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  1. Autovolt
    16 Hours Ago
    hey that's pretty good.
  2. Autovolt
    21 Hours Ago
    That gif is funny as ****.


    where did you find that?
  3. HylianBelmont
    2 Days Ago
    I believe it was because the past themes were hardcoded into the game, or something along those lines? They couldn't remove them however, so they just had to redo the present and future themes (they even use the same instruments that the JP version did. Just used them in a different way obviously.) and I always did like how they made the past themes with a Genesis sound. It was a nice touch in my opinion!

    And I believe I liked the US special stage and invincibility themes more. They sounded more....unique I think? Oh and Tidal Tempest was definitely another one I preferred the American soundtrack for! On the other hand. I liked Collision Chaos, Metallic Madness, and Palmtree Panic's Japanese themes a lot more. So yes.
  4. HylianBelmont
    2 Days Ago
    You have a good point about Sonic 3 & Knuckles being too intimidating at times. Sonic 2 is considered to be the most well rounded of the three by many I believe? With the reasons that you stated I can see why you'd lean towards replaying that more than it's much longer sequel haha.

    Yeah, Michael Jackson was involved with Sonic 3's soundtrack which most certainly gave it a lot of charm for Sure! However I don't think he was involved with Sonic & Knuckles, if I recalI've correctly? I mean both have solid music regardless though!

    I remember beating Sonic CD a few times on my old iPhone a few years back and it did have a very unique atmosphere (and was also kinda eerie at times too for some reason...) and both the USA and JP soundtracks had certain tracks that I liked more and that I didn't. I'm not sure where you stand on that debate however, haha!
  5. HylianBelmont
    3 Days Ago
    So. Which of the Genesis/Megadrive Sonic games are your favourite? I believe mine is Sonic 3 & Knuckles! The soundtrack is probably my favourite in the series and it has a pretty good "show, don't tell" story! Plus Dr. Robotnik and Knuckles were fun antagonists in my opinion.
  6. Autovolt
    6 Days Ago
    So far I'm thinking either him, Ray Chase and Grant George.

    all of them would make great Josukes.
  7. Ghosty404
    1 Week Ago
    Oh man, I had no idea there are TWO Erin Ashes.
  8. Autovolt
    1 Week Ago
    Thanks to the recent casting announcements.

    I have a new crazy casting idea.

    Xander Mobus as Josuke?
  9. HylianBelmont
    1 Week Ago
    I mean. They really couldn't have just asked for the official credits from Cup of Tea or Patrick Seitz to just avoid this? Yeah this was definitely a bad move on their part.
  10. HylianBelmont
    1 Week Ago
    A company called "Dark Horse Comics" apparently. But yeah it's going to be pretty awkward for everyone involved I'd say. At least with the other ones it kinda makes sense that they'd make those mistakes lol.

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