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  1. DemonFairy
    Hey! =) are members able to change their names here on the site? just wondering.
  2. DemonFairy
    Thanks again for your help with the audition submitting!
  3. Stephy Laurens
    Stephy Laurens
    Hey Foxwolf! Haven't chatted with you in a while! Everything on the site is really blooming! It's amazing! Especially with the BTVA Awards, the casting calls, and the "Act Your Voice Out" contest! All of it's awesome!
  4. RileyChaseFox
    Hey Foxwolf. my friend just created an account and hes profile wont let him audition for any projects start a project or shout anyone out on a project. He already got the code sent to his email and he activated his account through it. Its been about 2 days now and he still cant do anything. Can you help a brother out?
  5. Avacello
    Hey fox I can't see edit project or anything on my project page. is there anything I can do anymore?
  6. SephiVA
    "idk if this is a bit of a huge request, but do you know if the website will ever allow to list ones #1 favorite voice actor and #1 favorite voice actress seperately? Cuz my fav voice actor is Steven Blum but my favorite voice Actress is Mary Elizabeth Mcglynn, and I think it'd be a lot easier on deciding if I could list them both based on gender X_X"

    ^^^there it is.
  7. ninjaghost
    Hi Fox I'm sorry about my projects on the casting call. Some the projects were not that good. I'm sorry
  8. SephiVA
    Read our conversation and you'll see it :p

    Typing this via phone btw...god I hope my pc is fixed soon. All my voice acting related things are on hold until I do and I don't want to let people down!
  9. rosebr10
    For the sake of your reputation, please get rid of that bot that's boosting up Jennifer Gould's views. It's in the top 50 of all time now - a gross misrepresentation of the real thing.

    (Note how I didn't go to Gould's page and posted this there. I'm not giving the man behind the scenes what he wants.)
  10. Mr.Fennoy93
    Hey Foxwolf. I'll be Leaving the site first thing Tommorrow. I will be gone for a few months after controbuting for almost a year. It really takes alot of time for me.

    So Have your self a nice time, and Always stay Gold. When I have News for you, I may jump back in.

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