4th Annual BTVA Voice Acting Awards - Movies


The DoctorThe Doctor
The DogThe Dog
The DogcatcherThe Dogcatcher
The DogfatherThe Dogfather
The DogfatherThe Dogfather
The DoormanThe Doorman
The Draft HorseThe Draft Horse
The DragitThe Dragit
The DragonThe Dragon
The DragonThe Dragon
The Dragon GodThe Dragon God
The Dream MakerThe Dream Maker
The DuchessThe Duchess
The Duchess of BoxfordThe Duchess of Boxford
The DuckThe Duck
The DuckThe Duck
The DukeThe Duke
The DukeThe Duke
The DukeThe Duke
The Duke of BoxfordThe Duke of Boxford
The Duke of VeniceThe Duke of Venice
The Duke of ZillThe Duke of Zill
The Earl of ClovesThe Earl of Cloves
The Earl of SandwichThe Earl of Sandwich
The Earth TrollThe Earth Troll
The Easter BunnyThe Easter Bunny
The EdgeThe Edge
The Elf ElderThe Elf Elder
The EmperorThe Emperor
The EmperorThe Emperor
The EmperorThe Emperor
The EmperorThe Emperor
The EmperorThe Emperor
The Empty ChildThe Empty Child
The EnchantressThe Enchantress
The EndThe End
The EndThe End
The EnigmaThe Enigma
The EntityThe Entity
The Evil FalconThe Evil Falcon
The Evil King of WaruThe Evil King of Waru
The Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs At MidnightThe Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs At Midnight
The EyeThe Eye
The Fairy GodpersonThe Fairy Godperson
The Fairy PrinceThe Fairy Prince
The FallenThe Fallen
The FarmerThe Farmer
The FartThe Fart
The Fast and the Not-So-FuriousThe Fast and the Not-So-Furious
The Fastest Person in the KingdomThe Fastest Person in the Kingdom
The Fat LadyThe Fat Lady
The FaunThe Faun
The FearThe Fear
The FertiliserThe Fertiliser
The Fib From Outer SpaceThe Fib From Outer Space
The FingerThe Finger
The FingerThe Finger
The FinisherThe Finisher
The FirstThe First
The FishThe Fish
The FlamerThe Flamer
The FleaThe Flea
The FlowersThe Flowers
The Flying MouseThe Flying Mouse
The FogThe Fog
The FoodThe Food
The FoolThe Fool
The FoolThe Fool
The Foolish MagistrateThe Foolish Magistrate
The Forbidden ArtsThe Forbidden Arts
The ForceThe Force
The ForemanThe Foreman
The Forest WitchThe Forest Witch
The ForestmasterThe Forestmaster
The FoxThe Fox
The FoxThe Fox
The FoxThe Fox
The Frankenstein MonsterThe Frankenstein Monster
The FreakThe Freak
The Frill Necked LizardThe Frill Necked Lizard
The Frowning PrinceThe Frowning Prince
The FuddThe Fudd
The Furinkan StalkerThe Furinkan Stalker
The FurnaceThe Furnace
The FuryThe Fury
The G.P.S.The G.P.S.