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  1. Marusero
    8 Hours Ago
    You excited for the Nintendo Switch? I personally think it looks quite promising.
  2. HylianBelmont
    6 Days Ago
    Wrong character haha! Sorry I wrote it in a rush. Bit yeah I could imagine him using his higher-register (like Zarbon for instance) for Whis and Paul Bandey doing a regal voice for Beerus.
  3. HylianBelmont
    6 Days Ago
    Did you think that, in a Big Green dubbed Battle of Gods. That they would cast Paul Bandey as Beerus and Doug Rand as Willis? Obviously it'll never happen but what do you think however?
  4. HylianBelmont
    1 Week Ago
    I don't know which one will come out first at this point honestly.
  5. HylianBelmont
    1 Week Ago
    I remember watching a video that Hillary linked on Twitter about the VP debate and I liked how Mike's only argument to defend him was "He never said that" like LMAO.

    But moving on. It's a pretty big shame for the VAs that the Ocean's dub of Kai isn't being released. They should have gotten to show their second chance at the series as well I feel.
  6. Nightmare Crusher
    1 Week Ago
    Nightmare Crusher
    There's always three debates between the candidates and one debate with their vice president picks, although nobody gives a **** about the VP debate.
  7. HylianBelmont
    1 Week Ago
    Yeah. This may be an exaggeration but some of it is probably the funniest stuff I've ever seen. Like I was honestly jumping for joy when I saw there would be 3 debates (Are there usually that many? Not too sure) and I can't help but feel it's wrong for me to feel that way haha!

  8. HylianBelmont
    1 Week Ago
    Well I mean I got to read my Twitter feed during a certain debate and let me tell ya. The memes were freaking hilarious XD
  9. HylianBelmont
    1 Week Ago
    It's actually been a little while for me as well, I've actually been replaying Awakening as of late. Not quite as good but it's still fun!

    I keep waking up at around 5 in the morning as of late. It's a bit annoying but aside from that I'm pretty good. But I am happy to hear that you are relatively alright however!
  10. HylianBelmont
    1 Week Ago
    Would you say there's a character in Fates who's critical quotes aren't all that noteworthy. But you love them because of the delivery? For me it's Shura. He just sounds so **** cool when he says his critical lines! (Thanks David Stanbra.)

    Also. How have you been doing recently?

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