Lord of the Rings Voice Compares


Uncle MaxUncle Max
Uncle MikeyUncle Mikey
Uncle MontorkUncle Montork
Uncle MontyUncle Monty
Uncle MouseUncle Mouse
Uncle NigelUncle Nigel
Uncle OswidgeUncle Oswidge
Uncle OwenUncle Owen
Uncle Paulie FranchettiUncle Paulie Franchetti
Uncle PecosUncle Pecos
Uncle PoUncle Po
Uncle PocketsUncle Pockets
Uncle PomUncle Pom
Uncle PorterUncle Porter
Uncle QuigleyUncle Quigley
Uncle RattlerUncle Rattler
Uncle RicoUncle Rico
Uncle RuckusUncle Ruckus
Uncle SamUncle Sam
Uncle SamUncle Sam
Uncle SamUncle Sam
Uncle SamUncle Sam
Uncle SenseiUncle Sensei
Uncle St. GeorgeUncle St. George
Uncle StatlerUncle Statler
Uncle Statler's GrandsonUncle Statler's Grandson
Uncle SteveUncle Steve
Uncle Stinky PigUncle Stinky Pig
Uncle SuperUncle Super
Uncle TedUncle Ted
Uncle the PigUncle the Pig
Uncle Thomas CooperUncle Thomas Cooper
Uncle TomUncle Tom
Uncle TomUncle Tom
Uncle TopolinoUncle Topolino
Uncle Traveling MattUncle Traveling Matt
Uncle UbbUncle Ubb
Uncle VlaartarkUncle Vlaartark
Uncle WaldoUncle Waldo
Uncle Waldo P WigglesworthUncle Waldo P Wigglesworth
Uncle WaldorfUncle Waldorf
Uncle WingUncle Wing
Uncle ZooterUncle Zooter
Uncouth Revolting Peasant # 1Uncouth Revolting Peasant # 1
Uncouth Revolting Peasant # 2Uncouth Revolting Peasant # 2
Undead ExplorerUndead Explorer
Undead GeneralUndead General
Undead SoldierUndead Soldier