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  1. Autovolt
    2 Hours Ago
    Oh god the Mike Costa ongoing.

    y u do dis to urself? ;_;
  2. Autovolt
    17 Hours Ago
    so what exactly were you reading from IDW?
  3. Autovolt
    1 Day Ago
    what are you waiting for man?
  4. PsychicVoiceSpy
    1 Day Ago
    Well, this morning I finished season one. This was a pretty solid season, but yeah, there were several episodes that felt pretty routine and generic to me. My favorite part of it was watching Megatron plan and manipulate his way back to being operational again. There were certain points where I thought they kind of lost focus on this plot-point and I started to get a little bored because of it, but all in all I'm having a pretty great time with the show so far.

    I have complete trust in you when you said the next two seasons are all kinds of awesome, so I'm looking forward to them.
  5. Autovolt
    1 Day Ago
    reading IDW...did you start MTMTE yet?

    if so what voices do you hear when reading? i'll tell you mine,
  6. Autovolt
    1 Day Ago
    good points but seriously Sentinel Prime is too incompetent for my tastes. I mean did he ever do anything right and or not look like a complete *** doing so. I mean if TFA Sentinel Prime was actually competent in anyway (somewhere across the line of IDW Prowl, he could be a colossal jerkass but good at his job like Guy Gardner perhaps I'd understand why he's 2nd in command but I never once found their him to be believable, I mean it can work with a character like Zapp Braningan in Futurama because it's a comedy but TFA is not just pure comedy. if anything at best he should have his own crew (not the elite guard) much like Optimus and Rodimus had but then again knowing Sentinel I can see why Magnus had him as 2IC just to keep close eyes on him he'd probably much everything up.

    TDLR. I can't take him seriously at all as a leader in anyway. I sort of wished that he was a Decepticon double agent, it'd explain a lot.
  7. Autovolt
    2 Days Ago
    I dunno the more I've come to think about TFA Magnus. I don't really like him.

    Not because he's an uptight authoritative leader who has to make the unpopular hard choice no one else will make (granted I think the Prime and especially the IDW MTMTE Magnus are far more interesting at doing that) but rather due to him being incompetent (ie letting Sentinel being in charge in case anything happens to him) I mean I get why he can't just let Optimus take over (since his dishonourable discharge and at that point Optimus didn't do the really amazing stuff he did at the end of Season 3).

    Then again I've grown to loathe TFA Sentinel Prime but that's a whole other story right there.
  8. Autovolt
    2 Days Ago
    TFA Ultra Magnus!

    tired of Movie Optimus Prime?
  9. electronic456
    2 Days Ago
    Nice avatar of Animated UM. God, I miss that show back in my primary school days.

    The show still has the best cartoon incarnations of certain TF characters.
    Optimus, Bumblebee,Bulkhead, Blurr,Megatron, Starscream, Lockdown and Blitzwing.
  10. PsychicVoiceSpy
    4 Days Ago
    Turns out that the Transformers Animated set didn't get here until Tuesday, but I've already watched nine episodes. It's really good so far. I love how Megatron is in such a vulnerable state and relying on his manipulation skills to keep his intentions hidden from Sumdac and regain his body without the Autobots finding him out. It's refreshing to see Megatron in such a tough situation. And man, Corey Burton as Megatron... dang. Been waiting to hear this for a long time, and it's just epic! I also loved Blackarachnia's backstory. By the way, if you haven't bought the set yet, it's available on amazon now for just 22 bucks.

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