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  1. pete
    Think you may have another biff with USM, unless you can ignore them bring Goblin back already.
  2. pete
    On Serena's VC does Tara kind of sound like Kath Soucie I was thinking DExter's Mom or Mrs. Fenton. http://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/...Ben-10/Serena/
  3. Polyester Funk
    Polyester Funk
    Oh, I would have sworn that those first two were done back to back on purpose.
  4. Polyester Funk
    Polyester Funk
    Is it on purpose or just coincidence that the two newest Ben 10 compares are two crab guys with Brainstorm and Kraab? Just found that interesting is all.
  5. Polyester Funk
    Polyester Funk
    OK. I did kinda suspect that, but wasn't sure.
  6. PsychicVoiceSpy
    Yeah, I wouldn't mind the Kevin/Gwen ship, and heck, I would actually really like it if it was done well, but the way the writers are doing it in Alien Force just feels insulting to both the characters. It's happening way too fast, it's a little too melodramatic, and so on. :/
  7. Polyester Funk
    Polyester Funk
    Cool avatar. Optimus Prime holding He-Man, Lion-O and it looks like someone else, but I can't tell who.
  8. PsychicVoiceSpy
    I watched a couple more episodes of AF. I thought episode three was a slight improvement, but episode four was kinda bad again. I still really think Kevin and Gwen's "romantic tension" is very contrived. I just can't buy that these are the same two people from the first series. It's like the writers forced this crud into the story just for the heck of it. Knowing how these characters were in the original series, even with them being teens now, I just don't see them having this huge attraction for each other out of nowhere when they were enemies the last time they saw each other and Kevin was pretty much a psychopath. Bleh... not liking this so far.
  9. PsychicVoiceSpy
    Wow, that sounds like some extremely crap writing. I'll be keeping an eye out for that episode and tell you what I think of it when I get there.
  10. PsychicVoiceSpy
    I watched the second episode yesterday. It's mediocre, but I'm planning to watch the full thing. So far, I think it takes itself way too seriously. They tried really hard to make it an edge of your seat action drama and it feels stiff and awkward, and several times where they tried to put in humor it just fell flat. There was maybe two quips from the whole first two episodes that made me kinda chuckle. I think Kevin getting along so well with Ben and Gwen so quickly is awkward, and Kevin's apparent crush on Gwen is just weird. It's like the first time they looked at each other he decided he loves her or something, and the way he would act so emotionally and defensively for her had me rolling my eyes. It seems like the writers are shooting for a really rushed, contrived romance. I HOPE this part won't get worse, but my hopes aren't high.

    So far, I think the writers tried too hard to force a change to the tone of the story from the first show to this one. It just feels unnatural.

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