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  11. Can somone please take part in me prodjects
  12. Hey you... aspiring voice actors and actresses!!!
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  17. Original Fantasy Audio Drama "Legends and Destiny"
  18. Casting Call for Voice Over Series
  19. Exploretalent.com is taking auditions off of this site.
  20. The Slowbro Trilogy - Book One
  21. Cannot edit anything for my project...
  22. The Haven Chronicles
  23. Final Fantasy VIII Casting Call!
  24. Megaman ZX Fandub
  25. Need actress for redubbing a line
  26. Auditions not working.
  27. Open Auditions for Transformers HM Ep8 "Six Shades of Terror"
  28. What if Ryuji Yamazaki was in KOF XIII?
  29. Looking For VA's Marvel Zombies Project
  30. My Voice auditions won't submit
  32. Black Butler: Abridged Super Series -- BB:***
  33. Dakara Boku Wa H Ga Dekinai Episode 7 [Fandub]
  34. Super Mario Bros. Z Fandub
  35. Luna's season friends
  36. Batman:The Dark Knight Adventures.
  37. Casting call for luna's seasonal friends is back on
  38. Ever wanted to be in a Disney movie?
  39. Ever wanted to be in a anime impressions contest?
  40. Casting Call for Pretear Impressions Contest
  41. KAITO - A Private Detective Fandub
  42. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the Movie Redub
  43. Digimon Digital Monsters Impressions
  44. Disney Princess Impressions Contest
  45. Mega Man Zero - Series Fandub
  46. Suggestions for BTVA
  47. Foxwolf your mean
  48. Megaman ZX Advent Fandub
  49. God of War: Egyptian style anyone?
  50. Doctor Who:TFAS
  51. Soul Blazer Fandub Episode 3 St. Elles (3M, 10F)
  52. Badly Animated Adventures of Spider-Man
  53. Final Fantasy Adventure Fandub Episode 1 (16M, 4F)
  54. Neon Genesis Evangelion Fandub
  55. My Casting Calls
  56. Pokemon X and Y Anime
  57. Wild Arms 2 Fandub
  58. Where do people post their links to their finished Project?
  59. The Avengers Badly Animated Adventures
  60. EyeShield 21 Abridged
  61. I haven't made any casting calls lately but read this message
  62. Well, here's a weired crossover
  63. Report Members For Misuse Of Casting Call
  64. Kirby: The Obligatory Abridged Series
  65. Looking for a partner or partners for a new project
  66. New Characters (Batman: Gotham's Legend)
  67. Gloomverse Fandub
  68. 【MMD Drama】 Pafu-Pafu (18+)
  69. [open] K-on!- Wakaba Girls/ OnNaGumi update
  70. Tales of the Abyss (Anime) Dub!
  71. Open Auditions for THE RIVER
  72. Open Auditions for 'The Fourth World'
  73. Why can i do casting calls anymore?
  74. Doctor Who: Equestrian Travels
  75. ArmA 3 Community Project - Lead Role Needed
  76. FusionFall: Heroes of Earth - Cast Auditons
  77. [Videogame] Audition for American Civil War game - *Open*
  78. Higurashi- When They Cry (Visual Novel/Manga Fandub)
  79. How Do You Download Auditions
  80. Suggestion for new function
  81. Final Fantasy Adventure Fandub Episode 2 (12M, 4F, 1MF)
  82. Luna ghost dubs looking for Voice actors/actresses
  83. Superman: Red Sun (OPEN)(Female Voice's needed)
  84. is it forbidden to ask for voices for Youtube?
