The Greater DaneThe Greater Dane
The Greater Dane's HenchmanThe Greater Dane's Henchman
The Green DragonThe Green Dragon
The Green Spirit of InsanusThe Green Spirit of Insanus
The Grey OneThe Grey One
The GribblerThe Gribbler
The GridThe Grid
The Grim ReaperThe Grim Reaper
The Grim ReaperThe Grim Reaper
The GrizzThe Grizz
The GrocerThe Grocer
The Grocer's SonThe Grocer's Son
The GrombleThe Gromble
The GroomerThe Groomer
The GroundskeeperThe Groundskeeper
The Guy UpstairsThe Guy Upstairs
The HackerThe Hacker
The Happy Little ElvesThe Happy Little Elves
The HareThe Hare
The Harvest HogThe Harvest Hog
The Headless HorsemanThe Headless Horseman
The HenThe Hen
The Hick ElmoThe Hick Elmo
The High LamaThe High Lama
The High MarshalThe High Marshal
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyThe Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
The HoarderThe Hoarder
The HoodThe Hood
The HoodThe Hood
The Hooded ClawThe Hooded Claw
The Hooded FangThe Hooded Fang
The Horned KingThe Horned King
The HorseThe Horse
The Hot TubThe Hot Tub
The Human BulletThe Human Bullet
The HunchbackThe Hunchback
The HunterThe Hunter
The HunterThe Hunter
The HuntsmanThe Huntsman
The HuntsmanThe Huntsman
The HybridThe Hybrid
The Hypocritic OafThe Hypocritic Oaf
The InfectedThe Infected
The InformaniacThe Informaniac
The Insidious InflatorThe Insidious Inflator
The InstructorThe Instructor
The InternetThe Internet
The Internet WizardThe Internet Wizard
The InterventionistThe Interventionist
The Inuit HunterThe Inuit Hunter
The Invincible ManThe Invincible Man
The Invisible ManThe Invisible Man
The Invisible Man / Frank RaymondThe Invisible Man / Frank Raymond
The Invisible Man / Geoffrey RadcliffeThe Invisible Man / Geoffrey Radcliffe
The Invisible Man / Jack GriffinThe Invisible Man / Jack Griffin
The Invisible Man / Robert GriffinThe Invisible Man / Robert Griffin
The Invisible Woman / Kitty CarrollThe Invisible Woman / Kitty Carroll
The Iron SheikThe Iron Sheik
The JanitorThe Janitor
The JesterThe Jester
The Jibba JabbasThe Jibba Jabbas
The JudgeThe Judge
The JudgeThe Judge
The JudgeThe Judge
The JunkmanThe Junkman
The Kari DragonThe Kari Dragon
The KeaThe Kea
The KidThe Kid
The KidThe Kid
The KillerThe Killer
The KingThe King
The KingThe King
The KingThe King
The KingThe King
The KingThe King
The KingThe King
The KingThe King
The KingThe King
The KingThe King
The King of the DeadThe King of the Dead
The King of TownThe King of Town
The KingpinsThe Kingpins
The KittenThe Kitten
The KiwiThe Kiwi
The KiwiThe Kiwi
The Lady of the LakeThe Lady of the Lake
The Last of the Three Rugby PlayersThe Last of the Three Rugby Players
The Laughing ManThe Laughing Man
The LeaderThe Leader
The LeaderThe Leader