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  1. Starscreamsfan
    6 Days Ago
    Oh, and BTW, if you're wondering what inspired me to add some more sympathetic elements to my version of Starscream (which I added in Mama Screamer and expanded on in the two RPs), here you have a wiki article about the particular Christmas story that inspired me:

  2. Starscreamsfan
    1 Week Ago
    Just checked another 90's Spidey episode.

    I recognized Stanley Ross as two characters here. He played the Trial's Foreman and Joey Nails. It was cool to hear him, but it must have been weird for him to say "We the jury find the defendant guilty", since he said that exact same line once before as Grodd.

    Dorian Harewood plays one of the thugs at the beginning, and once again, like James' War Machine, it's kinda odd for me to hear Dorian's voice coming out of a white guy.

    But yeah, this is a great episode with Robbie. I love seeing JJ taking matters into his own hands. And I like the nickname "Jigsaw".

    Overall, this was a great episode.
  3. Polyester Funk
    1 Week Ago
    Polyester Funk
    You certainly put in a lot of nods and cameos to other characters. A lot of world building going on, just hope it's not too much. It's likely to slow down. Hope I'm not coming across as too negative? These characters all inhabit the same city, so obviously there's going to be a lot of overlapping.

    It appears as if everyone who works at Oscorp is not pleasant, but hey, Norman Osborn is not a good guy, and he's probably a terrible person to work for.
  4. Starscreamsfan
    1 Week Ago
    Oh, yeah. I liked all his catchprases, but my favorite was the Dick Tracy one.
  5. Starscreamsfan
    1 Week Ago

    Yeah, Cal would work as Barbera. And Michael as Wolvie sounds interesting.

    Ah, I see. Still, his scene is pretty good.

    So I guess that's why SHIELD gets involved.

    Yeah, Tom could work as Sam.
  6. Starscreamsfan
    1 Week Ago
    Ah, that's pretty cool. Finally he gets the appearance he deserves.
  7. Starscreamsfan
    1 Week Ago
    Ah, I see. She does work well as a rookie.

    Yeah, I forgot to mention this, but I really liked Punisher's debut. He's just such an awesome badass.

    Hooboi, Aunt Anna got paperwork!!!

    That's pretty cool.

    Mmmm... can't guess. Gonna say that they suspect stuff going on at Oscorp, but I could be wrong.

    I guess that was a Wolverine reference, since I can remember him calling Jean Grey "Jeanie".

    My cast... well, I imagined Michael as Barbera, Dawnn as Terri and Mary Faber as Jean.

    For Officer Carter, I actually imagined Robert Mitchum.

    Sharon Carter changed between Jennifer Hale and Rachel Davies (couldn't decide between the two), Black Widow was Julianne Buescher and Punisher changed between Marc Worden, Ray Stevenson and John Beck.

  8. Autovolt
    1 Week Ago
    i find both performances not too far off from each other.

    Ozai is better performed yet but for what they were attempting, Mark's take is fine but needs better direction.
  9. Autovolt
    1 Week Ago
    I bought the Takara United versions of Rumble/Frenzy because Hasbro and Takara will most likely not release a Frenzy (blue one).

    I was like, i'm not gonna wait around for something that may never come out so i bought them and a Legends Misfire off of Mandarake.
  10. Starscreamsfan
    1 Week Ago
    I had fun reading this.

    As I said before, I enjoyed the first three acts, but this recent fourth act (or at least this first part) really is tons of fun.

    I love the interactions between the cops, and I like the reference to Carl in here. DeWolff and Lee have really fun moments, with Jean smoking when she's not supposed to do that and Terri being a rookie actually works pretty well.

    Also, those guard names!!! They got laid off and cancelled!!!

    I also liked the entrance of Agent Carter and Black Widow at the end. Barbera can't even pronounce the Widow's name!!!

    So yeah, 'cops iz cool', so for that, I enjoyed it. And reading all the acts you've sent so far really builds everything up.

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