The MachineThe Machine
The Mad DoctorThe Mad Doctor
The Mad Holy Old WitchThe Mad Holy Old Witch
The Maerum QueenThe Maerum Queen
The Magic MirrorThe Magic Mirror
The Magic TreeThe Magic Tree
The MagicianThe Magician
The MaidThe Maid
The MajorThe Major
The ManThe Man
The ManThe Man
The Man in BrownThe Man in Brown
The Man in the Green HatThe Man in the Green Hat
The Man with the KeyThe Man with the Key
The Man with the ScarThe Man with the Scar
The Mark Of Zorro NarratorThe Mark Of Zorro Narrator
The Mask / Stanley IpkissThe Mask / Stanley Ipkiss
The MasterThe Master
The MasterThe Master
The MasterThe Master
The MasterThe Master
The Master ChefThe Master Chef
The Master of Jordan CollegeThe Master of Jordan College
The MastermindThe Mastermind
The MastiffThe Mastiff
The MawThe Maw
The MawguThe Mawgu
The MayorThe Mayor
The MayorThe Mayor
The MayorThe Mayor
The MayorThe Mayor
The Mayor of Halloween TownThe Mayor of Halloween Town
The Mighty FleaThe Mighty Flea
The Mighty One-EyeThe Mighty One-Eye
The Mighty SvenThe Mighty Sven
The MigooThe Migoo
The Milk BottlesThe Milk Bottles
The MillerThe Miller
The Miller's DaughterThe Miller's Daughter
The Missing LinkThe Missing Link
The MistressThe Mistress
The MizThe Miz
The MoleThe Mole
The MonsterThe Monster
The MonumentalThe Monumental
The Mountain LionThe Mountain Lion
The Mourning KingThe Mourning King
The MouseThe Mouse
The Mouse TailorThe Mouse Tailor
The Mouth of SauronThe Mouth of Sauron
The Mud SultanThe Mud Sultan
The MummyThe Mummy
The Music MasterThe Music Master
The Myna BirdThe Myna Bird
The MysteronsThe Mysterons
The NarratorThe Narrator
The NativesThe Natives
The NecromancerThe Necromancer
The NegaforceThe Negaforce
The NegativitronThe Negativitron
The NetworkThe Network
The New KidThe New Kid
The New Kid's DadThe New Kid's Dad
The New Kid's MomThe New Kid's Mom
The NewsmanThe Newsman
The NoseThe Nose
The NunThe Nun
The NutcrackerThe Nutcracker
The Oak TreeThe Oak Tree
The OgreThe Ogre
The Old BeggarThe Old Beggar
The Old LadyThe Old Lady
The Old ManThe Old Man
The Old ManThe Old Man
The Old WitchThe Old Witch
The Old WomanThe Old Woman
The Olsen Twins Book on TapeThe Olsen Twins Book on Tape
The Once-lerThe Once-ler
The One RingThe One Ring