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  1. economics
    14 Hours Ago
    that's true
  2. economics
    15 Hours Ago
    I'm surprised they can do that
  3. economics
    16 Hours Ago
    Arrow and The Flash are doing another crossover.
  4. Polyester Funk
    2 Days Ago
    Polyester Funk
    Most likely. It probably could have been a two-parter as it did feel rushed. I enjoyed it, yet it did have a lot going on that could have been expanded upon. Thanos just popped up out of nowhere. We hadn't seen him in quite a while and suddenly he's on Earth and he just takes the Stones that Widow had. And Dormammu dropping by really quickly, too. It made me want to see a Thanos vs. Dormammu showdown.

    I said it in the thread, but I'll say it again: I do agree that Isaac was better in this one. Not great, but I feel he improved. Though, to be fair he didn't say much. I still would have preferred Keith David, David Kaye, Jonathan Adams, JB Blanc or John DiMaggio to have played him. It's nice that they went with someone that isn't in so much stuff though. Yet, I think that there are better brutish characters that Isaac could have been.
  5. TylerMirage
    2 Days Ago
    Not sure how to word it, but yeah, if AA actually did something good with the concept, then it'd be like an EMH episode. Your idea is more EMH...AA wishes it was like your idea, ha ha.
  6. TylerMirage
    3 Days Ago
    I did see your review, yes.

    Definitely agree that Thanos showing up was kind of out of nowhere, especially since we've gone, what, ten episodes without him?
  7. Ross123
    5 Days Ago
    Sorry man, I've been busy over the past few days so I never really got to check out the site since I was on last.

    But anyway, I read your idea for the project through and I think it's pretty good. There's a lot of imagination in it for not just a throw back but an interesting crossover. This might just work.

    I managed to work out an idea of my own but yours sounds better and more refined. You have talent my friend, there's no denying that.

    Just 1 quick question, don't we need to work out copyright issues with the studios who own these properties?
  8. PsychicVoiceSpy
    1 Week Ago
    His Ch'rell voice does have potential for Frieza, but it's a touch too thin, high-pitched and raspy. If he could make that voice a little deeper, smooth and elegant with just a touch of rasp then it would be a great fit.

    Brian Drummond would make an excellent Scarecrow as well. I don't know about him using his Vegeta voice exactly, but it's pretty close to a great Scarecrow voice. I think that if he could have his Vegeta and Ryuk voices meet halfway, that would be perfect.
  9. Metabad
    1 Week Ago
    Okay yeah, that actually sounds REALLY close to Pauline Newstone's Frieza now that I think about it. I can get behind that idea now, also rewatching that clip made me realize how much I miss this show.

    Brian Drummond would be a pretty natural choice for Scarecrow too, I really like that idea. Sorry for never responding to that original message you sent me some time ago, I meant to respond, but kept forgetting.
  10. TylerMirage
    1 Week Ago
    If they straight-up took the book and translated it to the screen, not only would they be eight hours long, but they'd be rated R, ha ha.

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