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  1. Whatsa Comin' ....
  2. Ideas for BTVA Features & Requests
  3. Theme Songs
  4. "Best/Worst" of feature suggestion
  5. New BTVA Homepage - Whatdya think?
  6. Casting Call
  7. Hall of Fame
  8. Foreign Language Voice Compares
  9. Voice This!
  10. For Voice Actor Pages
  11. A Few Ideas...
  12. Guest Request Forum for Commercials - COMPLETED
  13. Dub This! - suggestions of "famous scenes" to use
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  17. Get VA News From PR Feeds
  18. Favourite Quotes
  19. Create-A-Film
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  21. A few things :D sorry if its long I had to get it out of my mind
  22. Newly Improved Character Pics
  23. Rating System for TV/movies/Video Games maybe shorts
  24. Who Should Voice?
  25. Digimon Movie Idea....I think
  26. Free member submissions
  27. Audio Drama
  28. Sub Section Idea: Accents
  29. Managing Comments
  30. Suggestion: Respect the fair use act
  31. Additional voices
  32. How about some tutorials? A submission template?
  33. Listing Order on VA Profiles - COMPLETED
  34. Note for "No Voice Actor" on Cast List Pages
  35. For some characters who have no pictures and something else
  36. Normalize volume of all audio files (a very fast/easy task)
  37. Favoriting Shorts, Rides/Attractions, & Commercials - COMPLETED
  38. Review of TV Show section
  39. Credits for individual episodes and short and episde list
  40. Pages for companies
  41. Place for Reporting Glitches
  42. Adding Voice Directors Profile - COMPLETED
  43. An idea For Dave Mallows Default picture - COMPLETED
  44. Audio Clips Request
  45. Make your Own Voice Compares
  46. Editing Favorites/Default Settings?
  47. DLC/Expansion Pack
  48. User interfacing and Donations
  49. Suggestion for Higher Quality VA Dedication
  50. Dream Cast question
  51. For the people who like to email
  52. Shout Outs Suggestion
  53. Wish list
  54. Main Character or recurring character indication marks
  55. "Foreign Language Requests" board no longer accepting thread replies?
  56. Voice-over Equipment Reviews
  57. Idea for Site Update
  58. Aggressive Advertising - Game of War
  59. Audition Submission Modification
  60. Reward for Completing Threads - Not that best idea, But i'll go ahead
  61. access to comments on deleted auditions.
  62. Suggestions!
  63. Participation, Follow-Through, & Casting Call Ratings
  64. Green aviator hat icon for Pilot voices
  65. User Options
  66. Radio Plays and Audio Dramas
  67. Profile Posting History Log
  68. A Little More Separation A Little More Information
  69. Rollout for the Casting Call?
  70. Splitting up dubs
  71. Searching Profiles
  72. Profile Addition
  73. CD's and more page organization
  74. Hebrew Voice Actors
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  78. Weird VC idea I had!!!
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  80. Special "Archive" Forum
  81. "Recycled Audio" icon
  82. BTVA Foreign Awards
  83. Voice Directors
  84. Company Groups
  85. Character/Voice Actor side by side
  86. Side-by-side multi-language compares
  87. The ability to reset voice compares?
  88. Mistakes for TV Show Update with Massive Number of Characters - 1 Week After
  89. Change Username
  90. Album for movie shorts posters like how we have it with the character pictures
  91. The idea to change the picture of a voice actor
  92. Incomplete Indicator
  93. English Role-Sides and Foreign Role-Sides Issues - ALREADY ON OUR RADAR
  94. Animal Voice Actors
  95. Adding A Flag For English/ Foreign Language Site
  96. Guest Voiceovers
  97. The ability to edit and delete comments
  98. Deleting Old Projects
  99. Deleting Past or closed Projects
  100. Web Cartoons
  101. Foreign Live-action & Animation English Dub
  102. Live shows
  103. Redubbed Clips of Old Animation?