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  1. HylianBelmont
    12 Hours Ago
    That's how I feel too. I just hope the initial reaction to her performance based on the one voice clip we got before the game's release hasn't made her feel like she shouldn't keep on doing voice work
  2. pete
    22 Hours Ago
    Oh so you change it to say that?
  3. pete
    2 Days Ago
    Curious why it says junior member under your name...
  4. HylianBelmont
    2 Days Ago
    So just a simple question. How do you feel about Julianne Alexander as a VA? Would you like to see her get more work in the future?
  5. srxk
    2 Days Ago
    OK Now I really need some help here...
    Makiko Omoto actually confirmed another role called Susie in Kirby: Planet Robobot.
    Here is Susie:

    Now can you tell me where I can dump those kind of information to let those admin noticed?
    I once dump the information in the comment section and they deleted my comment.
  6. Marusero
    3 Days Ago
    Um, hello?
  7. Marusero
    5 Days Ago
    I know that. My original Wii (the one with GC controller plugs) is on my father's house, but it's been a LONG while since played with it. Sadly, I don't have any GC controllers, so I should just try to get them online, alongside the game itself and some memory cards, am I right? Also, off-topic, but I have SA1 for the Xbox 360 via Dreamcast Collection.
  8. Marusero
    5 Days Ago
    Oh, okay.

    Well, I played the demo version at home on my PS3. On a friend's house, I played through half of the levels in the Hero story. I also played its multiplayer. The consoles I owned are the following: DS (Lite, DSi), 3DS (normal, XL, 2DS) Wii, Wii U, PS3, PS4, and Xbox 360.
  9. Marusero
    5 Days Ago
    Sorry if the response is a little too late.

    Yeah, Shadow saying that famous TTGL line is quite cool. Imagine that happening in a Sonic game.

    As for Sonic's 25th, I don't know if I remember playing one of his games. Also, I wish I could get SA2.
  10. HylianBelmont
    1 Week Ago
    So yeah just started Birthright! It's probably going to get pretty emotional, especially towards the end (Like Conquest did) but personally I'm just thankful that you can occasionally grind without going to the Boo Camp DLC. I mean I enjoyed the challenge of Conquest mind you but it got pretty annoying towards the end, although that's probably just me being salty over having to switch to Casual Mode at the final chapter just so I could beat it haha!

    Also, has there ever been a time where you didn't think much of a voice but suddenly you grew to like it? Because that's what happened with Marcella Pope's Corrin for me. Granted I didn't dislike her Corrin beforehand but I didn't really think much of it. But I decided to go with her because it was the closest one that matched "Eirika's" character and I started to grow rather fond of it after Chapter 6.

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