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  1. HylianBelmont
    2 Days Ago
    Oh and Jason Adkins is back as Ike if you care. You can hear him in Gamexplain's Amiibo video, he sounds pretty good to me. Yuri also improved a lot as Marth.
  2. HylianBelmont
    3 Days Ago
    It's a shame because Yuri can sound distinct when they direct him well, like how Makoto Yuki in PQ sounded completely different from Yosuke, and I hope he improved as Marth because he has potential in that role I feel.

    And yeah I'm happy that Clarke is the voice for M!Corrin in Smash too. He has a certain childish/optimistic tone to his voice that really fits the character I feel.
  3. HylianBelmont
    3 Days Ago
    He doesn't sound weird to me as much he sounds...like your typical Yuri Lowenthal voice. He does well in that regard but Cam's younger, distinct voice fits the character better to my ears.
  4. HylianBelmont
    3 Days Ago
    Gamexplain has a video showing off Corrin's voices, I can't send the link right now unfortunately but Cam Clarke sounds like voice options 1 & 3 to my ears and the second option sounds like Yuri Lowenthal.

    Marcella Lentz-Pope sounds like she's the option for 1 & 2 (the first voice sounds like a younger version of her SSB4 voice to me) but I've no idea who the third voice for F!Corrin is.
  5. HylianBelmont
    3 Days Ago
    So which voice are planning on choosing for Corrin in Fates?
  6. Polyester Funk
    3 Weeks Ago
    Polyester Funk
    No, I don't know who it is then. My knowledge of Mega Man is very limited. It reminds me of the Liger mechas from Zoids, guess that's why it looked familiar.
  7. HylianBelmont
    4 Weeks Ago
    I haven't heard the Kai Kikuchi Saiyan to Frieza saga placement so I can't comment on those but I really like some of the Android to Cell Saga placements, this battle theme in particular never fails to go well with any fight scene IMO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFgo2moznQw
  8. Polyester Funk
    4 Weeks Ago
    Polyester Funk
    I gotta ask, what's your avatar it's pretty cool. It seems kinda familiar, but maybe it just reminds me of something.
  9. KungPaoChucky
    4 Weeks Ago
    Hey Nightmare Crusher. I'm new to this place and I have no idea how to contact an admin of BTVA and I was wondering if you can help me out. There are many errors in the Mighty Magiswords page on BTVA.

    For starters, there are 10 shorts and one season. Not 6.

    And the Underground Handbeast is voiced by Kyle Carrozza, not Eric bauza.

    Also, there missing Princess Zange, Nohyas, Old Man Oldman, Grup and Goomer. If you can help me with that problem, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
  10. HylianBelmont
    4 Weeks Ago
    Out of curiosity, how do you feel about Kikuchi's music placement in Kai compared to Z? personally I rather like it although I haven't heard the original JP music placement in Z however.

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