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Default Top 10 Impactful Performances

There are some voices that just leave you amazed and in wonder. These are the ones that have left an impression on me. Now this is not a top ten personal favorites so Jeff Bennett will not be on here. I think he is the best there is but that doesn't mean he left an impact on me.

An honorable mention goes to long Long John Baldry's Doctor Robotnik, left out because somebody else made a bigger impression .

Another honorable mention goes to Jimmy Durante. The man that made me interested in voices and arguably acting in general.

And a final honorable mention goes to Paul Schoeffler for doing many creative voices on courage the cowardly dog. Excluded because the show itself was altogether impactful on me and not just one role.

10. Jim Cummings as Doctor Robotnik
I love this voice because lechery and evilness just seeps from every single word that is spoken by this man, and it shows through this character very well. It brought new life to the character of Robotnik.

9. Patrick Fraley as Krang

While a fairly new one to impact me, it is one of my favorites. The amount of creativity that went into making this voice is amazing and the pay off is phenominal with an unforgettable character.

8. Scott McNeil as Dinobot

Beast Wars was my favorite show as a child and Dinobot was my favorite one. But his voice was so unique, especially when compared to some of Scotts other voices. Dinobot had a texture did his voice that made him really sound like an animal of some sort. I thought he was cool as a kid, and as an adult he still is.

7. Brian Drummond as Ryuk

Like Dinobot, this was a very textured voice. But it was able to surpass any kind of genericness and just seeps with originality. Everything about the voice from the laugh to the inflections was original and impressive.

6. Brian Doyle Murray

Now this isn't impactful because of performance or characters, but one thing in particular. The layers of this mans voice. It is astounding. There are so many little things in the voice that add up to the voice of this man. To do that voice you need a blue print of some sort to add it all together.

5. Frank Welker as Dr. Claw/ any similiar voices he has done

I remember when I learned that voices could be edited to be deeper it took some of the marvel away. But frank welker has actually been doing that voice for real which blew my mind. I never thought that a voice like that could actually be done. Even as a kid I thought it was fake when I heard it in Aladdin because nobody could possibly do such a thing! I'm glad to be proven wrong.

4. Tim Curry as Nigel Thorneberry

One of the funniest voices I have ever heard and still able to display emotions without letting the voice get in the way. Its nasally, its somewhat posh, and most importantly, its british.

3. Billy Zane as Ansem

I love this voice. Its dark, deep, mysterious, and yet sounds like you can trust it. It mocks you but it lets you feel like its trust worthy. Billy Zane personified all that is evil from the intents to the persuasive manner it poses with temptation, making this voice truly evil. Nothing tongue in cheek, just evil. Its not identifiable as bad because evil takes many shapes which is a mirror to real life villians like the Devil.

2. Mike Shapiro as G-Man

This voice is amazing. Its a normal voice but the vocal tics and pronunciations are astounding. The stutters, the pauses, everything in this voice makes for an ackward character but it is intimidating as anything. You can not trust it but you feel that it knows something you don't prompting you do so. This voice is unforgettable from the moment you first hear it and the delivery never grows old.

1. David Hayter as Solid Snake

This is what made me like Metal Gear. That voice right there is what makes me love that game. Its never limited to one expression. This voice is one that I never get tired of hearing and use as inspiration in many ways. Exposed to as a young child, this voice is still just as impressive, and impacted me in more ways than I can presumably imagine.

So thats my top 10 impactful performances. Keep in mind that these are my own choices, so when reading this, remember its from my perspective. If your upset with these choices, then feel free to complain, present a reasonable argument, or even make your own list. Thank you for reading this and keep yelling into those mics of yours!
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Default Re: Top 10 Impactful Performances

Very interesting idea for a Top Ten list, I will give more reactions when I have more time to read it in depth. Also, I may have to come up with my own version now!!
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Default Re: Top 10 Impactful Performances

Originally Posted by OptimusSolo View Post
Very interesting idea for a Top Ten list, I will give more reactions when I have more time to read it in depth. Also, I may have to come up with my own version now!!
Well I have something to look forward to then!
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