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  1. TheVengeanceKnight
  2. Metabad
    2 Days Ago
    Just saw Kenshiro's fight with Souther as well as the aftermath, it was actually kind of scary seeing Kenshiro so powerless.

    According to the preview, the next episode will have Shuu fight Souther. Here goes nothin'...
  3. Metabad
    4 Days Ago
    Maybe I just need to see some of his later episodes as the Rei, I'm not sure...

    Speaking of Rei, I got to his and Yuda's death scene...man, the way Yuda forced Rei to kill him sort of reminded me of Tatsumaru's death at the end of Tenchu 2 in a way. Despite Yuda being a pretty disturbing and arrogant character, his death was actually really beautiful and well done.

    Rei's death too...man oh man, that was one of the saddest death scenes I've ever seen in a show, really tragic yet moving in a way. He at least got to defeat Yuda and protect Mamiya
  4. Metabad
    6 Days Ago
    Yeah, not together in the same package, but I pretty much got them both as gifts at relatively the same time.

    I definitely noticed Jameson Price from Gungrave as well as Akira in Fist of the North Star, I also think I saw Milton James a bit here and there in a few extra roles, I was also pretty surprised that Meryl Stryfe played Airi.

    I sadly felt that Daran Norris was a bit miscast as Rei, he's an awesome actor otherwise, but the voice itself sounded a bit too silly for me. Although maybe he has better moments and the few parts that I heard were the worst of it. Sadly I haven't been able to watch the English dub for long, just got to watch the first 6 episodes in English and a few clips here and there on BtVA and Youtube, the rest of the episodes I'm watching are all in Japanese.
  5. Metabad
    6 Days Ago
    Yeah man, I didn't even know Wolfwood was the bartender until you pointed it out, Jeff Nimoy has tons of range.

    I still have yet to see Cowboy Bebop sadly, but Trigun was amazing, I got it along with Gungrave on BLU-ray.
  6. Metabad
    1 Week Ago
    I really really loved the Jagi fight, what an awesome ruthless character he was! Admittedly I'm watching the Japanese dub, but I did see a clip of the fight from the English dub and Peter Lurie sounded awesome as Jagi, he's probably my favourite voice for him. (Although I did quite like the effects added to Dan Woren in the animated movie, those echoes...)

    At first I thought "Toki" was just a sadistic monster and I thought he took it way too far, but the plot twist concerning him was really unexpected and well done, the fact that he was based off of Christopher Lambert was even better since he's one of my favourite actors!

    I've gotten to Raoh now. Poor, poor Rei...
  7. Metabad
    2 Weeks Ago
    Just got passed them and got to Jagi, I have yet to watch the fight scene with him. But so far it's really great! I did miss James Avery as Boss Fang, though...

    I really like Jagi so far too.
  8. Metabad
    3 Weeks Ago
    Got to the episode with Kenshiro's battle against Shin a few days ago. Episode 22, I was closer than I thought!

    All I can say is...wow, I don't think I'm going to forget that fight any time soon. The outcome of that battle was REALLY harsh.
  9. Metabad
    3 Weeks Ago
    Nope, I thought I did once, but it turned out to be just a clip show.

    I'm about to watch episode 21 right now though, I have a feeling I'm getting closer...
  10. Metabad
    4 Weeks Ago
    Yeah man, the way he kills some of these guys are downright brutal, yet I can't say his enemies didn't deserve it, since they really did. It's especially satisfying seeing him take his opponents down whenever they've been just as irredeemable as they've been so far.

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