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Default A Guide to User Account

This thread will help you learn about what our new User Account/Profile feature is all about.

* What is the purpose of the User Profile/Why should I register?

The user accounts is a way to tie everything you do on the site together for your own personal benefit as well as the BTVA Community. By doing this you can make comments on all the various pages without worrying about anyone trying to copy your unique user name. You can also track all of your voice compare and other poll voting from around the site, you can track your Voice This submissions and YOU can even create your own personal favorite lists for TV Shows, Movies, Voice Actors etc. Also you can search out other BTVA users and see what they are into.

* Is this the same as the Forum Account?

The BTVA Account and the Forum Account are linked together. Therefore whenever you log in to one of them you are automatically logged into the other. (You will still have your regular 'forum' user page but hopefully people will leave comments on your BTVA page instead)

* How do I fill out my Favorite Lists?

Simple, All you have to do it navigate yourself to the page of your favorite TV Show, Movie, Actor etc and you will find a button in the Top Right Corner that gives you the option to add that item to one of your favorite lists.

Once you have a bunch of things in your favorite list you can go to your User Account Page and select one of those favorites to be your Number 1. Which you should all do, because than your profile will also display a picture of that Number 1 choice!

* How can I see other people's User Profiles?

Right now the only way to see them is by clicking their name on a comment they have made, however, VERY SOON we will have easier ways for you to view each others profiles
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