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Thumbs up Friendship is Magic - Gustav Legrand - FIXED

I seriously doubt that Jasmine Laurenti had done the Italian voice of Gustave Legrand, as season 2 hasn't premiered in Italy yet. (Laurenti is rather the voice of Cheerilee)

Speaking of Italian, I've got an update from an Italian friend on TV Tropes who's an expert on the voice acting industry.

Vera Calacoci - Pinkie Pie and Sweetie Belle (both singing)
Daniela Fava - Apple Bloom
Serena Clerici - Sweetie Belle (spoken)
Martina Felli - Scootaloo
Mario Scarabelli - Big Macintosh
Loredana Foresta - Gilda
Gea Riva - Bon Bon
Renata Bertolas - Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo, Applejack (ALL singing)
Paolo De Santis - Braeburn
Lorenzo Scattorin - Prince Blueblood
Graziella Porta - Trixie, Granny Smith, Mayor, Photo Finish, Sapphire Shores
Jasmine Laurenti - Cherilee
Riccardo Peroni - Snips, Steven Magnet
Luca Bottale - Snails, Mr. Cake

www.antoniogenna.net should help program the extra roles these actors may have done.
If it's from the past week, it's still fair game.

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Default Re: Friendship is Magic - Gustav Legrand

*Bumping for moderator/administrator input to resolve issue.
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A good director will take hold of a script and shape it to correspond with their vision. Not doing this would be a mistake, because the studio is paying them to bring their own original touch.
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You know what they're saying nobody freaking cares that there's a minor typo just go outside god
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"Great job on the show!"
"Great job on telling him great job!"
"Great job on telling me that he did great job!"
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