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Default 'All For One'! Halo Reach Series (Female VAs Needed)

I'm starting up a series called 'All For One'. It's about twenty contestants battling it out for one million dollars. I have basiclly all the males filled so this is for the female characters. Send the auditions in a .wav file. Here are the characters.

Ali- Female- Medium Pitch

Ali is extremely rude. She hates everyone there and prefers to do things by herself.

Line 1- Look, I don’t want to talk. Just tell me which team I’m on.

Line 2- It won’t. Trust me. If we’re in teams they can shoot to people and it makes it easier for them to win.

Andrea- Female- Medium Pitch

Andrea is really sweet though she is bit of a clutz. She gets along with almost everyone.

Line 1- I’m not going down that easy.

Line 2- Yea!

Hannah- Female- Medium Pitch

Hannah is a close friend of Justin and Leo. She's sweet but if she loses, she'll blame everyone else.

Line 1- Maybe we jump off a cliff.

Line 2- Great! You made us lose Lyn!

Julia- Female- Medium Pitch

Julia is someone who will talk about you behind your back but she plays all sweet and innocent.

Line 1- You alright Ali?

Line 2- B itch.

Lyn- Female- Medium Pitch

It's all buisness to her. She doesn't know when to relax which annoys some of her team mates.

Line 1- Was that a fucking rocket!?

Line 2- You're fucking crazy Nathan!

Megan- Female- Medium Pitch

Megan is really nice but can't stand Justin for what he did during the first challenge since she thought it was really low.

Line 1- Don't talk to me Justin.

Line 2- I saw what you did. I know it was to win the challenge but don't fake a fucking injury!

Sam- Female- Medium Pitch

Sam is very caring but you don't want to make her mad. She has a strong punch. She secretly has a crush on Justin. but she starts out hating him.

Line 1- Justin is such a dick. I can’t believed he faked an injury just to get me out! Makes me sick.

Line 2- Oh my God! Are you ok! I didn’t mean to OW!

Veronica-Female-Medium Pitch

Veronica is very clutzy. She can also get on other peoples nerves because she never shuts up.

Line 1- S hit!

Line 2- I LOVE hide and seek! I remember me and my brother played it with our friends from school, until most of them moved away.

Send all auditions to Auditions end Feb 28th

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Default Re: 'All For One'! Halo Reach Series (Female VAs Needed)

We'll be adding a section dedicated to voice projects such as yourself very soon and will be promoting it all over the site. Hopefully by then you'll have lots of BTVA members auditioning.

Here's a preview

Let us know if you'd be interested in joining the Beta to test run the system. Beta will launch in about a week.
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