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  1. PsychicVoiceSpy
    1 Week Ago
    Finally checked out that Goosebumps video. It was interesting to see him in something IRL, and he was noticeably younger, too. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Music Meister
    1 Week Ago
    Music Meister
    Thank you
  3. Autovolt
    3 Weeks Ago

    I like the variety they bring in their casts from all over the states.
  4. Autovolt
    3 Weeks Ago

    also he sometimes has Greg Weisman in his dubs.
  5. Autovolt
    3 Weeks Ago
    well Nehellenia is voiced by Yoshiko Sakakibara, i figured why not have the English Integra.

    It's a shame that New Generations Pictures is rarely used.

    I still can't believe they had William Morgan Shepard in some of their earlier dubs. How I'll never know but that's awesome.
  6. Autovolt
    3 Weeks Ago
    as for Queen Nehellenia I'm thinking Laura Post or Victoria Harewood if they can get her.
  7. Autovolt
    3 Weeks Ago
    it's true Josh has done some LA work, though realistically I don't see it happening since Fish Eye is somewhat of a major role.

    also Barbara Goodson as Zirconia.
  8. Autovolt
    3 Weeks Ago
    Not bad, I could see Mittelman and Chase as them.

    Lowenthal I'm surprised has yet to be in Sailor Moon, he could work.

    personally my choice is Josh Grelle in a perfect world. His performance in Princess Jellyfish shows he can totally pull off a woman's voice.

    as for Tiger and Hawk. Doug Erholtz for Tiger and Sam Riegel for Hawk but **** Ray Chase and Max Mittelman would nail them.
  9. Autovolt
    3 Weeks Ago
    ah that's cool.

    not the biggest fan of the old dub, but I admit some of the casting was good (Susan Roman as Jupiter, Vince Corraza as Tuxedo Mask and most especially Jeff Lumby as Tomoe which I consider the best casting in the old dub.

    It's funnier to me since I'm also a huge fan of the Red Green Show and hearing Winston Rothschild III, as a mad scientist is amusing.

    as for Hawk's Eye, his VA was alright, certainly no Toshio Furukawa but he did a decent enough job in the role.

    who do you want to see as the Amazon Trio in the Viz dub?
  10. PsychicVoiceSpy
    3 Weeks Ago
    Thanks, I'll check that out soon.

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