4th Annual BTVA Voice Acting Awards


Old Man (7)Old Man (7)
Old Man (Henchman)Old Man (Henchman)
Old Man (Pilot)Old Man (Pilot)
Old Man (Trash Picker)Old Man (Trash Picker)
Old Man 1Old Man 1
Old Man 2Old Man 2
Old Man ArmyOld Man Army
Old Man BakovOld Man Bakov
Old Man CameraOld Man Camera
Old Man DexterOld Man Dexter
Old Man DonhuckleOld Man Donhuckle
Old Man ElfOld Man Elf
Old Man Ghost / Pa DuskertonOld Man Ghost / Pa Duskerton
Old Man HaroldOld Man Harold
Old Man in JailOld Man in Jail
Old Man JenkinsOld Man Jenkins
Old Man JenkinsOld Man Jenkins
Old Man LangtreeOld Man Langtree
Old Man LoliOld Man Loli
Old Man McGucketOld Man McGucket
Old Man MoleOld Man Mole
Old Man of AmaurotOld Man of Amaurot
Old Man of BarbaroisOld Man of Barbarois
Old Man of the MountainOld Man of the Mountain
Old Man OwlOld Man Owl
Old Man PearsonOld Man Pearson
Old Man RabbitOld Man Rabbit
Old Man SamuraiOld Man Samurai
Old Man ShuckleOld Man Shuckle
Old Man SuminawaOld Man Suminawa
Old Man Swamp (Hoenn)Old Man Swamp (Hoenn)
Old Man TachibanaOld Man Tachibana
Old Man Wisdom ToothOld Man Wisdom Tooth
Old Man YoshidaOld Man Yoshida
Old Man's SonOld Man's Son
Old MasterOld Master
Old McDoogleOld McDoogle
Old MinisterOld Minister
Old MoldyOld Moldy
Old Mother HubbardOld Mother Hubbard
Old MouseOld Mouse
Old OneOld One
Old OscarOld Oscar
Old Owl JudgeOld Owl Judge
Old PainterOld Painter
Old Player #1Old Player #1
Old Player #2Old Player #2
Old ProspectorOld Prospector
Old ProspectorOld Prospector
Old ProspectorOld Prospector
Old QueeksOld Queeks
Old RabbitOld Rabbit
Old Rich LadyOld Rich Lady
Old SailorOld Sailor
Old SaltOld Salt
Old SaltOld Salt
Old Salty CrabOld Salty Crab
Old ShepherdOld Shepherd
Old SheriffOld Sheriff
Old Shop OwnerOld Shop Owner
Old Skool CouncilerOld Skool Counciler
Old SlappyOld Slappy
Old SnakeOld Snake
Old SquirrelOld Squirrel
Old St. Pat's GravediggerOld St. Pat's Gravedigger
Old StripperOld Stripper
Old Supreme KaiOld Supreme Kai
Old TeacherOld Teacher
Old Time WhoOld Time Who
Old TimerOld Timer
Old TimerOld Timer
Old TimerOld Timer
Old TobiasOld Tobias
Old TomOld Tom
Old Tom Popper, Sr.Old Tom Popper, Sr.
Old TreeOld Tree
Old Tree VoiceOld Tree Voice
Old TuckerOld Tucker
Old TurtleOld Turtle
Old TuskOld Tusk
Old WandererOld Wanderer
Old Wardrobe ManOld Wardrobe Man
Old WeaselOld Weasel
Old WeimaranerOld Weimaraner
Old Weird HaroldOld Weird Harold
Old WolfOld Wolf
Old WomanOld Woman
Old WomanOld Woman