View Full Version : Circles of Friends

01-31-2012, 04:46 PM
This is nothing new. Taken straight from Google+. This is somewhat a low priority amongst other social network features but could be cool to have.

So you'll have the standard Friends list. But then you're likely wanting to sort those friends into circles. All these circles names are something I just made up so are in no way final names.

- Voice Acting Practice (friends you're only comfortable with sharing your voice clips)

- Discussion Buddies (friends you enjoy having forum/comment discussions with)

- GoTo Voice Actors (friends you go to first whenever you have a new voice project and want them to audition)

- Voice Acting Mentors (friends who help you a lot in growing as a voice actor)

I'm sure there's plenty more but those were the first circles to pop into my head. Please feel free to share more ideas.