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  1. TylerMirage
    1 Hour Ago
    Those just happen to be the comics that my friend gave to me. I wasn't going to say 'no' to free Transformers comics.

    But yeah, I'm just "Wooo?!?!?ing" all over the place trying to keep all of these stories straight, ha ha.
  2. TylerMirage
    18 Hours Ago
    I'm holding off on reading more because I need to do some research and find out what I need to read in what order. With the ones that I do have*, I had no idea that so many of them were connected, so I was reading them in an improper order.

    *-Transformers: Spotlights 1, 2, 3 and 4
    -Heart of Darkness
    -Maximum Dinobots
    -The Last Stand of the Wreckers
    -The Reign of Starscream
    -Transformers: Dark of the Movie - Foundation
    -Transformers: Dark of the Moon adaptation
    -All Hail Megatron 1, 2, 3 and 4
    -For All Mankind
    -International Incident
    -Revenge of the Decepticons
    -G.I. Joe vs The Transformers (DDP)
  3. TylerMirage
    2 Days Ago
    Haven't started MTMTE yet, no.
  4. TylerMirage
    2 Days Ago
    TFP Magnus had no difficult decisions to make. He was just Prime's 2IC who was all super tight butthole about protocol and rules. As cool as he (and Ironside's voice) was in the show, he's really nothing special.

    IDW Magnus probably is the most interesting character of those three. An Autobot simply by allegiance, he really has no true "side". Autobot, Decepticon, doesn't matter. If you've broken the law, he'll be after you. But how far is he willing to go?

    I've actually just powered through a good dozen IDW comics in the last week, and I am loving them. Especially "duly appointed enforcer of the Tyrest Accord"-Magnus.
  5. TylerMirage
    2 Days Ago
    See, even though they have slight similarities, TFA, TFP and IDW Magnus are all different characters doing different things. You can only compare them so much.

    TFA Magnus is the SUPREME FRIGGIN' COMMANDER OF THE ENTIRE AUTOBOT FORCES. The leader of Cybertron, the current Magnus, he is the symbol of all hope and power that the Autobots have. Having Sentinel Jerk as your next-in-line isn't incompetence. It's all about hierarchy. Even though Sentinel is Magnus' 2IC, you can tell that even Magnus himself isn't completely faithful in Sentinel. But it's all about military protocol. Sentinel is next in line, therefore if Magnus goes, it's Sentinel's turn. Regardless of Sentinel's jerk attitude, he's still the next logical choice for leadership. Doesn't make Magnus a fool.
  6. TylerMirage
    2 Days Ago
    I've always adored Animated Magnus, and to me, he's the epitome of authoritative figures (at least in the Transformers franchise), so I decided it was time for a change. I'll probably switch it back to Optimus within a few months. Maybe.

    Plus, whenever people talk about "the ban hammer" on forums, all I picture is Magnus holding his hammer.
  7. PsychicVoiceSpy
    1 Week Ago
    It was pretty good overall. I liked how dark and hopeless it was, and I especially enjoyed Homura's backstory. That part especially got me involved in the story and sympathetic for the characters, their frendship was amazingly compelling. The ending was also rather bittersweet and powerful. I don't have many complaints, but I think this show would have worked better if it were 24 or 26 episodes intead of 12. It did a great job at getting it's themes across in it's short run, but I would have liked more time to learn and see more of the characters and their lives. I felt Mami especially deserved more screen time and development.

    All in all, outside of it moving a little too fast for my tastes, it was a good show and I enjoyed watching it.
  8. PsychicVoiceSpy
    1 Week Ago
    Happy birthday, dood. BTW, I did finally get around to watching all of Madoka Magica. By the time I got around to starting it, I forgot which character you said Carrie Keranen was, and I didn't know she was Mami until after her role in the first half ended and I checked on here. I was listening for her too! I totally didn't recognize her until after I knew which one she was.
  9. Fulgore2005
    1 Week Ago
    Happy birthday, Autovolt.
  10. CatsTuxedo
    1 Week Ago
    Yeah, that's a placeholder name given by the fans for the time being until an official name comes along, "Teddie" coming from her cutie mark and "Safari" coming from her manner of dress.

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