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  1. pete
    1 Day Ago
    Forgot the Dinobot Pinmissle to guess. Guess Who I casted as Eonus Prime, a character I shared with you before. Someone who needs a role here

  2. pete
    2 Days Ago
    Free for a game of guess the new Dinobots?

    Bullcharge, Steelspine, Ripjaw, and Dinobot King. Not all are dinos but prehistroric reptiles at least . Abd the G1 Dinobots appear so none of their type is used.
  3. pete
    1 Week Ago
    Regarding Animated giving Tom all the male Seeker voices, but in my version I'd go Charlie Adler as Thundercracker, Tom Kenny as Sky Warp, and Steve Blum as Sun Dtorm. See what I did instead?
  4. pete
    1 Week Ago
    I portray the Dinobots as an answer to the Predacons in my version of Transformers, well in Prime, they're created in a similar fashion, and I honestly think they would have appeared if Season 3 was full length. Jack mentions the possibilities of running into a T-rex which may or may not be reference to Grimlock, I mean Ratchet could've been like "Wait a minute, I think you're on to something Jack"

    And created another Autobot, meet Stealthshot, any idea on his role?
  5. pete
    2 Weeks Ago
    Just curious, doesn't have to be changed but these thoughts popped up in my head. for the same of consistency, discussing it with the team is a good idea, but for a compare, I'm posting loads based on what I can find.

    Saw your Jungle Book post and randimly got tremembered that and threw that in at the last minute, as Gonna edit, now I look dumb, ha.
  6. pete
    2 Weeks Ago
    Well for one thing he's named Betelgeuse Snake but there's no name like that in the credits, and he acts pretty much the same. Second thing is we're counting car versions of Pixar characters as them cause they act the same and Betelgeuse does in his snake form, there's no difference really, unless we need two versions of him in his true form for this VC to work. It'd be like making Aladdin pages and putting Genie's many form as separate characters since they're not his real form.


    Just a thought I had though.

    Anyway Used to think Tony Jay was David Kaye, Meagabyte mostly. He sounded like Megatron. He's my ideal Megabyte if Reboot come back as planned. Why not? Not sure your familiar with,it but just throwing that out there.
  7. pete
    2 Weeks Ago
    Gregg Berger's War For Cybertron Grimlock remind you of Fred Testasciore? Closest we have as him playing Grimlock so far. Any opinion on the rest of my cast?(still two posts below) You got my Dream Cast one and only addressed Mark Hamill as Starscream, just an FYI.
  8. pete
    2 Weeks Ago
    There are two things I want to bring up. How do I handle reporting multiple threads?

    Namely Dream Cast ones



    Feel dumb asking but since this is one of mine, I just wanting to bring it up.

    Also October and Halloween means Halloween VC's of ciourse, got ideas as always but had a question about a Betelgeuse VC. Was told the two didn't count but recent stuff on the site make me disagree and kinda want to rebuke or at least argue it. I didn't really get an answer either, a simple no was it.


    Kinda want to ask so it's taken care of now so it can be done by Halloween, but no hurry. A few points I want to address it either here or on the thread. Where's the best place?
  9. pete
    3 Weeks Ago
    My ideas for my Transfoirmers cast so far: Clancy Brown as Optimus, Ron Perlman as Ultra Magnus, Fred Testasciore as Grmlock, David Sobolov as Megatron, Mark Hamill as Starscream Corey Burton as Unicron.

    I'm thinking Marc's Hobgoblin, cause it's smooth, coniving, and manipulative. Greg's WFC take reminds me of Fred, listening to it on his page. David's Megatron is his Darkseid. Ron's Magnus like his Orion from JLU, and Clancy mant to be a mix of Peter Cullen and Garry Chalk. I switched Magnus and Optimus actually as well as replaced Clancy with Corey as Unicron, cause he's also Slag and though they're different, I wanted to a give a role or two, and Unicron sounded like Christopher Lee is my ideal voice.
  10. Starscreamsfan
    3 Weeks Ago
    Yeah, I know. This site is pretty handy for Transformers stuff. I use it to search for episodes featuring some of my favorite characters to rewatch.

    Sure, I understand the time it takes to make the clips and downloading episodes (or in my case, ripping them from DVDs) to make clips for OptimusSolo.

    But yeah, always glad to help.

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