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  1. Domayv
    4 Days Ago
    Crunchyroll has all four seasons, and the website should be available in Canada, unless they arent available there or you are busy with other things. at least since its being released on home video, you can buy it through either Amazon Canada or Rightstuf once they get released starting next month.
  2. Domayv
    4 Days Ago
    Well, Ben can do Greg's Negi Springfield (and Samuel Vincent can also pull that off as well, just using a modified version of hid Edd voice) judging from several of his performances (such as Shoutmon).

    Putting that aside now, Sentai has licensed Hayate seasons 3-4 and will release them in April and June of this year, respectively, so I guess you can make the dream cast of the series that we were talking about sometime around this summer.
  3. Domayv
    5 Days Ago
    well, they're pretty close enough. It's not like they have to exactly sound the same.

    How about Bryce Papenbrook, Benjamin Diskin, Nicholas Roye, Greg Ayres and Matt Hill. Do those 5 sound similar to each other.
  4. Domayv
    5 Days Ago
    Well, Brad Swaile does sound similar to Todd Haberkorn, Chris Patton, and Blake Sherpard (listen to Brad's Peter from Dreamkix, Blake's Agito/Akito from Air Gear, virtually any of Todd's performances, and Chris's Fate Averruncus from Negima! and notice how similar-sounding there are).
  5. Domayv
    6 Days Ago
    I've had a similar issue in several of my earlier dream casts. Originally I though that Lydia Mackay was Dallas's answer to LA's Bridget Hoffman and Vancouver's Lalainia Lindbjerg, but then I realized that she can also pull off Wendee Lee and Venus Terzo, so I began to use her more in my LA and Vancouver dream casts of Funimation dubs (such as Black Butler and Psycho-Pass). The same can be said with Kent Williams (I always thought he was a counterpart to only Paul Dobson and Michel McConnohie but then I realized that he's also one to Richard Newman, Doug Stone and Ron Halder).

    About why Josh Keaton and Nolan North don't do anime dubs is because they're union-only VAs and anime dubs pay less compared to cartoons, plus that anime's a niche nerd interest compared to Marvel and DC Comics thanks to Americans' incredibly black-and-white view on animation due to the over-sanitation of American media (see Animation Age Ghetto, All Adult Animation is South Park. and Rated M For Money)
  6. Domayv
    6 Days Ago
    though this was posted a year ago, your LA version of Gundam 00 is pretty good, though I suggest several casting changes: Johnny Yong Bosch as Setsuna (Bosch would make a better fit for him than Josh Keaton), Vic Mignona as Billy Katagiri, Yuri Lowenthal as Tiera Erde, Matthew Mercer for Patrick Colasour, Bryce Papenbrook for Saji Crossroad, Lucien Dodge for Andrei Smirnov, Cristina Vee for Kinue Crossroad, David Vincent for Lockon Stratos, Paul St. Peter for Barrack Zinin, Neil Kaplan for Massoud Rachmadi, Megan Hollingshead for Sumeragi Lee Noriega / Leesa Kujo (Megan's vocal range is much closer to Lisa's compared to Kari's) Spike Spencer for Lichtendahl Tsery, and Darrel Guilbeau as Allelujah Haptism.
  7. Starscreamsfan
    1 Week Ago
    Hope you enjoy this, and I also hope you post your thoughts after hearing at least one episode:

  8. pete
    2 Weeks Ago
    Assumed Underbite was Fred Testasciore or John Dimaggio, but Liam O'Brien.
  9. pete
    3 Weeks Ago
    Grimlock is my favorite of the main heroes Like how he isn't evil, or wanting revenge, just programmed wrong IMO. No Decepticon would be introduced a playing hero right away like that, and the first he did was try to save humans from Underbite. Underbite was my favorite in episode 1 so my two favs went at it.
  10. CatsTuxedo
    3 Weeks Ago
    I think I'll take that request on next week, but just for future reference, the dimensions of our images on the site is 210x240 with a file size maximum of 19.4 KB

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