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  1. Destreetheawesome
    Hello, I would like this account deleted. I'm wanting to re-start a BTVA account using the email I currently have for this account, and to do that, this account naturally needs to be expunged. Please and thank you.
  2. SamIAm
    Hello. I tried to post a recruitment thread in the casting forum, but it didn't appear. Are there any restrictions on posting in there? Do threads have to be approved? Is it certain-members-only? In case there is simply a delay, I'll refrain from resubmitting it and potentially double-posting. If it looks like it was simply a small glitch, I have the text backed up. Thank you!

    EDIT: I finally tried reposting, then saw the message about needing moderator approval. I'm sorry for the trouble. By all means, please delete the redundant post.
  3. Numa
    Hello, foxwolf, I was wondering if you were willing to add options where we could delete, edit, or undo whatever we did. Specifically, enabling actions like deleting our own accounts, editing or deleting comments, undoing shout outs we may have given to other auditions, etc. If that's too much to ask for, though, could you at least undo the shout out I gave to The Termination's audition in this project:
    Thank you very much, and I sincerely hope you consider this request.
  4. CatJ
    I'd like to have my account to be deleted please. I don't use this site anymore, nor do I own a microphone anymore to participate in the casting calls, which was the reason I made this account in the first place. Please and thank you!
  5. Abdullab
    Hello firefoxcan u delete my account, dont get me wrong this site is awesome and the community u have is great but i do not think it is for me and I will still visit the site but just as a visitor
  6. JoshHolden
    Please delete my account, I no longer wish to use it. Thank you.
  7. PinkButterflyQueen27
    Hi Foxwolf! Now I am ready for my account to be deleted! I feel I am not getting anywhere with my auditions and I am being judged too much with my voice! I'm sick of it! Please delete my account asap! Thanks! Hurrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!
  8. PinkButterflyQueen27
    Nevermind about canceling my account. lol. Not quite ready lol. sorry. Hope you didn't do it yet. lol. Thanks! I will let you know if and when. =)
  9. airmario
    Hey Mr. Foxwold, could you please close my account? I am planning to create a brand new account soon. Send to this email: since I have deleted my Yahoo account.
  10. Dark Blizzard
    Dark Blizzard
    Hi, I would appreciate if you could delete my account. The reason is that I don't use it anymore. Thank you!

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