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  1. HienFan
    2 Hours Ago
    From a boy to a cereal mascot to Eustace Bagge, Arthur came a really long way

    Also gotta say Ranger Smith's compare is pretty good compared to some of BooBoo's voices(Jeff... that video game dude...), I actually like the younger form's voice and Spumco's take isn't bad either considering I don't like John Kricfalusi or any of his work
  2. Autovolt
    9 Hours Ago
    Ok the guy and his daughter...their voices sound awkward and weird....were they meant to be Russian? Japanese?

    Aquaman summoned a whale to slam a robot....that's pretty boss.

    WTF...he's a robot. that is so messed up. oh he was replaced.

    WHAT'S HE POINTING AT? ok that line is funny.

    KEY TO THE CITY! lol

    Darkseid's on the throne....yes lets hope its revenge on the Superfriends/powers team

    no much to say really..it had Aquaman which is nice but otherwise eh,
  3. HienFan
    14 Hours Ago
    Odd since I heard it's so hard to find, the UVA was kinda forced and a bit strange sounding
  4. HienFan
    14 Hours Ago
    Oh hey Ranger Smith is here and another bone to throw to Don(and a third one)

    Gotta say I realize all of the Smurfs vote I have(or voices I prefer in order ratings) are either the old toon or outside that CGI toon including that Gutsy Smurf, only case where the CG film is not rock bottom is Papa and that was the first Smurf compare

    Also I'm surprised you heard of the US version of that Smurf special with the actual Mike Reynold
  5. HienFan
    16 Hours Ago
    So I was on this PS2 game that was complained of bad voice acting(to the point EVERY sequel only used Japanese voice acting) yet somehow I felt that the voices are good, it seems to happen at lot especially for older stuff
  6. HienFan
    1 Day Ago
    JETSON YOU'RE FIRED! Looks like I managed to finish the quote, also funny how Frank Welker voices two versions
  7. Autovolt
    1 Day Ago
    finally saw it.

    Brainchild was fine not much too say, it sort of reminded me of a Teen Titans episode where Cyborg was kidnapped by a creepy machine creature who wanted to remove his humanity.

    I do like Brainiac's voice. I can't help but find he sounds a bit like Neil Kaplan.

    as for the stolen powers one. I want to like Peter Cullen as Felix Faust and even though it is a good performance in its own right, i'm not sure if i would call the voice fitting for the character. He honestly should have been either Darkseid or Kalibak instead.

    Penguins's voice annoyed me honestly.

    it was cool Superman going McGyver without his powers.
  8. Polyester Funk
    2 Days Ago
    Polyester Funk
    Those commercials are pretty cool. Interesting that the one features Aquaman so prominently since he's become somewhat the forgotten or not cared out character.

    Movie Jimmy Olson in the one was neat. "My buddy Clark Kent has Power Action just like Superman. Wait, Clark, Superman." While he has that confused look on his face. He's finally figuring it out.
  9. HienFan
    2 Days Ago
    I like looking at food or reading it though not so much eating(I'm picky)
  10. pete
    2 Days Ago
    Just realized was in New Scooby Doo Movies his voice work predates Star Wars.They aired from 1972-1973, Star Wars of course had 4 years on it.

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