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  1. Kung Fu: The Legend Continues
  2. Voices of Gaming
  3. Wade Williams in The Dark Knight Rises
  4. Phil LaMarr's appearances
  5. Bill Smitrovich in Ted
  6. Tom Kenny will be on Rove LA
  7. Grey Delisle Will be on Mad Men
  8. Tom Kenny in a movie
  9. Mark Hamill on Criminal Minds
  10. Jim Messkimen
  11. Miguel Ferrer in Iron Man 3
  12. E.G. Daily on The Voice
  13. Eric Ladin on Dexter
  14. Jason Gray Stanford
  15. Brina Palenica in The Walking Dead
  16. Tom Kenny
  17. Sebastian Arcelus in House of Cards
  18. Cree Summer's Appearences
  19. Mel Blanc- Jack Benny
  20. Kevin Micheal Richardson- HIMYM
  21. Kari Walgren
  22. John Stephenson
  23. Dan Castellaneta-Stargate SG-1
  24. Yuri Lowenthal on some TV episodes
  25. MacGyver
  26. Patrick Stewart being obnoxious on a plane(segment)
  27. Rob Paulsen on Big Time Rush