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Fire Matt
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Arrow Season 2 - Audition Feedback - NCZ

If you'd like to hear my feedback and critique on your audition, this is the place!

If I've already given feedback on yours but you'd like clarification or have further questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Basic legend:
Y = Yes
CB+ = Call Back Plus (those whom I believed had great auditions, but needed a tiny little push to reach Yes caliber)
CB = Call Back (neutral Call Back)
CB- = Call Back Minus (lower end of the CB scale)
N = No

Cat's Tuxedo:
-Gruffer voices a little forced
-Lots of interesting comedic acting
-Didn't blow my mind, but it wasn't horrible by any means.

Suggested improvements:
-More dramatic acting
-Performing voices that you can do naturally
-Some more variety in voice types

-Some nice variations in acting/emotion
-Accent didn't detract from performance
-Nothing spectacular, but it wasn't awful. Overall, a pretty good audition.

Suggested improvements:
-A bit more enthusiasm for emotional lines
-More variation in voice
-Possibly using foreign accent to your advantage

-Liked your old man, martial art master, and alien voices
-Other voices sounded a little forced/unnatural

Suggested improvements:
-More enthusiasm in dramatic lines
-Use voices that come more naturally

-Liked your evil and accented voices
-Geometric storyteller sounded a little unnatural; sounded as though you weren't giving 100%

Suggested improvements:
-Include lines from a variety of emotions or voice types to show range in voice and acting

-Your acting was pretty good, but I felt could've been better. It was almost as if you were holding back a little.
-All the voices sounded very similar to each other

Suggested improvements:
-Include wider range of voices if you can. If you can't, remember that even something like an accent, if it's good enough, can make voices that are otherwise the same sound completely distinct.
-More dramatic lines to showcase acting better (such as anger or sadness)

Dillon Taylor:
-Very impressed by your acting! Sounded like something I could actually hear in a game or anime.
-The voices also sounded distinct despite sharing similarities.

Suggested improvements:
-Perhaps include some more emotions like anger or surprise. Most of the lines seemed to be similar-sounding in terms of emotion.

Der Grapist:
-Your first voice was pretty good.
-The later, gruffer voices sounded a little forced.
-Your acting was pretty decent.

Suggested improvements:
-Sadness could sound more natural.
-Include more emotions.

-Really liked your little girl voice ("Mommy, where are we?")
-Pretty good variety in pitch.

Suggested improvements:
-Be more confident in delivery
-More variety in emotions
-Try some voices that are further from your natural voices

-Acting towards the end sounded almost as though you were forcing yourself to get a specific sound
-First voice sounded pretty good. I'd have liked to hear more of it.
-Second line ("more than one syllable") had a somewhat sudden and awkward transition. The buildup to the yell could've been a bit more gradual.

Suggested improvements:
-More natural-sounding acting, more dramatic lines/scenes
-More variety in voice (such as pitch or inflection)

-You've got a pretty good vocal ranage. The acting could've used some work though.

Suggested improvements:
-Be more confident in delivery
-Try and focus a little more on original material than imitations. This way, since you'd be doing things you're more capable of rather than attempting to match other people's ranges, your voices will sound more natural.

-Your acting was generally good.
-Patrick imitation wasn't bad.

Suggested improvements:
-The yelling at the end of certain lines sounded kind of awkward. Try putting a bit more aggression into them instead of simply making your voice rougher.
-Include more variety in acting. All of them sounded rather similar (sort of low, generic serious)

-Decent range of voices. The surfer and Richard Nixon were probably the highlights.

Suggested improvements:
-Some more emotion/dramatic lines to show off acting.
-Some of the voices/delivery didn't sound very natural (e.g. the SpongeBob and "priceless" ones), partially as though they were a little exaggerated, and partially feeling as though you didn't give your all.
-I'd recommend being aware of what your strengths are and including them in the audition by themselves. A short but strong audition tends to make a larger impression than a long one that contains a bunch of simply "decent" voices.

