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Lightbulb Official Top 10 List Of Lists

Hope you guys enjoy the new Top 10 section we have. The concept is nothing new of course. However we're going to try and be different and make our lists all related to voice overs.

Anyway, here is a growing list of Top 10's to come. We'd welcome any ideas or requests for lists.

The List of Lists:

- 2009 Oscar Worthy Performances In An Animated Movie
- Best Deep Voiced Actors
- Most Emotional Performances That Brought A Tear To Your Eye
- Worst Voice Acting That Made You Turn Off The TV
- Best Evil/Maniacal Laughs
- Most Outrageous Angry Outbursts
- Most Stereotypical Villain Voices
- Most Comedic Role That Made You Change Your Pants
- Best Non-Celebrity Animated Movie Voice Cast
- Top Video Games That Are Better Than Most Movies Due To Great Voice Acting
- Top Characters You Didn't Know Were Voice By Female Voice Actors
- Top Voices That Did Not Fit The Character At All
- Most Annoyingly Voiced Characters That You Love To Hate
- Best Attempt At An Australian Accent By A Non-Aussie
- Hottest Animated Babes Whose Voice Actresses Are Even Hotter
- Ugly Animated Chicks Whose Voice Actresses Are Mega Hot
- Top Characters Whose Voice Actors Look Freakishly The Same
- Top 10 Robot voices
- Top 10 Characters voiced by Kids
- Top 10 Performances as a Narrator
- Top 10 Voice Actors - Male 80s OptimusSolo
- Top 10 Voice Actors - Female 80s OptimusSolo
- Top 10 Voice Actors - Male 90s OptimusSolo
- Top 10 Voice Actors - Female 90s OptimusSolo
- Top 10 Voice Actors - Male Pre-80s OptimusSolo - Done
- Top 10 Voice Actors - Female Pre-80s OptimusSolo
- Top 10 Female Voice Roles 80s OptimusSolo - Done
- Top 10 Hero Voice Roles 80s OptimusSolo
- Top 10 Villain Voice Roles 80s OptimusSolo
- Top 10 Unique Voice Roles 80s
- Top 10 Cat Voices/Roles OptimusSolo
- Top 10 Dog Voices/Roles OptimusSolo
- Top 10 Bear Voices/Roles OptimusSolo
- Top 10 Mouse Voices/Roles OptimusSolo
- Top 10 Rabbit Voices/Roles OptimusSolo
- Top 10 Duck Voices/Roles OptimusSolo
- Top 10 Cartoon Production Companies OptimusSolo
- Top 10 toons that demand a DVD/Blu-Ray release
- Top 10 Marvel toons
- Top 10 DC toons
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