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  1. Fixed Batman Brave and Bold mistakes
  2. Fixed The Transformers: The Movie mistake
  3. Fixed Spider-Man (1994) Mistakes
  4. Needs Fixed Super powers Team: Galactic Guardians Mistakes - OPTIMUSSOLO
  5. Fixed Tails voice compare error
  6. Needs Fixed Slayers Voice Clip Mistake - ATTENTION FOXWOLF
  7. Dmc - NOT A MISTAKE
  8. Fixed My Little Pony error
  9. Fixed Dead Rising 2 Character Error
  10. Fixed Fonz and the Happy Days Gang Mistakes
  11. Fixed Bungle Brothers - OPTIMUSSOLO
  12. Fixed Laverne & Shirley in the Army
  13. Fixed Matthew Kaminsky
  14. Fixed Maeda Keiji Voice Actor Mistake
  15. Fixed Dutch fix-up
  16. Fixed My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
  17. Fixed Batman voice clip error
  18. Fixed Teen Titans Kyd Wykkyd
  19. Fixed Dormammu and Galactus MVC3 voices
  20. Fixed Incorrect Actor
  21. Fixed Mistake on Blackheart
  22. Fixed Editor's careless statement concerning an artist
  23. Fixed About those polls...
  24. Fixed David Jennison wrong picture
  25. Fixed FMA Brotherhood
  26. Needs Fixed Cobra Commander Error
  27. Fixed Portuguese actor with wrong picture
  28. Fixed Gung-Ho - FIXED
  29. Fixed Jim Cummings Page LAAAAAAAG
  30. Needs Fixed Roger Carel
  31. Cindy Robinson - NOT A MISTAKE
  32. Helen Henny Character
  33. Fixed Raiden from MGS4
  34. Fixed Mr. Fantastic
  35. Fixed Claymore mistake
  36. Fixed Albert Wesker
  37. Needs Fixed Grey Fox - SOLIDEJAKE
  38. Fixed Darth Vader
  39. Mega Man Cartoons - NOT A MISTAKE
  40. Needs Fixed Decoy Octopus - NCZ
  41. small error - NOT REALLY AN ERROR
  42. Fixed I guess something forgotten about?
  43. Fixed Ice Age
  44. Fixed Bette Kane and Barbara Gordan Voice Mistake
  45. Fixed My Gym Partners a Monkey - BLUESKY
  46. Fixed Dom's last name in Gears of War 3
  47. Gex - NOT A MISTAKE
  48. Strider Hiryu Blunder
  49. Kids Next Door - NOT A MISTAKE
  50. Needs Fixed X-Men
  51. Fixed Batman: Year One
  52. Shadow The Hedgehog (Game) - NOT A MISTAKE
  53. Fixed AYVO Ads
  54. Fixed William Morgan Shephard
  55. Fixed Digimon: Data Squad
  56. Needs Fixed Christopher Bevins Fave
  57. Fixed Faving David Carradine
  58. Needs Fixed Catherine Disher in Sailor Moon
  59. A few mistakes I noticed - NOT MISTAKES
  60. Fixed Burter
  61. Fixed Mega Man Maverick Hunter X
  62. Fixed Elisabeth Moss in Once Upon a Forest
  63. Fixed Paul Rubens clip of Bat-Mite is broken
  64. Needs Fixed Idenity of Flash in DC Super Friends
  65. Wrong birth info - Brian Froud
  66. Fixed Jason Alexander is not Loud Howard
  67. Dave Mallow - NOT A MISTAKE
  68. Fixed Aku Aku
  69. Needs Fixed ALL Power Rangers Mistakes - ONGOING
  70. Fixed Ali Afshar (Alex Dodd)
  71. Fixed Jorge Vargas
  72. Needs Fixed Marvel vs. Capcom 1 & 2 (or VS. series)
  73. Creepy Crawlers mistake - NOT A MISTAKE
  74. Needs Fixed Star Fox
  75. Fixed Danny Webb
  76. Fixed Hawk and Dove on Justice League Unlimited
  77. Fixed Soul Eater
  78. Needs Fixed Kingdom Hearts II - NCZ
  79. Fixed The Legend of Korra
  80. A small correction - NOT A MISTAKE
  81. Fixed A correction Grey DeLisle
  82. The Plucky Duck Show
  83. Fixed Shipwreck
  84. Fixed Shiki
  85. Fixed Colin Murdock
  86. Needs Fixed Bugs Bunny - OPTIMUSSOLO
  87. Needs Fixed G.I. Joe Renegades - OPTIMUSSOLO
  88. Fixed Star Sapphire
  89. Fixed Samuel Vincent in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
  90. Fixed Jack Turner's Voice Compare
  91. Not exactly an error, but a request for change.
  92. Not really an error...
  93. Fixed Avengers: EMH Thugs
  94. Fixed O'Hare Picture from The Lorax
  95. Fixed Hungarian naming methods - ONGOING
  96. Fixed Friendship is Magic - Gustav Legrand
  97. Fixed Lollipop Chainsaw
  98. SpongeBob SquarePants - NOT A MISTAKE
  99. Needs Fixed Mickey Mouse sound clip in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  100. Needs Fixed Thomas and Friends Mistakes
