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  1. Nightmare Crusher
    1 Day Ago
    Nightmare Crusher
    You have quoted me in your signature. I feel proud.
  2. MikaelaArsenault
    1 Day Ago
    I would like my username to be changed to WhoseLineFan from MikaelaArsenault.
  3. Autovolt
    2 Days Ago
    Tyler it's come to my attention that Devastator could actually have a voice compare.

    Both Arthur Burghardt and David Boat's take have clips of their versions on the site.
  4. GreenGoblin75
    3 Days Ago
    Oh, okay. So it's like if we know they are a Skrull vs not. Like how Cam Clarke works on the Master Miller compare because we didn't know he was actually Liquid Snake until later. Same with Mockingbird in EMH.
  5. GreenGoblin75
    3 Days Ago
    OK, good points. I was just wondering but if Invisible Woman's VC clip was from when she was a Skrull, shouldn't Lyle's be the same? Or is it more the fact that it's the Skrull, not really acting like Lyle, that speaks in the Scientist Supreme guise? Thanks for the response btw.
  6. GreenGoblin75
    3 Days Ago
    Just a question about the Scientist Supreme compare. In EMH, Kyle Hebert voiced Lyle Getz, who was replaced by a Skrull, that became Scientist Supreme towards the end of the show. Since the compare is more for the title, and less the person behind the mask, could he be added. If the Skrull part is a problem, I'm fairly certain Mockingbird has dialogue from the Skrull imposter.
  7. Autovolt
    2 Weeks Ago
    good point.

    Considering that it's recorded at Studiopolis and Jamie Simone is voice director, I wish he'd cast more anime VA's.

    It's funny that Rescue Bots has more anime VA's (like Max Mittelman, Robbie Daymond, DC Douglas) which is directed by Ginny McSwain I believe.

    I'd love to see Wally Wingert in another Transformers role, same with Neil Kaplan.

    Anime VA's like Jamieson Price or Paul St. Peter now that'd be epic. Marc Diraison if possible as well.
  8. Autovolt
    2 Weeks Ago
    well there is going to be a "movie" so.....granted it'll just be 3 more episodes but still.

    I kinda agree though It's really nice to have Grey get another role in Transformers since she had so little to work with as Arcee in ROTF.

    Plus it's Fred's first time in a Transformers cartoon, and I'm happy to hear more of Jeff.

    I do agree they need more underused, newcomers, so far no one in this season is new to voice acting like Constance Zimmer, Kevin Pollak or Frankie Stallone.

    I'm kinda bugged Dee Bradley Baker continues to not have a speaking role in the show.

    It was weird how Blum didn't have any dialogue either to work with.

    also it's heavily hinted there's going to be more seasons after this.
  9. Autovolt
    2 Weeks Ago
    funny enough I've enjoyed this season especially the past few.

    like Portals, Bumblebee's Night Out and that Grimlock episode with the Dinocrane.

    also speaking of RID, my local comic announced Will Friedle is attending....which I'm not going this year in favour of TFCon.

    man I'm mad right now.
  10. Autovolt
    2 Weeks Ago
    oh ok.

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