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  1. HienFan
    2 Hours Ago
    On the Dynasty Warriors forum on who could be voicing who, according to a user, Doug Stone is actually Jiang Wei for most of the series(starting with 4 knowing where 2 and 3 are casted), Richard Cansino only voiced him in an expansion pack(and sounds like his Sima Yi from what I heard) and Joshua Seth in 5, with that in mind my order is... Joshua Seth>Jeff Manning(DW2)>DW3>Richard Cansino>Doug Stone
  2. HienFan
    8 Hours Ago
    Well JAT also dubbed the MC of Final Fantasy 10 but I was referring to the interview of the Japanese actors(I found the dub on Youtube, god JAT your early pre Final Fantasy 10 stuff is awful)
  3. Polyester Funk
    10 Hours Ago
    Polyester Funk
    Say, I watched Superman and the Mole Men the other day and I was wondering if the title characters were supposed to look different within the context of the story than they do to the audience. What I mean is that Lois describes them as having "bodies like moles." when they just look like little guys with hairy hands and black outfits. Were they not supposed to be wearing clothes but be completely hair-covered? They may have looked a little bizarre, but everyone's reaction to them was as if they were completely different looking than what they were. Or is that just a product of the time it was made? People thought things were s more bizarre-looking than they do today or they just didn't have the means of making the make-up effects look the way they wanted so they just went with what they had.
  4. HienFan
    15 Hours Ago
    Hello group acting

    I'm not sure if that is done in groups or not but I remember a very funny interview about this anime of a video game I love(Psychic Force) where the voice actor is making fun of the various production and taking note, the anime wasn't well liked for various reasons(most characters have lack of focus, a lot of perspective changing until the last half of the second/final episode, some characters are not involved in the main plot) but I like the friendship of the hero and his best friend who eventually became antagonist and it IS an anime of the 90s and a game I like with great (Japanese, the dub was ridiculous, one of the character was an early James Arnold Taylor role and it sounded unfitting) voice acting and catching opening and ending
  5. Ross123
    17 Hours Ago
    Well Galfas did an excellent job with the photography for the film. Give the man an Oscar or whatever award they hand out to photographers cause he clearly deserves something for his great efforts.

    Thanks for helping recall what I said about John Hurt as Aragon.

    That death scene in the Bakshi version was a done a bit better than in the actual live action film Fellowship of the Ring. Though I believe it still hasn't been perfected yet.

    Saw the final batle scene. I think the animation technique is great. Especially the darker backgrounds where the pyramids looked kinda real.

    Although I can't help but feel that the battle was a bit short, I'd personally would've liked it to be a bit longer. I can see why they may have done that, so it doesn't over stay it's welcome like most battles we see in movies.

    Quick queston, it sounded like that was the end of the movie. Was it?
  6. Ross123
    22 Hours Ago
    Yeah, I admire Sam Simon for a lot of his writing work and heroic work (if you can call it that). That documentary was indeed one of the most inspirational in my mind.

    He mentioned in Twitter 2 months prior to his death that he'd beaten the cancer which is technically true given the original amount of time he was told he would live for. He went from 4-6 months to just over 2 years, that's amazing.

    Even though he looked frail, he was still pretty good looking for a cancer victim. It was all thanks to the medication and his positive attitude. I heard it's very important to have the latter as negative emotions kill people quicker, especially with deadly diseases.

    Anyway, hopefully the rest of the year plays out much better in terms of the number of deaths. Wish there was none but we know that will never be.
  7. Ross123
    22 Hours Ago
    Seems you sent me the LotR radio show thread twice by accident. I'll be sure to post on it at some point once I get my opinion on it finalised.

    The "Film Noir for Block" sounds interesting. I'll hopefully be checking George Reeves Superman on Netflix (if they're in there) after I watch S&tMM (which you sent me) and Bakshi's LotR (if that's also in there). Speaking of...

    I watched those 2 clips you gave me. The 1st looked pretty amazing as the there were a few moments when the animation looked real, epecially the skulls. And that's just a 1 minute clip, jeez.

    The 2nd one was rather dramatic at first but when the orcs kept shooting Boromir, the dramatic exciting tension faded a bit for me because I felt it went on a little bit long. Though the end where Boromir & Aragon have their talk was very emotional, perfectly captured.

    I can't remember what I said about John Hurt as Aragon in the VC but he did a remarkable job here as did Michael Graham Cox as Boromir.
  8. NCZ
    22 Hours Ago
    I'll post in a thread if the subject interests me. While I'm aware of the LOTR radio drama, I really don't have any interest in that kind of thing.
  9. HienFan
    3 Days Ago
    Oh jesus all this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles update...

    Leo, Mikey and Don sounds okay but Raph oh god, how many times have they ever gotten a good voice outta him? The only ones I like are Rob, Michael, Sebastian and Sean everyone else were too dark for me and I hate ridiculously angry Raph outside of the 2012 cartoon
  10. KittyKat913
    3 Days Ago
    Thank you! I'm having a great time!

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