  101. Fixed Doktor Frankensten spelling in Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein
  102. Needs Fixed Goofy's voice in Reluctant Dragon - BLUESKY
  103. Needs Fixed Emma Frost voice comparison
  104. Fixed Missing Poll Option on Batman VC
  105. Fixed Miscategorized characters
  106. Needs Fixed Confusing and Missing Anime Credits
  107. Fixed Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius
  108. Fixed Benvictor mistake
  109. Fixed Cars 2 Home Video Release Date
  110. Fixed Time Squad
  111. Needs Fixed X-Men: The Animated Series Various Mistakes - ATTENTION FOXWOLF
  112. Needs Fixed Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
  113. Fixed Rise of the Guardians
  114. Fixed Tsume Inuzuka
  115. Fixed Sonny Strait - Website URL
  116. Fixed Favouriting Shorts and Commercials
  117. Fixed I don't know if this is just my computer or what... - ISSUE RESOLVED
  118. Fixed JAT Timon?
  119. Fixed Lex Lang Digimon
  120. Mortal Kombat franchise - NOT A MISTAKE
  121. Fixed Paul Dobson
  122. The chaos on Splinter Cell's theory
  123. Banjō Ginga is the Japanese voice of The Fallen in ROTF - NOT A MISTAKE
  124. Fixed Long Dan - Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (incorrect picture)
  125. Fixed Eddy Raja in Uncharted: Eye of Indra fix
  126. Doris Grau
  127. Baxter Stockman Character Page - NOT A MISTAKE
  128. Fixed Double Posted Thread
  129. Quote Glitch
  130. Fixed Cole MacGrath name error
  131. Fixed Prince Blueblood
  132. Rock in Soul Blade - NO SOURCE = NO THREAD
  133. Fixed Young Justice Legacy mistake
  134. Fixed James Patrick Stuart
  135. Fred Tatasciore is James Gordon in the Batman Begins Game - NOT AN ERROR
  136. Fixed Goldeneye 007
  137. Fixed Two Kiyone pages
  138. Two things
  139. Fixed Jesse White
  140. Fixed Whose voice is this?
  141. Possible poll hack on Goku VC - NOT AN ERROR
  142. Fixed Redirects from VC Sections
  143. Fixed Jaret Reddick
  144. Fixed Old account
  145. Fixed Vine / Plant Man in Mega Man NT Warrior: Axess
  146. Needs Fixed King Terenas Menethil II - JACKSON
  147. Needs Fixed Dr. Regal / Mysterious Man and Manuela / Rin Manabe in Megaman NT Warrior: Axess
  148. Fixed Goten (Older) [Ocean Dub] in Dragon Ball Z
  149. Clutter in VC comments
  150. Fixed It's Liam O'Brien, not Liam OBrien - Not technically a mistake
  151. Needs Fixed Laputa- Voce of Louie
  152. Fixed Bryanna Drummond is Brynna Drummond (misspelling)
  153. Fixed Maybe it's just my computer....
  154. Needs Fixed Bugs Bunny sound-clip mistakes
  155. Fixed Kento Marek
  156. Fixed MLP:FiM S3E12 quickie
  157. Fixed Dana Delany
  158. Fixed Max Mittleman was Rhino Not Mads Mikklesen
  159. Fixed YJ Superboy
  160. Fixed Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Bounty Hunter
  161. Fixed Sheogorath
  162. Fixed Mr. Miracle's Voice
  163. Next Avengers Heroes Of Tomorrow - ISSUE IRRELEVANT NOW
  164. Fixed Peter Edward Mussad Picture
  165. Fixed Tom Hertz
  166. Fixed Wizard of Oz
  167. Fixed I don't think Sheriff is on the Radiator Springs racers ride
  168. Two Diffrent Unicron Clips - NOT A MISTAKE, NO NEED FOR FIX
  169. Fixed Two Emmett Graves Pages
  170. Fixed Two Jacobs in Generator Rex
  171. Needs Fixed Maria Robotnik in SA2 - NCZ
  172. Fixed Tarrlok
  173. Error on Danny Phantom Page - NOT AN ERROR