-Your alien/throaty voices were pretty good in both voice and acting. They showed me you had potential.
-Liked the chemistry between the two low and high-pitched voices (they sounded like they were having a conversation).

Suggested improvements:
-The other voices were decent but could've used more confidence for them to truly shine.

-Impressed by both range and acting! The audition started off quite good, but it got better towards the middle and end.
-You had a good amount of confidence.

Suggested improvements:
-The first three voices are great by themselves, but put back-to-back-to-back they sounded a little similar. They could've been moved around in the audition so it would sound more varied. This has nothing to do with quality, but more of a technical thing.
-A few more emotions would've made the audition even better.

-There was noticeable background noise.
-Felt like you were holding back throughout the audition. You seem to have some potential, but don't seem to be using all of it.
-Audition wasn't very long and rather minimal in terms of showcasing your skills.

Suggested improvements:
-Better recording equipment
-More confidence/enthusiasm.
-Include more voices and emotions if you can, so we can have a better idea of what you're capable of.

-Range of acting seemed a little limited. Most lines seemed to be of similar emotion and voice types.
-Delivery generally sounded as though you weren't giving everything you had.
-The "This way to the trap?" line was one of the better ones. It sounded more natural than the other lines, but could've also used some work in terms of delivery.

Suggested improvements:
-More energy would've improved both voice and acting. Don't be afraid to give 100%.
-Include more range of voice and dramatic acting.

-Apologies, but this one didn't really do it for me. It was a little slow-paced and never really engaged me.
-The first scene did manage to capture the awkwardness of some conversations. That was a plus.

Suggested improvements:
-The laughing at the start sounded a little awkward (not sure if this was intentional or not).
-Acting could've been more natural/emotional in both scenes
-Time could've been used better. Instead of dedicating both halves of the audition to two scenes that didn't offer much in terms of variation in voice or acting, you could've used the full minute to include more variety.

-Delivery and voices for each line sounded awkward and as if you were holding back.

Suggested improvements:
-Inject more energy into your delivery
-Work on sounding sad so that you can do it realistically.

-You've got a pretty impressive range.
-All the lines and the way you performed them sounded like the sort of thing I could hear in an actual anime.

Suggested improvements:
-Just a little more variation in emotion
-The last line could've been delivered better IMO

-Liked your Mario character and Mr. Burns imitations
-You've got a very wide vocal range.

Suggested improvements:
-Better recording equipment. There was a sort of buzz throughout the audition. Also, avoid the popping noises caused by "p" sounds. This can be done by slightly moving your head away from the microphone when saying them.
-Include more dramatic lines and try to place a slightly lower emphasis on imitations.

-Most of the voices sounded very similar. The majority of them were gruff, sounding both similar and rather forced.

Suggested improvements:
-Speak a little slower and more clearly
-More variety in voice and acting
-Perform voices that come to you more naturally.

Corey Barba:
-You've got a fantastic "narrator" voice. The first couple of lines in particular reminded me of Michael McConnohie.
-Also liked your gruff old man voice and your acting was very good as well.
-Recording quality was top-notch.

Suggested improvements:
-Perhaps include some more types of voices if you can.

-You offered a healthy amount of variety in both voice and acting.
-All the voices sounded natural.

Suggested improvements:
-I'd have liked to hear more sadness. You had some for a little while, but many of the other lines were sort of on the same wavelength in terms of emotion.
-The "aged" and "aw yeah, adventure time" voices were probably the weaker ones; could've used more confidence. I did like the accent in the former, though.

-If you're a dude, I had a pretty tough time believing it. You pulled off those female voices really convincingly.

Suggested improvements:
-All of your lines could've done with more enthusiasm.
-The "I am your father" line sounded unnatural and forced.

