations
Ricardo MartinezRicardo Martinez
3 incarnations
Masaru AokiMasaru Aoki
7 incarnations
Genji KamogawaGenji Kamogawa
7 incarnations
Ichiro MiyataIchiro Miyata
7 incarnations
Tatsuya KimuraTatsuya Kimura
7 incarnations
Ryo MashibaRyo Mashiba
7 incarnations
Eiji DateEiji Date
5 incarnations
Naomichi Yamada / Hammer NaoNaomichi Yamada / Hammer Nao
3 incarnations
Mari IimuraMari Iimura
5 incarnations
Haruhiko YagiHaruhiko Yagi
7 incarnations
Masahiko UmezawaMasahiko Umezawa
4 incarnations
Miyata\'s FatherMiyata's Father
6 incarnations
Bryan HawkBryan Hawk
3 incarnations
Alexander Vorg ZangiefAlexander Vorg Zangief
4 incarnations
Tomoyuki ShinodaTomoyuki Shinoda
6 incarnations
Ginpachi NekotaGinpachi Nekota
4 incarnations
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Voice Actors

Michelle RuffMichelle Ruff
Stephanie ShehStephanie Sheh
Sam RiegelSam Riegel
Kirk ThorntonKirk Thornton
Dave WittenbergDave Wittenberg
Mona MarshallMona Marshall
Richard EpcarRichard Epcar
Steve StaleySteve Staley
Doug ErholtzDoug Erholtz
Grant GeorgeGrant George
Tony OliverTony Oliver
David LodgeDavid Lodge
Paul St PeterPaul St Peter
Dorothy FahnDorothy Fahn
Barbara GoodsonBarbara Goodson
Richard CansinoRichard Cansino
DC DouglasDC Douglas
Michael SorichMichael Sorich
Dave MallowDave Mallow
Steve KramerSteve Kramer
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TV Shows

Fighting Spirit: New ChallengerFighting Spirit: New Challenger
Fighting Spirit: Mashiba vs. KimuraFighting Spirit: Mashiba vs. Kimura
Fighting Spirit: Boxer\'s FistFighting Spirit: Boxer's Fist
Fighting Spirit: RisingFighting Spirit: Rising
Fighting SpiritFighting Spirit (2004)
Fighting Spirit: Champion RoadFighting Spirit: Champion Road (2006)

Video Games

Fighting SpiritFighting Spirit
Victorious Boxers: RevolutionVictorious Boxers: Revolution (2007)

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