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Franchise: Sailor Moon
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said at 9:31 PM on Mon Jan 4 2016
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Heard Veronica's voice, hey it's Nico Robin without the accent, I knew she would be a great Robin if she took it out
said at 6:33 AM on Sun Dec 6 2015
Veronica Taylor is perfect as Sailor Pluto. At Long Last we have a consistently great dub voice for Setsuna.

I loved what I've heard thus far as her in R, can't wait to hear more of her in S.
said at 4:13 AM on Sun Jul 26 2015
Out of curiosity, what happened to her voice comparison?
CatsTuxedo (Moderator)
said at 10:51 AM on Sun Jul 26 2015
@Metabad There's some kind of bot at play that's been artificially propping up the views on her VC so that it seemed like that was the most popular one week after week. Because the situation proved to be out of our control after a few attempted solutions, we've indefinitely hidden the VC from public access.
said at 9:29 PM on Sun Jul 26 2015
@CatsTuxedo Ahh, that explains it.
said at 11:14 PM on Fri Apr 17 2015
All of Pluto's voices in the old dub felt miscast to me, so I'm really looking forward to hearing Veronica Taylor's take. I'm hoping she'll use one of her deeper voices for the role, with her softer side coming out more for Chibi-usa. Can't wait for R boxset 2 to come out!
said at 4:38 AM on Sat Feb 28 2015
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VERONICA TAYLOR! Sweet, if she can give a low sweet voice I'll be so happy
said at 12:13 AM on Sun Jul 26 2015
@HienFan You will be happy. Her voice is sweet. Naturally sweet.
said at 5:29 AM on Sat Feb 14 2015
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Veronica Taylor's gonna be voicing Pluto.

This casting is just too perfect
said at 11:49 AM on Fri Feb 27 2015
@Autovolt Cosmos for Sailor Pluto! YES!
Black Sword
said at 9:01 PM on Mon Sep 8 2014
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Instead of Colleen, since she doesn't work for Viz, I would rather choose Bridget Hoffman. Sailor Pluto sort of has that smooth voice and that is something Bridget has.
said at 11:40 AM on Wed Oct 15 2014
@Black Sword That is an absolutely wonderful choice IMO.
said at 7:30 AM on Sat Jan 17 2015
@Fulgore2005 I can see Dorothy Elias-Fahn voicing Pluto, Though my friend wants Tara Platt as her.
said at 12:12 PM on Fri Oct 11 2013
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Sexiest Sailor Scout ever. I'd like to hear Colleen Clinkenbeard as her voice!
said at 12:21 PM on Sat Feb 14 2015
@Galactic_Cyrus Apparently Veronica Taylor's going to be Sailor Pluto.

I've never seen the show and don't know the character that well, but that does seem like an interesting choice.
said at 11:49 AM on Fri Feb 27 2015
@Metabad Veronica will do great, I'm sure!
said at 10:05 AM on Thu Jun 7 2012
haha the pose Sabrina is pulling is like Pluto's pose :P
said at 12:35 PM on Fri May 11 2012
I prefered Susan best
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Sailor Pluto
Sailor Pluto

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