The RatThe Rat
The ReaderThe Reader
The Real Maximum DennisThe Real Maximum Dennis
The Red BaronThe Red Baron
The RobotThe Robot
The RottweilerThe Rottweiler
The Royal Apple TreeThe Royal Apple Tree
The Royal BarberThe Royal Barber
The Royal TweetumsThe Royal Tweetums
The Russian / Yuri DimitrovThe Russian / Yuri Dimitrov
The Ruthless RingmasterThe Ruthless Ringmaster
The Sage of UmThe Sage of Um
The San Francisco EarthquakeThe San Francisco Earthquake
The ScarecrowThe Scarecrow
The Scary Door NarratorThe Scary Door Narrator
The Scorpion KingThe Scorpion King
The SeekerThe Seeker
The SentinelThe Sentinel
The ShadowThe Shadow
The ShadowThe Shadow
The ShadowThe Shadow
The ShapeshifterThe Shapeshifter
The SheriffThe Sheriff
The SheriffThe Sheriff
The Sheriff of SaddlesoreThe Sheriff of Saddlesore
The ShrinkThe Shrink
The SilenceThe Silence
The SilencerThe Silencer
The Singing AntsThe Singing Ants
The SkittlesThe Skittles
The SkullThe Skull
The SkullThe Skull
The Skull GhostThe Skull Ghost
The SlawmeisterThe Slawmeister
The Slick BlackieThe Slick Blackie
The Smallest Person in the KingdomThe Smallest Person in the Kingdom
The Smartest Person in the KingdomThe Smartest Person in the Kingdom
The SnailThe Snail
The Snow QueenThe Snow Queen
The SnowmanThe Snowman
The SorrowThe Sorrow
The Sorting HatThe Sorting Hat
The SourceThe Source
The Speaker of the SunsThe Speaker of the Suns
The SpinnerThe Spinner
The SpyThe Spy
The SquirrelThe Squirrel
The StatueThe Statue
The Statue of LibertyThe Statue of Liberty
The StorkThe Stork
The StorytellerThe Storyteller
The StreakThe Streak
The SuitThe Suit
The SultanThe Sultan
The SultanThe Sultan
The Sultan of DendronThe Sultan of Dendron
The Summerween TricksterThe Summerween Trickster
The SummonerThe Summoner
The Surprisingly Curvaceous PirateThe Surprisingly Curvaceous Pirate
The TailorThe Tailor
The Tale TellerThe Tale Teller
The Tallest Person in the KingdomThe Tallest Person in the Kingdom
The TerminatorThe Terminator
The TerrorThe Terror
The Thing / Ben GrimmThe Thing / Ben Grimm
The ThinkerThe Thinker
The ThoadThe Thoad
The TimekeeperThe Timekeeper
The Tin ManThe Tin Man
The ToadThe Toad
The Tommy / Tommy GilliganThe Tommy / Tommy Gilligan
The Tooth FairyThe Tooth Fairy