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  1. PsychicVoiceSpy
    19 Hours Ago
    I haven't seen those other two before. They both had their moments, but the first one's my personal favorite.

    By the way, I was thinking about a another movie to recommend to you. Have you ever seen Redline?
  2. PsychicVoiceSpy
    20 Hours Ago
    I saw that one a while back. I loved the "Gohan's my son now!" bit.
  3. PsychicVoiceSpy
    4 Days Ago
    I just finished Ayame's story. We get to hear a little more of Quinton's Tatsumaru at the end, and I think he might have been at his best in this scene. It wasn't exactly great, but I think he improved here at the end. His voice sounded a little bit closer to his natural tone and he emoted a little more comfortably than before. Overall, I hear potential. If he had more time to work out the voice he was going for, I think he could have been good at some point, IMO. Also, Tenrai has a different second form in his boss fight than he did in Rikimaru's story, and the way he moves in this second form is pretty funny. It's almost as comical as the Manji cultists' dance walk. The ending of the story was fairly solid, and I'm happy to say that the cutscenes were pretty decent and none of the really important stuff was narration only.

    I'm jumping right into the third character's story.
  4. PsychicVoiceSpy
    5 Days Ago
    I finished part one of Tenrai's fortress as Ayame. The boss this time was Tatsumaru. Ayame seemed a bit more saddened by the fact that they were about to fight each other and she was speaking to him like she cared about him more overall. I thought this had some of Michelle Krusiec's most emotional line readings in the game. That's not saying a whole lot, but it's something, and I enjoyed listening to her here.

    I'm starting to see your point about Quinton Flynn sounding too boring and kind of forced. I think the main problem is that Tatsumaru doesn't have much emotional range and screentime, so he doesn't have much of a connection to the character, and I think that he's trying too hard to sound tough. If he used a softer voice but still retained the sense of determination and honor, I think he would be a lot better. Overall, I kind of wish David Moore had returned, but since Tatsumaru has so little dialogue, I'm not as bothered by him having a mediocre voice as I would have otherwise.
  5. PsychicVoiceSpy
    5 Days Ago
    Just thought I'd let you know that I might play a little Tenchu later as well. We'll see how that goes.
  6. PsychicVoiceSpy
    6 Days Ago
    At least you know where to go now. Now you won't have to screw with running around everywhere aimlessly, unless you want to kill every enemy, that is. I don't care much about killing everyone anymore and often just kill everyone who's in my general path.
  7. PsychicVoiceSpy
    6 Days Ago
    Oh man... I just got finished watching "Sword of the Stranger"... have you ever seen it? If you haven't, I would HIGHLY recommend it. It had some great characters, some of the best animated fight-scenes I've ever seen, excellent voice-acting, and some honestly breathtaking music. Seriously, it was quite an experience.
  8. PsychicVoiceSpy
    1 Week Ago
    I also really liked Kate Higgins as Pepper and I really hope she gets to play her again. I also thought James C. Mathis was really good as Rhodey. As for that girl who was with Ezekiel, yeah, I don't remember what her deal was, but she was pretty creepy.
  9. PsychicVoiceSpy
    1 Week Ago
    Ezekiel is pretty much the first Eric Bauza performance I've been exposed to, and holy crap... I was pretty impressed. When I saw his name in the credits it totally blew my mind. He sounded so freakin' creepy and detached. Since you mentioned it, I think that Eric Bauza would make a pretty good Griffith! He has the right sound for it and with his range I think he could have been amazing as the character.

    I wasn't too impressed with the guy voicing Nick Fury either. To me it sounded like he was trying to do a Samuel L. Jackson impression, but it hardly sounded anything like him. On top of that his attempt at sounding cool, commanding, and sassy almost completely failed. He made Nick Fury sound more awkward and dorky for some reason. I agree with Black Widow's actress being really bland... I don't even remember what she sounded like, to be honest. I was pleasantly surprised with Norman Reedus, though.
  10. PsychicVoiceSpy
    1 Week Ago
    It's funny that someone in the comments of the video mentioned it as well. I wonder if he just didn't mention Shiunsai because he wanted to list his more well known instead or if he doesn't remember voicing the character at all. Not that I'd blame him too much, Shiunsai didn't get a lot of screentime, which is unfortunate.

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