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  1. TheVengeanceKnight
    18 Hours Ago
  2. eagc7
    1 Day Ago
    dont know if i've asked, but what ya thought of AOE?
  3. Autovolt
    1 Day Ago
    Yeah I can see Ultra Magnus and Sam the Eagle being similar as they're both the uptight guy who upholds the law archetype.

    So then who is the Transformers Ms. Piggy then?
  4. TheVengeanceKnight
    1 Day Ago
    He's back.
  5. Autovolt
    2 Days Ago
    I know of Sam the Eagle?

    why you ask?

    also you hating Roadbuster because Energon Ironhide is worst Ironhide? :p
  6. Autovolt
    2 Days Ago
    If i truly was a wizard I'd be getting them all right. :p

    BTW have you seen those new Cloud exclusive Transformers "Roadbuster" and Hellwarp?
  7. Autovolt
    3 Days Ago
    wanna know something cool.

    I actually predicted some of the japanese dub cast voices for Age of Extinction mainly Hound and Galvatron....ok well I've always wanted Ryuzaburo Obtomo to voice Megatron for a while now and for him to do Galvatron who essientially is Megatron was freaking perfect.

    I haven't gotten any Japanese fan casting right since Jack Darby in Prime (voiced by Jun Fukuyama).

    someday i want to watch the Transformers movies in their Japanese dubs.
  8. DreamMaster08X
    1 Week Ago
    I've heard of Deadfall and am very curious about it (can't turn down a Cage movie, good or bad ); BLTC sounds familiar, but I know I've not seen it yet; I did see Psychopaths in the theater with my sister, and we both loved it. We're both quirks, so it was perfect for us.

    If I could make a recommendation, any of the movies listed under my favorites in the "Mods/Admins" thread are up for arms. If I made a list of the most impacting movies I've watched, I think Monster and Requiem for a Dream would take 2nd and 1st respectively, so those would be my absolute picks. That, and Persepolis if you want something different.
  9. DreamMaster08X
    1 Week Ago
    I've been looking to watch Kinsey for a while. Right now, my short-term watchlist is short (long-term, however, is another story). Would you happen to have any recommendations?

    Looking at the next movies coming up over the rest of the year, the one I'm so far desperately anticipating is The Book Of Life (I will try to see it opening day, even if I have to go solo). Others include Big Hero 6, Whiplash, The Hobbit 3, and Mockingjay. I'm hoping for a whole slew of surprise hits like last year, because it was amazingly overwhelming.
  10. DreamMaster08X
    1 Week Ago
    Looks like half-and-half films I'm interested in and... well, not interested in. The last two I watched (at least in theaters) were Let's Be Cops, which I [tentatively] went to last week as part of a family outing (our first movie, the 4 of us together, in months): though I did laugh at some parts, I was honestly underwhelmed by the jokes in the movie, both in count and delivery. The 2nd, as my birthday movie, was Guardians: I will strongly admit, it's probably my favorite Marvel movie to date, since The Avengers and Iron Man (plus Captain America 2).

    The next two I plan to watch (borrowed them from the library) are Take Shelter, a movie I've been DYING to find for the past year now, and P.T. Anderson's Magnolia. Other than that, my movie-watching has been overshadowed by my most recent music-listening.... a LOT of music.

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