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Arrow Season 2 - Foxwolf's Audition Feedback

Hey guys. Here is my ongoing feedback for your auditions.

(Y) - I thought you were Top 16 material
(CB+) - Impressed but something was missing/lacking, otherwise you would've been a (Y)
(CB) - There was enough in the audition I wanted to hear more.
(CB-) - There were a few standout parts but overall not enough to get a (CB)
(N) - Not enough in your audition to score higher.

Daglot Alta
Michelle Deco
Martin Perks

aTurtle - (N)
- 1st voice: this was the best acting out of all your voices
- 2nd voice: mostly sounds and growling, not enough acting
- cleveland: the singing really didn't help display any acting
- 4th voice: the line read as cocky/confident - it felt flat and slow. could've displayed more energy
- simba: good attempt but the acting felt forced, not natural
- sounds like your close to the microphone

Azure - (CB+)
- 1st voice: acting and character were all great. careful to pay attention to enunciating words. Some words like "instructions" and "what kind of" weren't entirely clear. Question: was the "you and vegeta make a lovely pair" part of the same character as the 1st character?
- Great distinct voices and range of characters. You sold me on each one.
- Watch your mic technique. You may be recording too closely and some of your "s" sounds are being picked up too much (listen to your "protectors of the peace" character.

bcbspike - (N)
- Your recording quality really ruined the overall audition. Many parts impossible to understand. Very loud and lots of puffing and static. You're much too close to the microphone.
- Your acting was good overall. If you continue to practice acting and investing more into the character, you can bring those characters much more to life. Work on your acting and fix your recording quality and I'd say you'll have a high chance to make Callbacks next time.

Calavera - (CB)
You have a very natural voice over / announcer / radio voice.
- You gave a lot of great dramatic performances with your characters. Your acting is natural though I think you can push the acting further with a lot of these characters and make them really lively and unique.
- My main critique (and it's actually not a bad thing) is that some of the characters sound similar. Your natural deep tone is apparent in each character. So if you want to give each character a more distinct voice, you make want to raise the pitch of some of them. The reason I say it's not a bad thing is because you remind me Kevin Michael Richardson, whose characters generally sound the same, with slight variations.

CatsTuxedo - (CB)
Your acting overall is solid
- 1st voice: great young sounding and annoying character
- 2nd voice: IF you were going for an imitation, try deepening the voice. Otherwise the delivery was good.
- 3rd voice: nice fluctuation in the delivery of the line. however the voice wasn't consistent and changed a couple of times, particularly the end.
- 4th voice: solid
- 5th voices: this one sounded like a force fake voice.
- Sounds like you were rather close to the microphone. Some parts in your first voice were very high pitched and not easy on the ears. I know you already posted about it, but the recording quality needs a lot of improvement.

Corey Barba - (CB)
- 1st voice: great voice over / announcer type voice. "Saturday" wasn't pronounced clearly.
- 3rd voice: could push the acting further. make it sound like the dark lord is someone to really fear.
- 4th voice: nice deep voice
- the rest: good mix of old, young and adult characters and voices. Though the old and adult voices sounded almost similar, with the old voice just being delivered in a more withered and slow manner.
- Good acting overall. I think as you get better with your acting, you'll find your characters will stand out more.
- Sounds like you're recording pretty close to the microphone. A handful of syllables sound very sharp to the ear and I could hear your breath quite often.

CrossTrigger - (N)
- you need to practice and work on your acting. most of the characters sounded like you were reading. It didn't sound natural.
- the voices for your characters all sounded very similar. there wasn't a lot of distinction between them, except Eggman, which was just a deeper register of your regular voice.
- "massive armored doors" character was your best acting. It was the most believable.

Davey3valves - (CB-)
- 2nd voice: fun evil character. the joyful short laugh at the end was great.
- the rest: solid acting and nice variety of voices. with more practice, I think the acting can really liven up these characters.
- Recording quality needs improvement. The 2nd voice had a few high pitched syllables that weren't easy on the ears.

Der Grapist - (CB-)
- 1st voice: good overall. any improvements I'd suggest would be make him tell the bad news in a slower and sadder way. Give a longer pause, then ask for the cake.
- 2nd voice: I couldn't understand the first half of what this character was saying.
- "touch her again and I will kill you" - good delivery. maybe push further and make him sound even more serious and threatening.
- "blue mountain" - a little over the top for me.
- a lot of the characters lines were far too short. you showed off a variety of voices, but many weren't long enough to give me a sense of any acting.
- Sounds like you're rather close to the mic.

Dillon Taylor - (CB)
- 1st voice: solid. only advice to make it better is maybe portray a little more fear and confusion in him, given his situation.
- 2nd voice: he's protecting people from potential danger. make him sound more confident and deliver it in a way that would convince the people that they'd feel safe with him.
- 3rd voice: nice starting laugh. could make him sound more cocky.
- 4th voice: the acting could be improved to make his emotion sound more convincing.
- the rest: your acting is good, but just like the previous ones, I think if you push the acting further, really get into character, you can really bring them to life.