-Most of the voices sounded unnatural
-Acting was pretty decent

Suggested improvements:
-Perform more lines that are within your vocal range
-Be careful not to overact (as in the "yeehaw" line early on)

-Your voice is quite deep and sounds really cool.
-Loved your Scottish (?) accent
-I felt your acting was almost theatrical or movie-like in quality. You reminded me of someone like Christopher Lee or Morgan Freeman.

Suggested improvements:
-A little more range in terms of emotion

-Nice Meowth imitation.
-Your second voice was the strongest one. Impressed me in terms of acting.

Suggested improvements:
-I'd have liked to hear more varied emotional lines of the same quality of the second one.
-Third voice sounded a little overdramatic, but maybe that was the point.
-Fourth (gravelly) one was a little forced-sounding.

-Your acting was at its strongest in the "things change, I changed" line.

Suggested improvements:
-Sonic voice sounded awkward. Could've used some more energy.
-Speak a little more clearly
-Some more emotional variation.

-Hero Man scene was probably the strongest in terms of acting, though it could've been a bit more natural at parts
-Pretty good vocal range

Suggested improvements:
-Batman voice could've been less exaggerated
-Last line could've sounded less like you were holding back

-Third accented voice was a good one
-Also liked the fourth line towards the end (the gravelly one). The accent was a nice touch.

Suggested improvements:
-I believe there were three or so "gravelly" types of voices. I'd recommend cutting down on the number of them so you'll have more time to show off what else you can do.
-More dramatic lines.

-Acting in general sounded a little awkward or restrained.
-The tone of voice in first and last lines were good.
-Recording equipment could have been a bit better, but it wasn't bad enough to be completely distracting.
-For the Baby voice, the gruffness sounded forced and it was a little too shouty.

Suggested improvements:
-Perform voices that come more naturally.
-More variation in emotion and have a more confident delivery.
-Optional: better recording equipment.




-Acting was believable
-Good showcase of voices--some sounded similar but it's the acting that matters
-Some parts sounded as though you were holding back a little

Suggested improvements:
-More punch in delivery

-Showed off a pretty great variety of both voice types and acting chops

Suggested improvements:
-"I will kill you" could've sounded a bit angrier; for anger, a good thing to do is tense your body up so that your delivery sounds shakier. That way it sounds more believable

Michelle Deco
Martin Perks
Nate Da

Tara St. Michel
Sarge Ray


Psyche's Rose
Asia (Stix1800)

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Default Re: Season 2 - Auditon Feedback - NCZ

If I'm going to improve as a VA, I'm going to need as much feedback on my performance as possible, so I may as well make the request to all three of the judges here.
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Default Re: Season 2 - Auditon Feedback - NCZ

Feedback - Private
Steven C. Phillips
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Contact Details:
Twitter: SCP21 | Skype: CyberMegatron
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Corey Barba
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Default Re: Season 2 - Auditon Feedback - NCZ

Oh man, I would greatly appreciate your feedback on my audition. Be brutal.

Thanks so much!
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Default Re: Season 2 - Auditon Feedback - NCZ

Feedback, please on my audition. Thank you!
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Default Re: Season 2 - Auditon Feedback - NCZ

I would greatly appreciate feedback.
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Fire Matt
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Default Re: Season 2 - Auditon Feedback - NCZ

Hang tight, guys. The callbacks have been announced, so I'll be able to start giving out my feedback later today.
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Sarge Ray
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Default Re: Season 2 - Auditon Feedback - NCZ

This may end up killing me, but I just gotta know. What'd I do that made the judges shake their heads at me?

Before anyone asks, I'm not angry, just curious.

Oh, and make it private. Please.
Auditions for my audio drama of "The Event of the Decade" are open.

Message me for details.
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Fire Matt
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Default Re: Season 2 - Auditon Feedback - NCZ

Feedback for those who requested it to be public is now up. I'll get to the private ones as soon as I can (expect them tomorrow).
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Default Re: Season 2 - Auditon Feedback - NCZ

Sorry for not specifying, but public feedback is fine.
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