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Default Re: The Secret World of Arrietty

Originally Posted by OptimusSolo View Post
Yea its really not fair to stereotype all 'tweens' as 'bad'
Or to even write off a dub beforehand without giving it a fair chance. On many other websites, I've seen other fans dismiss the Disney Ghibli dubs before even watching them, already declaring a preeexisting dub to be better. Totoro became a victim of that atmosphere, as did Castle in the Sky and, to a lesser extent, Kiki. However good all three Disney dubs were, there are still some stubborn fans who hate them and think the preexisting dubs are better (which I find quite strange in the case of Castle, because I thought the Disney dub of that film was miles better than the lifeless JAL dub). So in a way, Arrietty is really nothing new. Still, while Ponyo may not be my favorite of the Ghibli dubs, it really wasn't bad even if it used "tweens", and the clips I heard of the dub sounded fine to me. Of course I'm interested in the UK dub as well, but if I have to settle with Disney's, then so be it; I've found all their dubs fine.
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Default Re: The Secret World of Arrietty

Originally Posted by OptimusSolo View Post
Yea its really not fair to stereotype all 'tweens' as 'bad'
I agree. People should just stop judging from appearances. A lot of people think Disney Star = Bad/Untalented when they've never even heard the music or seen the acting or just because that one is really popular. A good example are the Jonas Brothers. They were invited to the White House to play "Drive My Car" by the Beatles by Paul McCartney. They performed with Stevie Wonder. They play instruments (in fact they're more of a boy band than another boy "bands" are). Nick Jonas has worked with people who used to work with Prince and even made a classic rock/R&B solo album. He was invited to the White House to sing a Motown song. And you're calling them untalented just because they were huge with tween girls a few years ago? Who cares.
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Default Re: The Secret World of Arrietty

To be honest, the Bridgette Mendler song they added in IS pretty awful and clashes with the movie. Aside from that, personally, I like most of Disney's dubs. Just wish they would use more real voice actors instead of celebrity actors, but oh well.
As for Ponyo, I kinda did not like it in Japanese or English, mostly because Sousuke does nothing but talk in monotone and Ponyo does nothing but shout in both.

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