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  1. Autovolt
    16 Hours Ago
    probably not.

    it'll more likely be G1 based.
  2. Marusero
    16 Hours Ago
    I understand, Mr. Admin. Maybe I went a little too far, but at least I'm not like Adjeras.

    Okay, I will stop with that kind of thing. Still, I hope you can help me find better ways to say things, but that's not important right now.
  3. Marusero
    17 Hours Ago
    Um, hello?
  4. Marusero
    17 Hours Ago
    Hey, Mr. Admin. I heard you gave me a warning. I will stop. I just, I don't know, can't help myself sometimes. Maybe I need someone who can help me, like you.
  5. Autovolt
    1 Day Ago
    also very soon we should be getting a Windblade compare too.
  6. GreenGoblin75
    1 Day Ago
    With a little tweaking, I think Jim Miller could be a good Optimus Prime

  7. Autovolt
  8. Ghosty404
    2 Days Ago
    I sure hope Bumblebee will actually talk sometime soon, maybe his spinoff movie (which he is getting for some reason but whatever) will give him a voice?

    I'm thinking Chris Pratt.

    EDIT: How did I forget Mark Ryan voiced him at some point? I haven't seen these films in a while.. Still, Pratt would be a good Bumblebee.
  9. GreenGoblin75
    3 Days Ago
    Agreed. Though honestly, I never liked Blum in the role as much as everyone else. He's a great actor but he always seemed too deep. There really are about a million actors who could voice Starscream. Same with Megatron. Welker is amazing but I'd love to hear some new voices. Heck Peter Cullen could voice Megs from that one clip you shared.
  10. GreenGoblin75
    3 Days Ago
    Saw you were hoping for a new Starscream VA in Combiner Wars. What do you think of this guy as a new Starscream or Cobra Commander?


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