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Default My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

I posted this before on the old dream voice cast thread, so I may as well post it as its own thread.

It's rather unlikely that Friendship is Magic will ever get a Japanese dub; when has a Canadian cartoon that isn't ReBoot ever gotten one? However, that hasn't stopped me from putting together an ideal cast for such an occasion.

*Twilight Sparkle - Maaya Sakamoto
*Applejack - Ryoko Shiraishi
*Rarity - Eri Ito
*Fluttershy - Mika Kanai
*Pinkie Pie - Aya Hirano
*Rainbow Dash - Chieko Higuchi
*Spike - Junko Takeuchi
*Celestia-jotei - Kikuko Inoue
*Big Macintosh - Kazuya Nakai
*Granny Smith - Hisako Kyoda
*Zecora - Kujira
*Snips - Kappei Yamaguchi
*Snails - Daisuke Sakaguchi
*Luna-jotei - Masumi Asano
*Nightmare Moon - Toshiko Sawada
*Discord - Yoshito Yasuhara
*Shining Armor - Mamoru Miyano
*Mi Amore "Cadance" Cadenza-hime - Mayumi Suzuki
*Gilda the Griffon - Megumi Hayashibara
*Rover the Diamond Dog - Cho
*Fido the Diamond Dog - Naomi Kusumi
*Spot the Diamond Dog - Katsumi Suzuki
*Photo Finish - Romi Park
*Thunder Hooves-shucho - Koji Ishii
*Fancypants - Bin Shimada
*Flim - Yoku Shioya
*Flam - Kozo Shioya
*Cranky Doodle Donkey - Mugihito
*Iron Will - Unsho Ishizuka
*Chrysalis-jo - Yumi Toma

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