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Default Hunter x Hunter 2011

After getting up-to-date with the manga, then marathon watching the original series, the OVAs and then getting up-to-date with the 2011 series I look forward to a new dub.

Funimation is most likely to pick it up so here's my possible FUNi cast

(I didn't list every character but I got most of the important ones up until Greed Island, hopefully the 2011 series will go beyond that, the chimera arc is finished in the manga so the material is there )

Some fans often complain about Funimation reusing the same people in lead roles so I had a mix of veterans and newcomers/lesser known VAs.

Gon Freecss – Mary Morgan
Narrator – Ed Blaylock
Mito Freecss – Shelley Calene-Black
Gon's Great-Grandma – Juli Erickson
Kurapika – Kira Vicent-Davis
Leorio Paladiknight – Brandon Potter
Ship Captain – Greg Dulcie
Tonpa – Jonathan Brooks
Killua Zoldyck – Luci Christian
Hisoka – Illich Guardiola
Nicolas – Chris Cason
Hanzo – Ian Sinclair
Satotz – Steve Powell
Menchi – Kate Oxley
Buhara – George Manley
Chairman Netero – Bill Flynn
Beans – Joel McDonald
Lippo – Chuck Huber
Bendot – Phil Parsons
Sedokan – Josh Martin
Majitani – Jeremy Inman
Leroute – Elise Baughman
Johness the Dissector – Brian Mathis
Pokkle – Josh Grelle
Bodoro – Sean Hennigan
Ponzu – Cherami Leigh
Gerreta – Andrew Love
Amori – Orion Pitts
Imori – Aaron Dismuke
Umori – Jonathan C. Osborne
Illumi Zoldyck – Jay Hickman
Zebro – Charles Campbell
Canary – Kara Edwards
Milluki Zoldyck – Greg Ayres
Zeno Zoldyck – R. Bruce Elliott
Silva Zoldyck – Chris Sabat
Kikyo Zoldyck – Colleen Clinkenbeard
Kalluto Zoldyck – Leah Clark
Gotoh – J. Michael Tatum
Wing – Sonny Strait
Zushi – Alison Viktorin
Gido – Kenny Green
Sadaso – Chris Ayres
Riehvelt – Todd Haberkorn
Cocco – Carli Mosier
Kastro – John Gremillion
Machi – Jamie Marchi
Mizuken (Kurapika’s Master) – Mike McFarland
Light Nostrade – Jim Johnson
Neon Nostrade – Monica Rial
Melody – Jennifer Seman
Basho – John Swasey
Squala – Bob Carter
Zepile – Anthony Bowling
Baise – Caitlin Glass
Shachmono Tocino – Chris Bevins
Dalzollene – Jerry Jewell
Chrollo Lucilfer – Jason Liebrecht
Nobunaga Hazama – Kent Williams
Pakunoda – Lydia Mackay
Shalnark – Chris Burnett
Feitan – Kyle Hebert
Phinks – Rob McCollum
Franklin – Brett Weaver
Shizuku – Gwendolyn Lau
Uvogin – Chris Rager
Kortopi – Micah Solusod
Zenji – Andy Mullins
Ging Freecss – Justin Cook
Battera – Bruce Carey
Tsezguerra – David Wald
Abengane – Duncan Brannan
Biscuit Krueger (Child Form) – Tia Ballard
Genthru/Bomber – Eric Vale
Razor – Jason Douglas
Kite – John Burgmeier

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Default Re: Hunter x Hunter 2011

Still catching up with the manga and stuff. Here's my cast if FUNimation used NYAV Post.

Gon Freecss – Julie Ann Taylor
Killua Zoldyck - Rachael Lillis/Kate Higgins
Kurapika – Mike Sinterniklaas
Leorio Paladiknight – Marc Thompson/Troy Baker
Hisoka – Kevin T. Collins/Keith Silverstein

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Default Re: Hunter x Hunter 2011

Gon: Either Brianne Sidall (Viz), Greg Ayres (Funimation), or Sam Vincent (Ocean).
Killua: Either Laura Bailey (Viz), Maxey Whitehead (Funimation), or Cathy Weseluck (Ocean).
Kurapika: Either Bryce Papenbrook (Viz), Josh Grelle (Funimation), or Brad Swaile (Ocean).
Leorio: Either Quinton Flynn (Viz), Eric Vale (Funimation), or Scott McNeil (Ocean).
Hisoka: Either Steve Blum (Viz), Jerry Jewell (Funimation), or Kirby Morrow (Ocean).
Chrollo: Either Crispin Freeman (Viz), J. Michael Tatum (Funimation), or Paul Dobson (Ocean).
Machi: Either Stephanie Sheh (Viz), Trina Nishimura (Funimation), or Maryke Hendrickson (Ocean).
Uvogin: Either Steve Blum (Viz), Chris Sabat (Funimation), or Scott McNeil (Ocean).
Feitan: Either Yuri Lowenthal (Viz), Vic Mignogna (Funimation), or Vincent Tong (Ocean).
Nobunaga: Either Kirk Thornton (Viz), Ian Sinclair (Funimation), or Bryan Drummond (Ocean).
Pakunoda: Either Lauren Landa (Viz), Luci Christian (Funimation), or Nicole Oliver (Ocean).
Franklin: Either Travis Willingham (Viz), Patrick Seitz (Funimation), or Terry Klassen (Ocean).
Shizuku: Either Kate Higgins (Viz), Monica Rial (Funimation), or Ashleigh Ball (Ocean).
Shalnark: Either Brian Beacock (Viz), Aaron Dismuke (Funimation), or Matt Hill (Ocean).
Phinks: Either Kyle Hebert (Viz), John Burgmeier (Funimation), or Trevor Devall (Ocean).
Kortopi: Either Sam Riegel (Viz), Todd Haberkorn (Funimation), or Noel Fisher (Ocean).
Bonolenov: Either Liam O'Brien (Viz), Mike McFarland (Funimation), or Bryan Drummond (Ocean).
Senritsu: Either Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (Viz), Wendy Powell (Funimation), or Pauline Newstone (Ocean).
Mito: Either Laura Bailey (Viz), Leah Clark (Funimation), or Tabitha St. Germaine (Ocean).
Ging: Either Tony Oliver (Viz), Sonny Strait (Funimation), or Ian James Corlette (Ocean).
Kite: Either Johnny Yong Bosch (Viz), Justin Cook (Funimation), or Richard Cox (Ocean).
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