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  1. Fulgore2005
    Cool. Looking forward to them.
  2. Fulgore2005
    Hey Foxwolf. How are the idea for Quotes and Create-A-Film coming along?
  3. TylerMirage
    I just feel so stupid about the cursor. I didn't even notice or think that it'd get screencapped too! I can always 'Shop them out of the image if you want me to.

    I do indeed. But I gotta' leave some stuff for you mods and admins to do. Kidding. If you want me to, I will gladly resize the pics to appropriate dimensions. I believe OptimusSolo told me the dimensions, but I have since forgotten. Care to inform me?
  4. TylerMirage
    Thanks, man. Glad to help.

    And just as an FYI, the links to some of the supporting VAs for Ice Age 2 have "Image:" as part of the hyperlink of their name on the main page. ie, "Renee Taylor Image:", as opposed to "Renee Taylor". That's probably due to the way I formatted the list in the forum.

    And my darn cursor is in some of those images. ARGH! I can retake some of those photos if you want me to.
  5. TylerMirage
    No problem-o, Foxwolf. Take your time. I know it's not the end of the world, but I try to be able to supply all of the pics to make your jobs easier, but I just can't seem to do it. I'm always missing something. I can apparently only help so much.
  6. TylerMirage
    Ice Age 3 supporting cast has been uploaded. There are three random character images missing though. Sorry, tried my best.
  7. TylerMirage
    I've just posted the (majority) of the remaining supporting characters and VAs for Ice Age 2 in the Ice Age forum. Unfortunately, as I've stated in the post, I'm missing a lot of the new VA images (because they're either children or production staff) and I'm missing a few random characters with random names (which makes them hard to identify who they are in the movie). But I mean, 25/30 ish characters isn't bad.
  8. Stephy Laurens
    Stephy Laurens
    Hey! Long time, no talk! I'm sorry I haven't logged onto the site in a while. Something personal came up! Anyway, I added a post to: Dub This-coming soon forum! Just want to let you know what you think of it! Oh and the Balto pictures are almost done!
  9. ajhz
    Hey their Foxwolf i'm sure your busy in all but I sent you a message a week or two ago that I hope can be replied to soon Thank you very much!
  10. TylerMirage
    Will do. I'll probably get to the Ice Age films in a couple of weeks. I've started on the Shrek films, and Ice Age is right after them. But first comes homework. Ugh. But this stuff gives me a good reason to take a break.

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