Dogman15 - (CB)
- first set of voices: decent/good impressions but too short there was really no acting displayed.
- train and movie guy: strong announcer voice but again, lines were too short.
- "the grode": probably your best character. great cackling laugh
- "cider guy": nice quick delivery and voice. it fit the character very well.
- overall you can a good set of voices and the acting I did hear was solid. though way too many characters and not enough acting.

EliteF50 - (CB)
- 1st voice: the deep voice was great, but you could've acted with a lot more intimidation.
- 2nd voice: very creepy Gollum-type voice.
- 3rd voice: great accent, attitude and acting for this character.
- 4th voice: solid overall but the "you're going to have to kill me" part was a little weak given the rest of the dialogue. Though I may be confused. Was that line part of the "mother and father would be ashamed" character?
- 5th voice: a nice old sounding voice but the delivery made it seem like he was a younger character with an old voice.
- You can hear that you're recording too close to the microphone.

finalCrystine - (CB)
- 1st voice: solid performance. maybe a little more energy in the delivery. especially around the "strong, confident" part. great natural laugh to follow it up.
- 2nd voice: nice young voice. the first part was well acted. the "im kidding" part could've been pushed further, like they're trying really hard to convince the other character that the comment was a joke.
- 3rd voice: push the acting and try to convey how much more the character failed.
- 4th voice: this was your weakest character. the acting wasn't believable.
- 5th voice: very hopeful sounding character.
- 6th voice: good starting point on the acting. the emotion was there too. but with more practice, you could make the delivery sound a lot more natural.

Koichi_Saito - (CB)
- 1st voice: I lol'ed. it started out like he was about to tell an intense story, then you totally flipped it with the chocolate. The best part about the acting is that you made the charcter sound like he indeed telling an important story.
- 2nd voice: as someone speaking to the public, I think you could increase his energy. redefining the laws of physics is a big deal. he should really be excited about sharing that info.
- 3rd voice: short but great cackling laugh and villainous voice
- 4th/5th voices: again a little short for each character but good distinction in voices.
- 6th voice: good "marvin the martian" type voice. sounds like a cartoony character. maybe you could exaggerate his acting even more.
- 7th voice: a nice soft and heart-filled voice/delivery
- 8th voice: good deep gravelly voice. would've like to hear from dialogue to get more character.
- 9th voice: great build-up for a cowardly character
- 10th voice: this was your weakest voice. it sounded like a forced deep voice and the acting wasn't natural.
- watch your mic technique. your "s" and "t" sounds are popping in the recording.

Mewsel - (CB)
- 1st/2nd voices: great little dialogue between 2 characters, esp creating distinct voices between the two. a nice touch with the falling over sounds too.
- 3rd/4th voices: again, showing good range with 2 characters. "you're whooole liiiife" felt a little fake/exaggerated.
- 5th/6th voices: solid acting. maybe push the acting further with the "wanna go home" character. Make it sound like going home is the most important thing for her.
- 7th: good emotion leading towards her breaking down and crying
- 8th: nice buildup to anger. maybe have more pauses between the "me"'s, give her a moment to take in the fact she was accused of being jealous, a moment to get angrier and angrier.
- 9th: great kiddy voice and even though the line was short, I felt what the character was feeling.
- "this is no paper cut": wasn't convinced with the acting here. could've made her anger gradual and get louder towards the end.

MightyMoose - (CB)
- 1st voice: good basis of acting. push it further to really convey the confidence of Meowth's knowledge of Pokemon as well as his determination to catch Pikachu. it will liven up his character more.
- 2nd voice: great pacing and delivery. Really felt the emotion, esp since the character wasn't strong and not breaking down.
- 3rd voice: again, a good starting point for the acting. raise the bar for the acting. "coward" and "face me", really punch those words. give the character more confidence and energy.
- 4th voice: a great villainous voice. the threat was believable.
- 5th/6th voice: a decent Kermit impression and the "insert celebrity here" was a fun voice.

SCP21 - (CB)
- 1st voice: your Megs is great as always. you hit the mannerism's on the mark. Only nitpick, the way you delivered "exist" sounded kind of dragged out and out of place amongst the rest. Again, just a nitpick
- 2nd voice: good Gollum impression. only change I'd make is shortening "myyyyyyyy" in "my precious". It sounded a little happy rather than his known obvious with wanting to own it. I would've emphasized "MYYY precious" to convey anger towards those wanting to take what is "rightfully" his.
- 3rd voice: you may have focused too much on the voice. I wasn't convinced of his excitement.
- 4th voice: solid performance.
- 5th voice: you conveyed his ongoing frustrations in your delivery pretty well.
- My overall feedback was you did great impressions, but I didn't really get a sense of your potential range and emotions, and the acting along with it. So a nice balance of impressions and maybe some regular sounding characters would've helped me get a better sense of your acting ability.

