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Social Networking Feature Ideas Our aim is to expand BTVA into a social network for aspiring voice actors. Share ideas on what features you think would help establish a voice acting community.

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Default Scripted Scene/Dialogue Practice

So those familiar with AYVO's final round know that we had both finalists each record one side of a 2 character conversation and we merged the audio together to create a full voice acting dialogue.

The idea here would be similar but could extend to more than 2 characters.

It starts with one member:

1. Create and own a practice scene.

2. Prepare a scripted scene with X number of characters.
a) Each character's line needs to be inputted in a separate field. The purpose of this is to allow each line to get it's own voice clip upload. That way when all the clips have been uploaded, they can be played automatically in order without editing all the clips together.
3. Add each character to the scene (search from BTVA's library)

4. Now there's 3 possible ways for character slots to be filled
a) First come first served. ie. any member can take any role.
b) Members elect to voice a role. Owner can review a members Voice Portfolio and decide who they want most.
c) By invitation only. Owner sends invites to other members.
5. Owner can claim an role they want to play themselves.
6. As described above, each member will upload individual voice clips for each line of dialogue.

7. Once everyone has uploaded their clips the scene can be shared to the public to listen, like, give feedback, vote for favorite character acting etc.

This is supposed to be different to Casting Call (voice acting projects) because the owner is not supposed to care about getting the best actors. This is meant to be a quick and fun way to practice voice acting. And this would really only apply for existing titles/characters and not original content.

This of course doesn't have to be labelled as "practice". Can't think of another word we could classify this as.
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Default Re: Scripted Scene/Dialogue Practice

You could call it 'fantasy script reading', 'make your own scene' or something like that
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