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  1. TheLemsterPju
    6 Days Ago
    I saw. That scene Cisco actually managed to make me choke up a bit...

    You mean those crappy episode-screencap comics? You know the first 12 issues of the Marvel Universe: Ultimate Spider-Man comics are original stories right? I think you would get more enjoyment out of those.

    The thing about the cutaways, they never really bothered me. I just don't find most of them funny because it's normally some lame simplistic joke about someone's pants falling down or something. Though I would have preferred if, instead of the cutaways, they did what Teen Titans or Ben 10 Omniverse did and gave them anime-esque expressions and have the characters transform into chibis and back in humorous scenes. I'm sure at least 60% of the hate would have died down after a short while.

    The freeze-frame/black-and-white scene cuts could easily be replaced by him mentally talking to himself concurrently during the fight scenes. Far more effective.
  2. Polyester Funk
    6 Days Ago
    Polyester Funk
    Yeah, I had thought that Atom would be a potential, but he's on the spinoff too. I know who Elongated Man is, he was namedropped in the episode "Power Outage" along with Fire, Atom Smasher, Amazing Man and Damage I think was the other one. I don't know him, but I'm aware of Atom Smasher and Fire from JLU and Amazing Man has the same ability as Absorbing Man from Marvel.
  3. TheLemsterPju
    6 Days Ago
    I'm guessing you saw the most recent Flash episode?

  4. Starscreamsfan
    1 Week Ago
    Check out this. It's one of my favorite live-action shows of all time:

  5. Polyester Funk
    1 Week Ago
    Polyester Funk
    Not sure I knew that the season ended that soon. I wonder who will head STAR Labs after Wells is outed as a villain. Do Cisco or Caitlin have the resources or qualifications for that? I would have said Martin Stein, but since he'll be on the untitled spinoff that ain't gonna happen. Most likely it will be someone new. If we are losing Wells as a major character then someone will likely be taking his place in the cast.
  6. Starscreamsfan
    1 Week Ago
    Hope you enjoy this, and I also hope you post your thoughts after hearing at least one episode:

  7. Polyester Funk
    1 Week Ago
    Polyester Funk
    Alrighty. I was surprised that we got a big reveal so soon, but it was reset at the end so it kinda doesn't count. We the audience know, but the characters do not. I knew there was a reason why Reverse Flash spared Eddie when he killed the other cops that were there.

    I never cared for Tom Cavanaugh from the comedies that I've seen him in, but I like him playing this guy. He's got the right balance of mentor/father figure, but also creepy weirdo. He seems nice to a point, yet you also get the feeling that something just isn't right with the guy. I'm talking about before his reveal anyway.
  8. Starscreamsfan
    1 Week Ago
  9. Polyester Funk
    1 Week Ago
    Polyester Funk
    Having Eiling's voice and Wells' intelligence makes sense. I wonder if making Grodd so smart will backfire on Wells. He's clearly very intelligent, but who's to say that Grodd couldn't top him? I'm not saying anything about the newest episode since I don't know if you've seen it yet since it's very spoilery.
  10. Starscreamsfan
    1 Week Ago

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