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Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins ShortStar Fox Zero: The Battle Begins Short

After a 10-year hiatus, this CGI short is the prelude to the Star Fox franchise's Wii U reboot.

@ 10:55 PM on Wed Apr 20 2016
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Cummings Quotes Darkwing Duck In Other VoicesCummings Quotes Darkwing Duck In Other Voices

In his other character voices, Jim Cummings quotes Darkwing Duck's "Let's get dangerous" catchphrase.

@ 10:28 AM on Fri Apr 15 2016
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Benedict Cumberbatch Is The GrinchBenedict Cumberbatch Is The Grinch

Will voice "the mean one" in Illumination Entertainment's animated adaptation of Dr. Seuss' classic story.

@ 11:44 AM on Thu Apr 14 2016
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Speedy Gonzales Animated Film In DevelopmentSpeedy Gonzales Animated Film In Development

Mexican actor/filmmaker Eugenio Derbez will provide the voice for the fastest mouse in all Mexico.

@ 3:24 PM on Mon Apr 4 2016
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Batman: The Killing Joke Teaser + Sneak PeekBatman: The Killing Joke Teaser + Sneak Peek

A behind-the-scenes look at the production of the graphic novel, plus brief chats with the main voice cast.

@ 1:53 PM on Sun Apr 3 2016
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