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Default Re: "Bee Movie" (December 2018)

Originally Posted by TylerMirage View Post
It's not that Bay can't do intimate. Every single one of his movies - Transformers or otherwise - have had good emotional, intimate scenes. It's just that TF1-TLK have been such giant, bombastic punch-fests that that's where the focus is placed. Take Sam & Bumblebee during the S7 capture, Optimus and Sam in the graveyard, Cade and Optimus in the barn, etc.. He can do it, but the premise of the movies so far has been "2.5 hours of nigh-incomprehensible armies of robots". The 'Bee Movie is the first to (hopefully) buck that trend, given the inherent difference in structure.
It's two different things to feature scenes that are emotional on a surface - level and actually making them emotional. If the rest of the movie doesn't give you a reason to care about its main characters, the emotional scenes won't have their intended effect. And it's not like you can't pull off earnest emotions in a balls-to-the-walls non-stop action movies, considering that, for example, people talk about Furiosa's story-arc in Mad Max: Fury Road as much as they talk about the action scenes. Naturally, one's mileage varies on whenever Michael Bay's intimate scenes are effective or not, but it is kinda telling that people never remember/talk about the scenes you mentioned, when they are discussing about Transformers.
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