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  1. Autovolt
    Scott McNeil as Wheeljack would be a lot like his Koga or his Jetfire but with the new york accent Rattrap had. His Rattrap is his Duo Maxwell voice with the accent.

    as for Laserbeak. I want a creepy voice. I thought about Corey Burton as Laserbeak since I've decided on bringing Corey Burton back in the role as Shockwave. (and he would sound different from his Shockwave. I imagine him using his TFA Megatron voice or a british version of his Brain voice from Young Justice.
  2. PsychicVoiceSpy
    Hey Tyler, I was thinking about when we were all talking Batman a while back, and imagine a Dark Knight Returns adaption with Michael Keaton and Mark Hamill! Mark is apparently getting into shape for the new Star Wars movie and they're both about the right ages to do it. Obviously it wouldn't exactly share continuity with the first Keaton movie, but I think they would both nail the older Frank Miller versions of Batman and Joker. I know it probably wouldn't happen, but I can't stop thinking how awesome it would be! The favorite Joker VA, and the favorite Batman live-action actor! I'm geeking out thinking about it.
  3. Autovolt
    on second thought I just realized Troy Baker could easily pull that off.

    I don't know. who would you pick out of the bunch for Laserbeak? Steve Blum? Troy Baker? John DiMaggio? Grey Delisle? or just get Keith Szarabajka?
  4. Autovolt
    right now I'm kind of struggling with comming up with a good voice for Laserbeak. I mean sure Steve Blum would be the easiest choice but I keep worrying about what kind of voice he should use something like his Sauron or his Orachimaru, and trying to keep it from sounding too much like his Starscream. I've thought maybe Laserbeak could have a female actress (either Tara Strong or Grey Delisle) in a really screechy voice but that could be unpleasant.

    I know i could just cast Keith Szarabajka but my big concern is the main amount voice actors that one is supposed to have in one recording session.

    what would you do?
  5. electronic456
    Hey thanks for the replies to two of my request threads. I really I like the help........

    Man, Mr.Longworth is pretty underrated. He's done some work with Doctor Who which is awesome, especially with the Siltheen alien. Bonus point for playing one member of the Trade Federation from Episode 1 of Star Wars.

    Oh yeah, I also read that he was the voice of another alien called 'Gragra' in the movie. Plus not too mention he also did Judge Dredd in some audio comics and had involvement with 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' series. :O

    That's what I read from his Wikipedia page at least.......

    EDIT: I added a video game request for 'Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs'
  6. Autovolt
    And an alternate version of my series if I outsourced my continuity to Ocean instead.

    Garry Chalk - Optimus Prime
    David Kaye - Megatron
    Michael Dobson - Starscream, Sparkplug Witwicky
    Scott McNeil - Wheeljack
    Kirby Morrow - Hot Shot
    Ashleigh Ball - Red Alert
    Lee Tockar - Soundwave, Laserbeak, Ravage, Rumble, Frenzy
    Vincent Tong - Shockwave
    Tabitha St-Germain - Nightracer
    Paul Dobson - Fortress Maximus
    Don Brown - Flatline
    Adrian Holmes - Jazz
    Trevor Devall - Prowl, Skyquake
    Chris Britton - Ultra Magnus
    Richard Newman - Overlord
    Brian Drummond - Barricade, Jetfire, Jetstorm
    Matt Hill - Jolt
    Adrian Petriw - Spike Witwicky
    Brenna O'Brien - Carly
    Dean Redman - Agent Fowler
  7. DreamMaster08X
    Essentially, yes.

    And from what is given to me so far", my thoughts: considering the people who've watched the show first airing and look back on it saying "Why did I ever watch something so cheesy!?.... I think they need watch it again. There's a sort of undertone to the series so far that might not come through when you watch it as a kid. I really love it, so far. I've been told that the series gets better and better development-wise in the 2nd and 3rd seasons. If that's the case, my expectations are still very high.
  8. DreamMaster08X
    I will look into it hopefully in the next few days. It's funny considering how I've already started up on watching the first season of Beast Wars this past week. Have you ever watched it?
  9. DreamMaster08X
    I think they are as follows: "Family of Heroes," "Under Pressure, " "Hotshots," "Flobsters on Parade," "The Alien Invasion of Griffin Rock," and "Four Bots and a Baby" (which was one of the episodes I first saw).

    Y'know, for a TF show aimed at ages for all and is devoid of Decepticons, you can say that it's very.... deceptive.
  10. DreamMaster08X
    I'll greatly take your word for it. I found a Roll To The Rescue DVD that has 6 of the 26 episodes. Might get that.

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