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  1. wembley
    3 Days Ago
    OK, thanks!
  2. wembley
    3 Days Ago
    Hey TylerMirage,

    I just posted a TV request for "Oobi," which was merged into a pre-existing one from more than a year ago. I didn't realize there was already a thread, but do you know why it's marked as Low Priority? I thought I used the correct formats for images and information, but if there are errors that caused it to be labeled Low Priority instead of High, please let me know and my apologies for that.
  3. GreenGoblin75
    1 Week Ago
    Hey, TM.

    From what I can tell you've watched some episodes of Chowder. Have you seen the ep (titled Gazpacho!) where Steve Blum guest-stars as Limon? That's my favorite one.

    So many quotable moments.
  4. Autovolt
    2 Weeks Ago
  5. jlesser
    2 Weeks Ago
    Thank you for updating the Loud House page. Could you please add Clyde to the main cast? He has appeared much more than the recurring characters. There is a page on the Loud House wiki that sums up every character's amount of appearances pretty well.
  6. Autovolt
    3 Weeks Ago
    Merry Belated Christmas TylerMirage!
  7. Autovolt
    3 Weeks Ago
    Happy Birthday TylerMirage!
  8. huzaifa_ahmed
    4 Weeks Ago
    I just wanted to apologize for the large quantity & length of the messages I left you. I wanted to answer you succinctly, but it definitely was overdone. I am sorry.
  9. huzaifa_ahmed
    but this: http://choirly.com/whats-my-voice-type/ is a much better tool. I have more trouble with gauging females as they inherently have smaller variance in range, considering the drastically lower testosterone leading to similarly smaller voiceboxes.

    I occasionally listen to opera to get the gist of "what type sounds like what", so to speak. I think Quinton Flynn might be either the highest baritone or lowest tenor I can think of, David Sobolov the lowest baritone or the highest bass. Some people have interesting voices, like Steve Blum's isnt so much "deep", but the texture in his voice just reverberates through an audio mix so well. I think this is enough for one day lol.
  10. huzaifa_ahmed
    & generally it's felt that you can really only judge trained operatic singers (& there's even controversy *within that*). I made a chart one time of VAs whose voices I knew, & that's what I was told.

    * That being said, on TRP, where vocalist enthusiasts & pro musicians gather, there are pages for DiMaggio, Kenny, West, Keith David, & at one point Clancy Brown too (IIRC they called him a "low baritone") but I cant see it anymore.

    The VAs who come from opera, that I know of, are Crispin Freeman & Sean Schemmel (who've said theyre lyric baritones), & I went off of their voices as a rough point of "where everything is". According to Crispin, "rule of thumb, Yuri is a tenor, I'm a baritone, & KMR is a bass". Personally I use Wikipedia: http://choirly.com/whats-my-voice-type/ ,

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