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  1. Domayv
    1 Hour Ago
    So, Pretty Cure is listed under Toei Animation USA's "major brands", and with Glitter Force taken off of Saban's website, this could mean that Toei might market this franchise themselves.
  2. Domayv
    4 Hours Ago
    at least it will be open for grabs soon
  3. Starscreamsfan
    4 Hours Ago
    Yeah, it'll be quite tragic to see anyone of these guys go.
  4. Starscreamsfan
    6 Hours Ago
    BTW, I think I may have decided on the final fight for my fic movie. Rodimus (who retired from the war along with Arcee, but forced to fight again due to Bludgeon killing one of his former teammates) decides to challenge Bludgeon. Imagine Roddy as Rocky, Kup as Mickey, Bludgeon as Tommy, Screamer as the black dude, Quake as Paulie, Arcee as Adrian, Marie and Nicky as Rocky, Jr., Swindle (he's gonna be the one who marries Roddy and Arcee in the series finale) as Father Carmine and the rest of the Autobots as the rest of the people:


    I decided to have Bludgeon kill off one of the main Autobots in the movie, because none of them dies in the finale, so I thought I should kill off one of the more likeable characters. These are the characters that I had considered:


    One of these guys will meet a violent end at the hands of Bludgeon.
  5. Domayv
    18 Hours Ago
    so Saban Brands might lose their license to Glitter Force/Smile Pretty Cure http://www.fandompost.com/oldforums/...ty-Cure)/page4
  6. Starscreamsfan
    1 Day Ago

    BTW, I dunno, but now I'm thinking of writing a Road Rage fic series after I finish with my series. It might be quite interesting to write.

    Of course, it might be a little bit more dramatic than my current series is, but it would still be fun.
  7. Starscreamsfan
    1 Day Ago
    TV movie like the Incredible Hulk reunion movies.
  8. Starscreamsfan
    1 Day Ago
    Yeah, I thought it might be a great idea to make her a computer specialist with a dual personality, because it kinda adds more variety into the cast (yup, she'll be part of the main cast in the sequel movie I'm writing for my fic).
  9. Starscreamsfan
    1 Day Ago
    Yeah, that's why I love this series. It deviated a lot from the comic books, and that's what made it so great.

    Yup, apparently that's where they might have gotten the idea.

    Yeah, but still, they managed to work together in "King of the Beach" and "Married".

    Also, this is how I will handle Road Rage's character. In robot mode, she'll be a very nice and likeable geeky girl who wants to find a cure for her condition, but when she's angered, her eyes will start glowing red and she'll transform into a very unstoppable vehicle mode.
  10. Starscreamsfan
    1 Day Ago

    BTW, I wanted to share this featurette with you. This is why I like it when people try to be creative with their shows:


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