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  1. brodyVO
    7 Hours Ago
    Sorry about that. Most Importantly, How is the fixing going?
  2. brodyVO
    8 Hours Ago
    Sorry. That because i already got my answer/Link. But did you save the data before working on fixing the Voice Compare?
  3. Starscreamsfan
    10 Hours Ago
    Say, TM. You should check out this:


    Featuring the voices of Parley Baer, Daws Butler, June Foray, Stan Freberg, Alan Reed, Bill Thompson and Larry Thor.
  4. brodyVO
    17 Hours Ago
    Has The Site did a backup before the Compare Section went down? And did you saved the databse while Fixing the Problem?
  5. pete
  6. pete
    1 Day Ago
    Am I to assume you don't know every Transformers thing ever? Lol.
  7. pete
    1 Day Ago
    Clear up, Combiner Wars is the name of the toyline with both the G1 and Armada versions of Megatron included. I was gonna stop after Megatron being on RID was brought up, but then included some of my thoughts on RID since no one commented on them, and I was already talking about it.
  8. pete
    1 Day Ago
    You must have missed what I said about picking G1. guess my story distracted yo? It's in he middle of the reply. I thought it looked a bit more sinster. Speaking of Megatron, according to Wikipedia, which could be false obviously, he's gonna be on RID soon. I'd prefer more focus on these characters, especially Russell so we can hopefully get more of Henry, and not have another Jack/Sierra issue, already hoping for the solo Decepticons to return. I'm a bit surprised he didn't bother contacting Raf or Fowler a least for help, and Fowler or the government, should be on him anyway. Fowler's no Nick Fury though, maybe that will be a Season 2 thing though since that's the plan. Also is Bumblebee and his team considered vigilantes by the Autobot Council? Or are they unaware the escaped Decepticons went to Earth? They probably know Bee's there cause they tracked him, and is Bee was as immature as he acted in Adventures in Bumblebee-sitting, is that why Megatron shut him up? Lol.
  9. pete
    1 Day Ago
    Chris Cox, original Starlord VA. Yesterday, despite a mishap wiithmy wallet due to not deciding on a figure, I started my Transformers collection, with Megatron. I was thinking about Armada or G1, and picked G1, after thinking it over, and forgetting my wallet in the process. Armada was a repaint and seemed off. Wal-Mart got a bunch of Optimus Primes so he's next. I don't they'll run out, then it's on to Amazon. It's Combiner Wars for both.
  10. pete
    1 Day Ago
    Was looking at the DC & Marvel forum, saw your comment in the thread on the new GOTG series.

    Regarding GOTG recasting its cast, well Chris had the same fate, so I think they want to experiment since this is a fresh franchise for Marvel they want to make it as good as they can and are trying to fond better voices for some, like maybe they got the cast there and asked if they want to try other roles other than previous characters they did. As for Isaac , he might be available which is a shame cause his Thanos was getting really good and I want to hear more but Noah sounds pretty close.

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