SteveP - (CB+)
- Fantastic and cleverly put-together demo. Your voice acting is superb and just comes out naturally. Your voices and impressions are spot on. I'll be honest, I would've given you a (Y) but I just wanted to hear some characters portraying some more dramatic emotions, since you've clearly got the comedy/fun/cartoony characters down pat.

YukariKanashii88 - (CB)
- 1st voice: great gradual increase in intensity. It started off kind of casually cocky, then got more and more vengeful.
- 2nd voice: couple of things I would've changed. after "happy ending?" add a pause, to build anticipation of what the answer to her own question will be. I'd also deliver the last line with more hate/intensity and emphasize the word "think".
- 3rd/4th voices: good job on the 2 distinct voices. are the first and third lines from the same character? If so the third line's voice sounded different to the first voice, even though I know her personality was switching from nice to "don't care".
- 5th voice: I think you could slow down the pacing here. she's feeling really sad and emotional. give her a chance to feel those emotions and add some pauses here and there.
- 6th voice: very nice. only advice would be to use your build-up technique and gradual get to the point where "even more pathetic than I imagined you to be" is delivered in more intense and spiteful way.
- overall, your acting comes off very naturally. my tips will hopefully make your characters come to life even more.

voiceofrei - (CB)
- 3rd voice: good job. I was sold on him feeling like it was his "last chance"
- 4th voice: very nice evil character and delivery, followed up by a good devilish laugh
- "you know it's been said": good basis of acting but push it further. make the audience feel that "when it rains, it pours" is a big deal. Add some more intensity into that line. He's telling them, so he needs to believe it himself.
- good array of voices but the rest of them were too short for me to get a good sense of acting.

jmhilde (CB-)
- 1st voice: a nice storytelling voice. I'm not sure if the tone was deliberate but I felt there could've been more variation, esp with "never dreamed existed". that part could've been delivered with some excitement.
- 2nd voice: good fiting voice. given the character, it seemed to lack the energy and oompth in delivery in the beginning and middle. the end was better.
- 3rd voice: solid acting
- 4th voice: I didn't feel how tough the first mission was as the delivery was a little rushed for me. vary up the pacing and add some short pauses in between some of the lines.
- 5th voice: great natural sounding laugh
- overall your acting is good and believable. the tone of your acting seems to be rather similar across most of your characters. I think with more practice you can add bring more life into the characters. approach each character differently. give each one a distinct personality by adding inflections and mannerisms.

SacredTear - (CB+)
- 1st voice: the acting was good but you'll have to push the voice further to make it sound naturally old. it sounded like a young person doing an old voice
- 2nd voice: well executed and dramatic
- 3rd voice: good but short. not that it's necessarily but if you could give her a little more attitude in the acting just to make her stand out a little more.
- 4th voice: it's easy to strain or dry up your throat when doing those types of deep voices but you pulled it off and didn't sacrifice clarity of the words.
- 5th voice: great and believable panic
- 6th voice: seductive and mysterious. great build up for a character. i have no idea what she's capable of.
- 7th voice: solid acting. maybe push it further and make her even more defensive and shocked. emphasize "wrong" and "never".
- 8th voice: again solid, but I think this line can be even more emotional. the first part she could sound more broken up over all the lives that were destroyed, building to up a really powerful "i'll kill you"
- 10th voice: you're getting there with the laugh. but keep working on it and it'll sound more natural.
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Default Re: Season 2 - Foxwolf's Audition Feedback

If I'm going to improve as a VA, I'm going to need as much feedback on my performance as possible, so I may as well make the request to all three of the judges here.
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Default Re: Season 2 - Foxwolf's Audition Feedback

Feedback - Private
Steven C. Phillips
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Default Re: Season 2 - Foxwolf's Audition Feedback

I'd be grateful for your feedback to my audition, and public works just fine, thanks!
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Default Re: Season 2 - Foxwolf's Audition Feedback

Feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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Default Re: Season 2 - Foxwolf's Audition Feedback

I'd like feedback please! ^^ Public's just fine.
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Default Re: Season 2 - Foxwolf's Audition Feedback

I would like feedback, pretty please C:
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Default Re: Season 2 - Foxwolf's Audition Feedback

I would like to request some feedback, please.
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Default Re: Season 2 - Foxwolf's Audition Feedback

I'd like to request feedback. Public works. Thanks!
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Default Re: Season 2 - Foxwolf's Audition Feedback

So I've updated the first post of this thread with feedback for a handful of members and also sent out some Private Messages.

Unfortunately I'm taking a lot longer to write up feedback than I originally anticipated so I apologize to those still waiting. I end up spending about 10-15 mins listening, dissecting and writing up the feedback each audition.

I really hope to be done in the next couple of days, esp for you Callbackers to have feedback that you might be able to use before you submit your Callback performances.
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