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  1. Autovolt
    I've changed up my cast. Now Neil Kaplan is Optimus once more, David Kaye returns as Megatron and I'll probably have Jeff Bennett back as Prowl.
  2. Autovolt
    So yeah how about this as my main series/recurring cast, i haven't thought of it all completely, feel free to ask question about this.

    Michael Dorn - Optimus Prime
    Josh Keaton - Hot Shot, Mindset
    Tara Strong - Red Alert, Slipstream, Flareup, Clocker
    John DiMaggio - Wheeljack, Hailstorm, Leadfoot, Metroplex
    Miguel Ferrer - Megatron
    Steve Blum - Starscream, Ravage, Roadbuster
    KMR - Soundwave, Laserbeak, Rumble
    Tom Kane - Shockwave, Vector Prime
    Grey Delisle - Nightracer, Roullette, Stella Holley
    Patrick Warburton - Fort Max
    Robert Englund - Flatline
    David Kaye - Prowl, Lugnut, Evac, Deathsaurus
    Phil LaMarr - Jazz, Frenzy, Agent Fowler
    Rob Paulsen - Jolt, Air Raid
    Jonathan Adams - Barricade
    Crawford Wilson - Spike Witwicky
    Christina Vee Valenzuela - Carly Spencer
    Neil Flynn - Sparkplug Witwicky
    Troy Baker - Dylan Gould, Metalhawk
    JK Simmons - Ultra Magnus
    Ron Perlman - Overlord
  3. Autovolt
    Based on the Wal-Mart 2007 Movie exclusive Jolt's backstory.

    as for the human characters I plan to re-do Spike, Sparkplug and Carly. Spike (i have no clue for a voice), Sparkplug would be voiced by Neil Flynn (Scrubs, The Middle) and Carly would be voiced by Christina Vee (Homura Akemi, Madoka Magica)

    i'd also include human villians like Dylan Gould...no clue for a voice. perhaps Troy Baker (since he'll also voice Metalhawk in my series)

    I'm trying to make my series cast budget affordable isn't the limit to the actors like 14 or 16? though i might make a lot of the characters rotational like Avengers EMH did.
  4. Autovolt
    Not bad. an Older Strascream and young Megatron. Good ideas.

    Here's some other Decepticons:

    Shockwave - pretty much Marvel Comics Shockwave, the logic based usurper, actually tries to frame Starscream for the betrayal. he also suppresses his emotions causing pent-up fits of rage - voiced by Tom Kane.

    Barricade - The Decepticon liaison to the Earth, as well as the courier, is an ex-autobot who infiltrated the New Iacon police force as a Decepticon secret police and is Prowl's nemesis - voiced by Jonathan Adams

    Jolt - Barricade's current partner, he has delusions of grandeur thinking he could actually matter in the Decepticon army, but he's really this series' equivalent of Waspinator. bad luck always befall him making him a buffoon. - voiced by Rob Paulsen.

    also i rethought Nightracer, now she'll be more or less raised in a Decepticon colony for her whole life, growing up with the propaganda she bought into everything and believes the Autobots is the greater of two evils
  5. Autovolt
    Decepticon Cast:

    Megatron - obviously the leader, he'd culured and cruel like in TFA though he'd have the Primes gladiatorial background, and considers himself the man of his own destiny - voiced by Miguel Ferrer.

    Soundwave - he's a bit tricky for me to figure out, he'll either be creepy communication specialist who blackmails everyone, or be a infiltrater like TFA Shockwave. voiced by Kevin
    Michael Richardson.

    Starscream - based on Char Aznable from Gundam, an ace pilot who is arrogant smartass though he will get character development through the show and become a more honor based warrior like in Armada. voice by Steve Blum.

    Nightracer - fembot sniper, unsure of the Decepticon cause but she wants to avenge her sister's death , voiced by Grey Delisle

    Flatline - the mad docktor, he was also the one to torture and leave for dead a young First Aid - voiced by Robert Englund.

    so what do you think?
  6. TheLemsterPju
    I apologize for my long absence. I will be working on more credits and pics today.
  7. TheLemsterPju
    Sorry for the late response/activity. I had some business to attend to. I'll upload the images now.
  8. TheLemsterPju
    Thank you. In the mean time I will get more images for Avengers Assemble.
  9. TheLemsterPju
    Are there any more recent shows you can think of that need images?
  10. TheLemsterPju
    Hi I'm new here. If there is any recent shows that need credits or character images, I can provide them.


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