  85. Casting Call Open - Continuum Force!
  86. Casting call mp3 format not working
  87. Final Fantasy 8 Voiceover Project
  88. Legendary: An Anime Style Audio Book
  89. Beyblade Metal Fusion Casting
  90. The Rocky Horror Show (Fan Dub)
  91. Sonic/Doctor Who Crossover: Voices needed!
  92. I need some girls to sing in this project!
  93. Voice actors for cinematic Skyrim series
  94. Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Episode Fandub
  95. Fairy Tail Episodes 1-2 Fandub!
  96. Kuroko no Basuke Fandub
  97. Can we ban My Little Pony?
  98. Arthur Goes Fourth: the Audiobook
  99. Redo Auditions
  100. KOF 2006 Redub Project - Open Casting Call
  101. The Menace Returns [New Original CRPG]
  102. Jeff: The Original animated series about Jeff The Killer
  103. Jack and Ariana, original game demo.
  104. "Orion" Visual Novel [Kickstarter Project]
  105. Hey, anybody wanna lend vocies to my Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Tiem Lets Play
  106. Enjoy The Silence (Spider-Man fan project)
  107. Breaking Heights: Original Animated Series
  108. Original fantasy project with huge cast
  109. Luna and friends
  110. Need to be cast to a project
  111. New Original Project
  112. Luna and friends needs attention please
  113. 2 Male Actors Needed
  114. Project Karahl: Voice Acting Auditions Round One
  115. Digimon Rumble Academy: Ep1 Auditions
  116. Kingdom Hearts Reconnecting the Rugrats
  117. Need actors for Oblivion machinima video
  118. just forgive me
  119. Casting call for my transformers/marvel stop motionprojects!
  120. Auditions for Kingdom Hearts Reconnecting the Rugrats
  121. RIO Full Fandub
  122. New project question
  123. Doctor Who Pony Backup Voice Needed
  124. Five Nights At Freddy's: Behind The Scene
  125. Need MAN actors for machinima commedy (13 characters).
  126. No more troll auditions please
  127. Kingdom Hearts Dream Prom Dance
  128. CASTING CALL - Doctor Who: 0, 0, 0
  129. Mountain Lake (Drama): Pilot Episode
  130. VAs Needed [5F - 3M] Horror/Fantasy Freddy Krueger Movie
  131. Update on the future of Casting Call
  132. Auditions For Fan Made Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Episode
  133. Can You Redo Auditions?
  134. The Lion and the Swan
  135. Original Works vs Fan Made
  136. Image Improv Group
  137. Fantasy Visual Novel
  138. 10-Episode Season: Mountain Lake (Drama)
  139. Justice League United! Casting Call
  140. I urgently need a Ron Weasley!
  141. The Menace Returns (CRPG)
  142. Knights of the Old Republic - The Darkness Within
  143. The Hero Next Door (Original Audio Drama)
  144. Editor Needed For Fandubs
  145. Casting Call - Revenge of Lavan
  146. Pokemon Symphonic Horizon - RPG Maker XP - {ACT I}
  147. Project RIAS
  148. The Lover of Princess Kaguya (Sailor Moon Radioplay)
  149. Casting Call Beta
  150. Karneval ep 1 (7 male roles, 2 female roles and extra roles available)
  151. Wonky Show - Looking for voice actors(s) collaboration
  152. PearlTail- Auditions Open!
  153. Tribute to Sierra's retro adventure games - Impersonators wanted
  154. Songs of War - Need More Auditions!
  155. Durarara! X2 Auditions open
  156. The Fifth Night - FNAF Original Audioplay
  157. Soul Blazer Fandub Episodes 5 and 6
  158. New Orignal Anime (Devil's Legacy) Looking for Potential Voice Actors
  159. New Original Anime (Devil's Legacy) Looking for Potential Voice Actors
  160. Dream Reader (open auditions)
  161. Open Casting Gundam Build Fighters Fandub
  162. Open Casting Gundam Build Fighters Fandub
  163. Kaygeta & The Hotshot Gals Calling Cast
  164. Mp3 Files not being correct when auditioning?
  165. [Voice Actors] CASTING CALL - DWAD: The Dying of the Light
  166. [OPEN] Ocean styled Dragon Ball Z fandub audition
  167. Warriors of Valor
  168. Rules for Dead People
  169. Good Morning Uprising - A New (and mostly original) animated movie!
  170. Sailor Boys (A Sailor Moon Genderbend AU)
  171. Sailor Boys (A Sailor Moon AU Audio Drama)
  172. (ENDS 4/25) Major Project - Motion Comic Webseries - I need all the voices I can get!
