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  1. Top 5 Bad Guys in Cartoon History
  2. Who are your top 5 super heroes?
  3. Realistic Pokemon
  4. Best characters of all time
  5. Best Characters of 2011
  6. The Scrappy Doo Argument!
  7. Animated Animal Quizzes!!
  8. Ultimate Spider-Man Revealed!
  9. BTVA Top Listings for Characters
  10. Sasuke's VA Changed???
  11. Tommy Pickles
  12. Lex Lang as Dr. Doom in retrospect
  13. Drake BEll as Spidey in retrospect
  14. Venom
  15. Beast
  16. Starscream.
  17. Icon in Young Justice
  18. Princess Cadence MLP FIM
  19. Abigail Brand in Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
  20. Worst Characters of 2011
  21. Yellow Jacket in Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes
  22. Ra's Al Ghul
  23. Mark Hamill as Nightmare in retrospect
  24. Nigel Thornberry, A Meme
  25. Sandman as a Kid in Ultimate Spider-Man
  26. Troy Baker & Charlie Schlatter as both Batman & Robin in Retrospect
  27. Kingpin discussion
  28. The Trickster
  29. Top 5 Final Fantasy Villains
  30. Kang The Conquerer Returns this Weekend
  31. In Retrospect, Steven Weber as the Green Goblin
  32. Thoughts on KMR'S Shredder
  33. Deadpool does Gangnam Style
  34. Santa and Mrs. Claus Fun fact
  35. Birdie from Street Fighter/Alpha series
  36. Christopher Daniel Barnes is Electro
  37. Diedrich Bader as Kraven in Retrospect
  38. Knock Out's Temper
  39. Why Chamelon and Kraven weren't in the original Spider-Man series
  40. Anyone see Freddie Wong's new Raiden video?
  41. oswald the lucky rabbit is cool
  42. A VA for Daredevil
  43. Would Troy Baker make a good Iron Man?
  44. People who haven't played Joker yet but should
  45. Whose voice could this be?
  46. Who would be a good VA for Hercules (Marvel, Mighty Thor)
  47. Who should be the Next Voice for Optimus Prime?
  48. People who haven't voiced Spider-Man yet but should.
  49. People who haven't voiced Hulk but should
  50. Your Perfect Fighting Game
  51. People who haven'y voiced Deathstroke yet but should
  52. People who haven't voiced Mr. Sinister yet but should.
  53. People who haven't voiced Mario yet but should.
  54. Peter Capaldi Is The Doctor
  55. Is this Clancy Brown?
  56. I can't remember the name of a villain
  57. Who should voice The Grinch?
  58. A good voice actor for Magik from X-Men
  59. Transformers : What's Next?
  60. Would Chris Pratt be a good Captain Marvel/Shazam?
  61. Ocean VA's for Marvel Superheroes
  62. Your ideal G.I.Joe series
  63. Who should voice Doctor Doom?
  64. Masai Mara, a novel by me.
  65. VA's that would be a good Cobra Commander?
  66. VA's that would be a good Wolverine?
  67. which funimation dub actor do you want for eren jaeger
  68. Who should play Wonder Woman
  69. VA's who would make a good Jonah Hex?
  70. Who should voice Goku?
  71. People who haven't voiced Deadpool yet but should
  72. Who should voice Ryuko Matoi?
  73. Who should voice Sadao Maou?
  74. Who should voice Sabretooth?
  75. Should there be more cartoons that have Anthropomorphism instead of princesses?
  76. Whose voice would make a good voice for a vixen, female wolf or dog?
  77. Who would make a great psycho killer voice or female one?
  78. Combined Marvel and DC Universe
  79. Photoshopped Hobgoblin pictures in Spectacular Spider-Man and theb 3rd movie
  80. Who should be next play to Batgirl
  81. Which comic book characters should Richard Epcar play next?
  82. Who should voice Thanos?
  83. Who would be a good live-action Joker?
  84. Who should be next play to Supergirl.
  85. Who should be next play to Superman?
  86. Who should be next play to Batman?
  87. Who should be next play to Superboy (Kon-El)?
  88. Who should be next play to Dick Grayson/Robin/Nightwing?
  89. Who would voice Charet/ThunderDragon?
  90. No Wonder girl in Teen Titan series?
  91. Who should be next to play Smaug the Dragon
  92. Who should next play Butters Stotch?
  93. Who Do You Want to See Play... Jason Todd?
  94. Who should play Jason Blood and Etrigan?
  95. Krang Question
  96. Who should be the next to play Lobo?
  97. Who should voice Ghost Rider?
  98. Who should be next to voice Harley Quinn
  99. Scrooge McDuck - who should succeed Alan Young
  100. Who should play Harley Quinn in a Live-Action Batman Movie?
  101. Who would you like to hear voice Galactus?
  102. Who should play Captain Syrup?