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  1. HienFan
    2 Days Ago
    Hello Starscream, I believe you really like Canadian voice actors going by your polls?
  2. Ross123
    2 Days Ago
    Well I've got bad news. The BBC claimed copyrights on the radio dramas so unfortunately I cannot listen to them via YouTube. I'll try and look for the radio drama elsewhere along with the Bakshi film.

    Because of this, I decided to go ahead and read the full article. I'm impressed, it took them a while to get the radio drama off the ground but they manged it in the end. I personally think a lot when into the casting of the characters just to make sure they got perfect performances. It's tough trying to bring a book to life and from what I was reading, they succeeded with that.

    I know just did a brief speech but I find it interesting to see how Brian Sibley manged to make what I can only assume is solid entertainment. And hey, I know don't like the live action movies which is fair enough because your reasons arern't unjustified. Even though I liked the LotR live action movies, I'll admit that I didn't like The Hobbit Trilogy all that much because some of it was pointless filler.
  3. Metabad
    2 Weeks Ago
    On an unrelated note, I've always wanted to see that Street Fighter movie. Raul Julia is great as M. Bison from what I've seen of him, and it's a huge shame that that was one of his last roles. It was touching that he played the role just because his kids were so into the games. I almost had a chance to watch it on Netflix, but sadly I waited too long and it was taken down. (I think I wanted to watch it with my brother if I remember correctly.)
  4. Metabad
    2 Weeks Ago
    And yeah, that was apparently the first "animated" adaptation of The Hobbit. (I say animated, when it was really moreso a bunch of still pictures.)

    http://www.awn.com/animationworld/ho...imating-hobbit I found some interesting behind-the-scenes info here, such as how and why it was made and such. I also found a much longer version of the backstory here that goes into more detail on the relationship between the person who made it and the person who commissioned it: http://genedeitchcredits.com/roll-th...liam-l-snyder/
  5. Metabad
    2 Weeks Ago
    Just watched both clips now. Honestly, when I got to his "Gollum" swallowing noises I was kind of underwhelmed. That's not to say he was bad at all though and I do see what you mean, it did sound like he was really swallowing at times, it's just that everything else about his performance was so great that I found his Gollum noises to be a bit underwhelming in comparison. Loved all the other noises he made though. He REALLY got into the role with how raspy and unhinged he sounded, loved all the slithery sounds he added to his voice too.

    I actually don't know who I prefer now, while I thought it was tough to decide between Theodore and Serkis, now Woodthorpe tied with them for me. I definitely will have to listen to the rest of that radioplay when I get the time.
  6. DaveS
    2 Weeks Ago
    My feeble fandub. After reading your views on LOTR voice acting I really would have loved to have heard part 2 of an animated version, the Voice of Saruman with Fraser Kerr, seeing Michael Scholes make Sam develop a bit more (I think there was definite potential towards the end) and Philip Stone doing Theoden's last speeches
  7. Metabad
    2 Weeks Ago
    Hey, you ever see this version of The Hobbit?


    I only just found out about it, myself.
  8. Metabad
    2 Weeks Ago
    Yup, that's just how I am. Some of my favourite movies are movies that a lot of people hate like Mortal Kombat and Repo! The Genetic Opera, but I also like some other movies just for how dumb and fun they are like Sand Sharks and In the Name of the King.

    Oh really? I thought for sure it'd be the other way around.

    I can't really say for sure about Peter Woodthorpe's Gollum, since I've never heard his coughing sounds, but while Brother Theodore's coughs sound a bit forced in the Return of the King clip, I think they were actually pretty good in the first movie and I really love the rest of his performance in just how insane, unhinged and creepy he sounds. It's really tough for me to even fully decide between Brother Theodore and Andy Serkis, especially with how much passion and energy Brother Theodore put in the role.

    Haven't seen that clip before now, but I quite enjoyed it. Peter sounded like he had a lot of fun as Gollum there and I really like Michael Hordern as Gandalf.
  9. Metabad
    2 Weeks Ago
    I haven't really read much of the books aside from The Hobbit admittedly (it was a school project back in grade 7, it was where I first watched the Rankin-Bass Hobbit movie and saw the third LoTR movie in theaters after rewatching the other movies in class) but if the live action films take as much liberties with the books as The Hobbit does with its source material, then I can see why you're not a big fan of them. I have something of a soft spot for them though since I grew up with them, and I love the design of Peter Jackson's Sauron. It inspired some characters I've designed in a lot of ways.
  10. Metabad
    2 Weeks Ago
    OH yeah I saw that topic, I read through your post but haven't found the time to read the article or respond to the topic yet. But that does sound really interesting, especially since the only thing I've really seen Michael Hordern in is Freddie as F.R.O.7 but I could definitely see him making a good Gandalf. I also saw the link you posted for Peter Woodthorpe as Gollum in the radio play, and wow, he sounds great there. I think I still like Brother Theodore and Andy Serkis more, but my respect for Peter's performance has gone up since hearing that. And Bill Nighy as Sam definitely sounds interesting, especially since I'm so used to his Davy Jones performance, and I also remember hearing about Ian Holm as Frodo opposite Peter Woodthorpe's Gollum, who played Bilbo and Gollum in the live action movie and cartoon respectively. CROSSOVER!

    And if you're the radio weirdo around here, then I must be the B-movie weirdo. (I'm actually watching Scorpion King 4 right now to tell you the truth.)

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