  173. Voice Acting Troupe?
  174. Transformers Evolution: The Webseries
  175. Magical Boy Parody
  176. Takahashi Trifecta Radioplay Series Episodes 1-5
  177. Friday the 13th Part 2 - { 7 MALE 9 FEMALE } - Sims 2 Horror Movie
  178. Looking for a free male voice actor to do a short GTA film (VERY short script).
  179. FusionFall: The Video Series - Episode 1 Casting Call
  180. Fan Editor Looking for Stuff To Do
  181. Longmont Lovegood's Treasure Trackers- Paid voice acting position for animated short
  182. The Price of Vengeance Mini Animated Series Casting Call
  183. Voice actors needed for Lego Batman project
  184. Cosmic Rage Auditions
  185. Skyward Sword Manga Dub
  186. The Blue Dragon
  187. Casting Call auditions
  188. Casting Auditions for "Sonic Reminiscent"
  189. KOF XIII Fandub Voice Casting
  190. Crazy Plot Twist Theatre - A Street Fighter/Final Fight Fanfic Dub
  191. Transformers/Marvel Phase 2 Shared Universe Stop Motion Auditions
  192. Jerry Lazzlo Casting calling
  193. X-World Casting Call (Paid Work)
  194. Any Korean/Japanese native speakers (female)
  195. Voice Actors/Actresses for audiobook?
  196. Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 Abridged
  197. The Star Gem
  198. Dragon Ball Multiverse AudioDrama
  199. Lego Starwars stopmotion Series Auditions
  200. {Original Fanime} |Kibo No Hikari| Casting Call #4!
  201. Looking for a voice actress for a short film song that will be apart of a pitch
  202. REDEMPTION UT AU Casting Call
  203. Transformers/Marvel Stop Motion Universe: Phase 3
  204. Finding Skylands - Casting Call
  205. Casting Call for original animated series ,'Taliyus'.
  206. Casting call for original animated series.
  207. Film review from ethnographic point of view
  208. Casting for SAW: Dilemma (Audio Drama Fan Project)
  209. Jasmine's World
  210. Pokemon Generations: The Fandub
  211. Casting Call for an English Dub of One Piece: Pirate Warriors
  212. Casting Call for "Crazy Plot Twist Theater Street Fighter".
  213. Needs a Bugs Bunny voice for a short, dumb audio thing.
  214. Transformers: Desperation: Casting Call
  215. Kingdom Hearts III - Toy Story Reveal Cutscenes - Looking for good impersonators!
  216. Casting for Final Fantasy Type-0 Ending (Fandub)!
  217. Overwatch Characters Needed
  218. Marvel True Believers X-Men & Spider-Man Origins (70M, 11F, 5M/F)
  219. [OPEN] Shadow of Death - game OUT on googleplay
  220. Question!!!?!?!HELP
  221. Captain Epic (Superhero Action Comedy Series)
  222. Animated Superhero Action Comedy (Casting Call)
  223. Voice actors needed
  224. Paid :: Need Two Female Voice Actors :: Graphic Novel
  225. Can't Upload Auditions?
  226. Looking for a voice actress for Katie Tiedrich
  227. Thinking about creating a Fandub
  228. Xenogears fandub/ radio drama project
  229. Question about Casting
  230. Making an Original Motion Comic, Need Voices
  231. CASTING CALL - Doctor Who Audio Dramas - Masquerade
  232. VOICE ACTORS WANTED- Fullmetal Alchemist: The Abridged Series
  233. Casting Call for The Wolf Queen - An Elder Scrolls Story
  234. Completed Casting Call Projects
  235. Blue Shift 2, a Half Life 2 Fan-Mod (need voices)
  236. GTA Radio Asset - Multiple Roles
  237. How long pending... ?
  238. Casting Call for Legend of the Locust