  174. Mistake on Hub lineup article
  175. Static Is In Wrong VC Section - NOT AN ERROR
  176. Fixed Two Martin Sherman pages
  177. Fixed Hal Rayle as Raphael
  178. Needs Fixed E-123 in Shadow the Hedgehog
  179. Fixed Mr Hyde.(Hanna-Barbera)
  180. Needs Fixed David Zen Mansley as Hun
  181. Fixed Misdirect to Edward Albert's page
  182. Fixed Tim Dever, not Devers
  183. Fixed Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United release date changed
  184. Fixed Missing VA Credit
  185. Needs Fixed Orddu/Orwen Pictures from The Black Cauldron (1985) - OPTIMUSSOLO
  186. New Scooby-Doo Movies - NOT A MISTAKE
  187. Needs Fixed Coco Bandicoot Voice Compare - CATSTUXEDO
  188. Fixed Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
  189. Fixed Mark Acheson in the Unicron poll
  190. Fixed Shura (Soul Calibur IV)
  191. New Threads For Existing Ones
  192. Fixed Narrator for Soul Calibur 1 (Arcade version)
  193. Fixed Hoyt Yeatman
  194. Fixed Mixed up images
  195. Fixed Scooby-Doo! Camp Scare Page
  196. Fixed Several renames
  197. Combustion Man Had A Voice Actor
  198. Fixed Shizuka Ito in Hell Girl
  199. Fixed My Little Pony: Equestria Girls
  200. Minor JDF thing - NOT A MISTAKE
  201. Fixed Alastair Duncan
  202. Needs Fixed Pokémon
  203. Lando and Lindo Calrissian - NOT A MISTAKE
  204. Needs Fixed Mario series
  205. Fixed Reisuke Hojo
  206. Fixed Oliver and Company
  207. Fixed The Little Memaid: Ariel's Beginning
  208. Fixed Josh Keaton in Super Hero Squad games
  209. Fixed Weird date on the profile?
  210. Fixed Stevie/Louise Vallance
  211. Fixed Misspelled Professor Carter Nichols
  212. Needs Fixed Henry Ramer was Doctor Doom in The Marvel Super Heroes.
  213. Tara Strong's thumbnail image is wrong - OUT OF OUR CONTROL
  214. Needs Fixed Equalist Exterminator = Lieutenant - FOXWOLF
  215. Needs Fixed Peter Mayhew
  216. Needs Fixed Boom Boom in WatXM (and Colossus, too, I guess)
  217. Fixed April O'Neil and Turtles Forever
  218. Needs Fixed The Godfather II
  219. Fixed Ben 10 Page
  220. Fixed Kimiko Tohomiko voice compare
  221. Fixed Unable to add shows to favorrites
  222. Fixed Incorrect Mrs. Hasagawa image
  223. About Latin American voice actors
  224. John Stephenson
  225. Fixed Mrs. Van Tassel
  226. Craig Marduk Voice Compare - NOT A MISTAKE
  227. Fixed Katrina Van Tassel Page
  228. Fixed Comma needed after date
  229. Fixed Thread In Wrong Place
  230. Fixed The Good Dinosaur Release Date
  231. Fixed Mistake in recent BTVA news article
  232. Fixed What is a co-start?
  233. Fixed Broken links in Hank Azaria/Elmo article
  234. Needs Fixed Miyamoto Usagi - OPTIMUSSOLO
  235. Sonic Generations - Japanese Cast
  236. Classic Tails in Sonic Generations
  237. Fixed Sheogorath in Skyrim
  238. Needs Fixed Tikal in Sonic X
  239. Fixed Incorrect link on (Pac-Man) Clyde page
  240. Needs Fixed "Uncle" Statler and "Uncle" Waldorf - OPTIMUSSOLO
  241. Fixed Doctor Sivana
  242. Soichiro Hoshi birth year - NOT AN ERROR
  243. Fixed "A Christmas Carol" characters page very large
  244. Genji Hiraga in Baka and Test 2 - NOT A MISTAKE
  245. Fixed Ryoko Asakura
  246. Needs Fixed ANSFH Manta voice actor
  247. Needs Fixed Justice League Unlimited characters
  248. Fixed Jorge Garcia
  249. Fixed Kill la Kill names
  250. Server Problem