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Default An Aspiring Voice Actress

An aspiring voice actress looking into the roles of already-working voice actors?
Yes. Yes I am.
I find this site to be quite intriguing! I like it. I think I'll stay awhile!

Now then, first, let me introduce myself. I am Bakuri. My friends call me Kuri. My REALLY CLOSE friends call me Patty, which is my birth-given name. And the jerks who don't like me call me Egotistical. But I'm not egotistical. I'm just awesome.

I enjoy watching anime and playing video games.
For anime, I'm currently trying to finish watching FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood. My favorites (aside from FMA, which will always be in my faves list) include Soul Eater, Elfen Lied, and Umineko no Naku Koro ni (which is my #1 favorite).
As for the video games, my all-time favorite is Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, which I am currently re-playing even though I never FULLY beat it the first time due to not getting the partners I wanted. Other favorites include Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, Sly 2: Band of Thieves, and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask.

Not only would I like to be a voice actress, I would also like to be a singer! I'm nowhere near the level of my all-time favorite (Sharon Adel, of Within Temptation. Anyone know of her?), but I hope to be someday. That would just be too awesome! I might die of happiness before I could be famous xD

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I'm random as...well, the most random thing you can think of. I can get a bit hyper, too, at times.
Before anyone asks, yes, I am a girl. A teenage girl, at that (17 years of age, whoop!). I realize using the word "actress" should make it obvious, but I've been asked the question so many times after making it obvious that I just want to make sure everyone knows this

So...I think that's a legit intro for me. So how about you guys introduce yourselves now? Make me feel welcome? I'm always up for making new friends.

Thanks for reading~!
<3 Kuri
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Default Re: An Aspiring Voice Actress

Love your enthusiasm Kuri and welcome to BTVA!!! Your random and hyperness would've been totally compatible with one of our Mods, WindWhistler, but unfortunately she's been without a computer for a couple of months now. Hope fully she'll be back soon so you guys can meet.

Anyway, I'm Foxwolf, and I started BTVA many many years ago as a hobby project since I loved seeing what actors voiced what characters, but gave it a "rebirth" in 2009, and it became pretty popular. I have the same dream as many here and would love to be a voice actor, but I'm pretty bad at striving to be one, since I don't bother taking any acting classes Outside of my real job and family, I spend a lot of my time working on BTVA, so don't have time for much else. I used to watch a lot of anime and play video games back in high school / college, but nowadays I just play my Wii and PS3 every once in a while, mainly fighting games like Street Fighter 4.
Since you seem to love Zelda, I would totally recommend Twilight Princess. It's got a fantastic story and is very challenging.

I'm sure I'll get bitten really hard by the voice acting bug one day, and will pursue it will a lot more effort. I DO live near Los Angeles, so I'm close to where the action is

In the near future, we'll be having voice acting portfolios for all our members where you can upload your own recordings, and you'll be able to post fan projects and audition for other peoples projects. And we're also going to have a regular voice acting contest with elimination rounds.
In the meantime, you can visit our Voice This! section and share some of your voice acting skills!

I think that's a decent intro for me. Hope you'll be a regular visitor. We don't have as many discussions as other forums, but we hope to make up for it with the rest of the site.
"American components! Russian components! All made in Taiwan!!!" - Lev (Armageddon)
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Default Re: An Aspiring Voice Actress

Welcome aboard! I'm also an aspiring voice actor. I decided that was what I wanted to be after reading about all the voice actors in the G1 Transformers series. Always loved the voice acting in that show, especially Peter Cullen, Michael Bell, and Frank Welker.

I used to be huge into anime and manga, reading and watching a huge variety of them. Lately though, I haven't had the time or much of a chance. I still find myself enjoying One Piece, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, Sgt. Frog, Dragon Ball, and Hayate the Combat Butler. I love western animation too, but again I sadly don't get much of an opportunity since most of my time nowadays that's not doing work is on the Internet and playing games.

Speaking of games, I also love the Zelda series. Have you tried Wind Waker? First one I played and it's still one of my personal favourites. Looking really forward for Skyward Sword. Some of my other favourite game series are Street Fighter, Samurai Shodown, Guilty Gear, Klonoa, Kirby, Phoenix Wright, Tekken, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Singing, hm? I know that a lot of voice actors and actresses are also singers. I don't know much about the career, but I'd bet that if you've already done some major voicework before singing, you'll already have some fans to start with.

And that's me. Not in a nutshell, though. If I were in a nutshell I might not be able to breathe. That or a squirrel would eat me. Whichever comes first.
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Default Re: An Aspiring Voice Actress

Welcome Bakuri! Always cool to see new peeps actually find the forum and post up an introduction. Wish more folks would follow that lead.

Great to hear that you're an aspiring voice actress and singer! Outside of everything that Foxwolf already mentioned... I'm also hosting Voice Challenges down in the Voice Tips section. Feel free to drop by there as well.

I'm just a goofy guy that works a lot... as well as do artwork and voice overs in my spare time. Plus hang here when I can. Especially love Transformers G1 stuff, G.I. Joe and most superhero stuff. Action figures are cool too.

Again, welcome aboard and look forward to hearing your voice!
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Default Re: An Aspiring Voice Actress

Welcome aboard to BTVA! I am Steve "Megatron" Phillips. I have been into voice over since 2005 when I made my jump into transformers fandubs and podcasting. I have kept at it and have become a pretty decent voice actor. I've talked and interviewed a large amounts of voice actors, created a big podcast network. I now am helping with the awesome group here at BTVA and we're launching soon a Voice Contest. Hendercrazy above has a fun Voice Challenge thing as well as the Voice This on the main page.

Look forward to seeing more from you here and if you need any help with the voice equipment and stuff just ask any of us here.
Steven C. Phillips
Website Designer, Podcaster, Voice Actor, Blogger
Owner of: GeekCastRadio.com | StevenCPhillips.net | SCP21Studios.com

Contact Details:
Twitter: SCP21 | Skype: CyberMegatron
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/scp21
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Default Re: An Aspiring Voice Actress

Hey! Nice to meet you...or talk to you. I'm Hotshotfan but feel free to call me Hotshot.
some of my favorite pass times are drawing, singing, trying new voices, writing poems, making up stories in my head. (Which is better known as daydreaming.) and laughing. I, myself can be random too but only when the mood strikes me. Other than that I'm just a girl who likes making people happy and laugh.

So you want to be a voice actress and a singer? All I can say is Go For It! I don't know much about voice acting I'm just now starting to look into that myself but if you want to be a singer one of the best things you can do is join a choir. (Being in choir has really helped me a lot!)

NCZ, If you were in a nutshell where I live... You'd be squirrel food. LOL!!!!
Live like there's no tomorrow, because you never know which breath will be your last.

(In loving memory of my friend Molly who lived 14 years.)
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