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said at 4:08 PM on Tue May 19 2015
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Darlyn Simpson-Facebook
I hope this is okay to post here! I need everyone’s help to get the word out to MISS PIGGY! Please share if you can by going to my timeline and sharing the public post and help make my baby girl’s dream come true! My 16 year old daughter Stephanie would love nothing more than to meet Miss Piggy in person one day.
Stephanie was born with an extremely rare genetic condition called Isodicentric 15. This condition also contributes to her living with Intractable Epilepsy (LGS), Autism, Pseudotumor Cerebri, Dystonia and developmental delays.
She first got very ill in 2010 and was introduced to Miss Piggy by one of her daycare workers. From that moment on Miss Piggy has been her best friend, confident, and ultimate caregiver. Stephanie has endured a brain biopsy, 2 brain surgeries to separate the two halves of her brain, eye surgery to save her vision from the pressure in her head, a shunt implant, a broken collarbone and stitches from severe epilepsy. As you see in the pictures, Miss Piggy was there with Stephanie for every single hurdle.
Miss Piggy has been through the toughest of times with Stephanie and stayed up to the wee hours laughing with her in her room. Stephanie has dragged her to Disney World, to the zoo, to the hospital, the bathtub, you name it. Some dinners Miss Piggy ate more than Stephanie did! They participated in Special Olympics Basketball and Track together.
Miss Piggy and Stephanie have gotten into so much trouble together in the last 5 years but they have always stuck together, through thick and thin. Miss Piggy has taught her so many things at school when she needed to be taught through her favorite object. Stephanie has countless Miss Piggy dolls, almost all of which have been glued and taped and stitched, more than once. This is how fiercely Stephanie loves Miss Piggy.
If only one day, before Stephanie has no more days, she could finally meet Miss Piggy. I have hundreds of pictures of the last medically challenging 5 years and Miss Piggy has been by her side every step of the way. I am sharing some of these pictures in hopes that one day Miss Piggy will be able to find it in her heart to reach out to Stephanie, even just for a moment!
Love from Stephanie's biggest fan, her Mom
(Darlyn Simpson - Manitoba, Canada)
Darlyn Simpson's photo.
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