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  1. Metabad
    2 Weeks Ago
    OH you know what I just remembered? Blu Mankuma was actually in a live action movie I saw recently called Knight Moves. It starred one of my favourite live action actors, Christopher Lambert. (Loved him as Raiden and Beowulf.)

    Anyways, I'll check out the thread.
  2. Metabad
    3 Weeks Ago
    Hey man, I'm a little late in saying this but thanks for adding me back, truth be told I totally know where you're coming from in preferring the earlier performances over the current ones and it looks like you have your fair share of good reasons for it too. I actually see a bit of myself in you at times, granted I grew up in the 90's, but still.

    I also had no idea some of the Vancouver VA's actually appeared in MacGyver, especially so frequently. Dale Wilson having the most appearances was particularly surprising for me, I did hear that some of them appeared a bit in Stargate SG-1 here and there, but that's basically it. I think I only ever saw one episode of MacGyver, I should probably watch more if it if I can find it anywhere, hopefully it's on Netflix. I do quite like the opening song.
  3. DaveS
    4 Weeks Ago
    The correcting is proving problematic, I can't get rid of an existing credit and the chiefs take ages and usually ask for some proof. Basically the characters I'm trying to get are the ones who people dont talk to on lets plays (because thats where i take the audio from usually) or whose voice is covered by gunfire. Important atm are Rico Granados, Tony Rosato (or whichever generic mobster uses his phrases), and basically any hit targets from either game. But no rush if its a pain to do. Thanks!
  4. DaveS
    4 Weeks Ago
    Hi, you know how you got all that sound information for the Godfather wiki? Does that mean you can access individual sound files for characters, because I'm trying to add clips atm and it'd be a real hand.
  5. Polyester Funk
    Polyester Funk
    Nice pic of M. Bison. Raul Julia did look gaunt in that film as he was very ill, but I think it did sorta help with the look of the character. I hope that doesn't come across as insensitive, but it made him look more like some mad dictator guy. It's a shame that he got ill. I've only seen him in Street Fighter and The Addams Family films, but he was very good and its too bad he's no longer with us.
  6. Polyester Funk
    Polyester Funk
    Cool, though that is clearly a much younger him than when he did the narration. Not that it really matters, it's just that guy in that photo doesn't look like he'd sound like that.
  7. DaveS
    Hi have you thought about making additions to the Godfather game page as you seem so knowledgeable about it?
  8. rosebr10
    I see. You were the one who made the credits for Transformers: Call of the Future. Outside of a few obvious examples, did you actually contact the people involved? What was your exact proof for all the characters currently credited, or are they all just your guesstimations? I'm sorry if this comes off snippy or ungrateful, but I just have to be sure.
  9. VoteForSirAtlas
    According to the English Wikipedia article about "Conan the Adventurer" (1992 - 1993), John Pyper-Ferguson was in its cast. Even its outro and The "Voice Chasers" website say it. How about that?
  10. NCZ
    I think I love you for identifying the Tataki cast.

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