Yosuke Hanamura

Franchise: Megami Tensei
Most Reprisals:Yuri Lowenthal (voiced in 7 titles)
Shotaro Morikubo Japanese (voiced in 8 titles)

Popularity: 263rd All Time, 304th This Week

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VOICES OF Yosuke Hanamura

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said at 11:01 AM on Mon Apr 10 2017
I like Yosuke's English voice better than his Japanese voice.
said at 1:26 PM on Sun Aug 21 2016
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Yuri Lowenthal is amazing as Yosuke. He really nails Yosuke's character as a youthful yet clumsy guy who is your textbook teenage dude yet is a great person at heart. Yuri's voice and performance just flow with Yosuke's character and the way he delivered each of Yosuke's line with such strong emotion and personality was just fantastic. It was also scary how angry Yuri made Yosuke sound during that Namatame hospital scene...like he just really sold how ax-crazy Yosuke was at that moment. He was just amazing at this role and it was one of my favorite voices in the game (along with Troy baker as Kanji).

Yuri was literal perfection in his performance for Yosuke Hanamura. He'll always be the voice of Yosuke for me: he practically is Yosuke. This will always be the case, even if a time comes where Yosuke makes another appearance and Yuri doesn't reprise (hopefully this doesn't happen, but still). Yuri is such an amazing actor and this is one of my favorite roles of his, no doubt about it.
said at 3:24 PM on Wed Sep 28 2016
@ScraftyIsTheBest 100% agreed with this! It's probably his best performance ever honestly
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