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  1. Metabad
    1 Hour Ago
    Also I admit I did watch a tiny bit of episode 10 after finishing 9, I abruptly stopped when I ran out of snacks to eat though, but I have more now. I was dead set on finishing it up tonight but the last episode of Dragon Ball Super should be up on Crunchyroll by midnight and I want to catch it before getting spoiled. So I'll probably watch ep. 10 either after Super tonight or tomorrow.

    Oh also I don't think I responded to that point about Alucard's German VA, but that's a really cool funfact that probably brings extra meaning to that dub. I'm now kind of curious how the Major's VA sounds in the German dub. He most likely has a more authentic sounding accent although if he's less over the top and grandiose in the role I'll probably be a little disappointed unless he sounds REALLY cool.
  2. Metabad
    1 Hour Ago
    "Also, Walter's tactics during the fight were pretty stupid when you think about it. His skills with his wires were so deadly that he could just slice through Alucard's body like warm butter, and he was utterly dominating the fight. But when he used Luke as a puppet to control Baskerville and use it as a weapon, he could barely do any damage, and he had to be using a lot more of his strength than before.

    If he just kept cutting up Alucard with his wires, he could have worn him down and killed him. Using Baskerville and Luke and getting all fancy was totally impractical and didn't serve much purpose outside of looking cool."

    Thinking it over again...yeah, you're right. As cool and crazy as it looked, if he spent less time showing off he probably could've won against Alucard, I guess his fancy *** smugness thanks to his snooty butler nature really got in the way.
  3. Metabad
    1 Hour Ago
    "Overall, episode 9 might be my least favorite aside from episode 1. I still really like it, but there were a few scenes that could have progressed a little faster."

    I kinda agree, the meeting scene like I mentioned before probably could've been moved earlier, maybe the speech could've been cut down or at least had Walter distracted so that it made more sense, and the ending could've used a little more explanation to make it clearer I think.
  4. Metabad
    1 Hour Ago
    "Basically, Alucard took that moment after Baskerville landed and the area was obscured by dust to disguise Luke's corpse as himself, and used that moment when Walter was offguard to get the drop on him. Alucard's girl form (referred to by a lot fans as Girlycard) is the one he used in the forties when he and Walter first fought the Nazis. Walter was reverse aging because his surgery was really rushed and therefore had some bad side effects. His body is basically rapidly destabilizing."

    LOL Girlycard, alright, I think I understand now, probably could've been a little clearer in the episode itself, unless I'm just a fat idiot who sucks (owned).
  5. Metabad
    1 Hour Ago
    "I loved how Seras and Walter shared some affectionate, good will and appreciation for each other in the last time they'd ever see each other. From what I've heard and seen, they had more scenes bonding and playing off of each other in the manga."

    Was definitely pretty dang bittersweet at the end. Cool to know they had even more moments like that in the manga.
  6. Metabad
    1 Hour Ago
    "Walter didn't want to fight dirty. He wanted a fair fight between himself and Alucard; he wanted to utterly prove his superiority against him, or else he wouldn't be satisfied. Well, other than the explosive he put in Alucard's gun, it was mostly a fair fight."

    I guess he had to be pretty brutal if he wanted to be evenly matched with him. Fair fight in vampire terms and all.

    "I kinda agree. I like Alucard's "I'm a monster in its cage," and "I can blahblablah gun lingo, but only you can pull the trigger," speech, but going through the entire thing right there just dragged out the scene."

    Yeah, the speech was cool, just kinda silly that Walter let him do it when if I were in his shoes I probably would've been like "he's distracted, now I'll get him in the middle of his speech!" *fwsht* Maybe he could've been dealing with something else or having another character firing at him to distract him at the time so Alucard could realistically make that speech, I dunno.
  7. Metabad
    1 Hour Ago
    "The blonde dude is actually just an androgynous woman, by the way. But I really do like her performance. Her performance in the next episode is really intense and vicious sounding."

    Yeah, I really misworded that and probably should've gone back to correct that especially after learning that Karen Strassman voiced her, sometimes you just can't tell the gender of a character in an anime. I was going to refer to her by name but I think I was in a bit of a rush at the time and I don't think they mentioned it in the episode itself, or maybe they did and I missed it. My bad.
  8. Metabad
    1 Hour Ago
    "I agree that the scene with the two old dudes kinda slowed things down a little, but I do think it was useful. They talked about how the queen and those in power were contemplating nuking London if the Hellsing organization failed to neutralize the threat, and then Sir Islands mentioned how on the night Integra's uncle tried to kill her, Walter was nowhere to be found when he should have been there to protect Integra, thus he deduced that Walter had been a traitor for a long time now, and that he's the one responsible for Alucard being awakened."

    Yeah I admit I must've zoned out at the time, don't really remember them talking about nuking London at all, maybe it was the abrupt scene change that lost me, I'm not sure. With that in perspective though it evidently was an important scene, I just kinda wish they opened with it or had it earlier so that it didn't interrupt the action.
  9. Metabad
    1 Hour Ago
    "I'm not sure why they had him call her police girl, either. In the Japanese version he calls her Seras again. It doesn't bother me that much, but I think it gave more emotional resonance and character progression for him to call her Seras."

    I agree, it makes more sense for him to call her Seras at this point, it's a nice little bit of character progression. Maybe the script writer for the English version just felt that they were used to calling her by that nickname? IDK.
  10. Metabad
    1 Hour Ago
    Okay, getting to your responses finally. Again, sorry for how long it took. I'll be quoting them here so you know wtf I'm responding to.

    "The fact that Vlad's preferred method of killing is impaling people through their anuses suddenly got a whole new layer of meaning, didn't it? He probably wanted his enemies to experience the same humiliation and pain he felt as a child."

    Yeah, jeez, I didn't even think about it. Probably some kinda crazy Freudian stuff with this version of Vlad.

    "The Major wasn't actually there, it was just another memory. I think it was there because Alucard's flashbacks here go back to the source of his shame and misery, and the Major's words hit kinda close to home."

    Yeah, thinking it over again, the Major just affecting him like that rather than outright being there makes a heck of a lot more sense.

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