4th Annual BTVA Voice Acting Awards


Mayor MareMayor Mare
Mayor Margaret GathermoonMayor Margaret Gathermoon
Mayor MarshmallowMayor Marshmallow
Mayor Max GrodyMayor Max Grody
Mayor MayerMayor Mayer
Mayor MaynotMayor Maynot
Mayor McCheeseMayor McCheese
Mayor McCheeseMayor McCheese
Mayor McDanielsMayor McDaniels
Mayor MellowMayor Mellow
Mayor MelvinMayor Melvin
Mayor Miles O'DonovanMayor Miles O'Donovan
Mayor Milford MeanswellMayor Milford Meanswell
Mayor Molly QuinnMayor Molly Quinn
Mayor MontezMayor Montez
Mayor Mortimer TiltonMayor Mortimer Tilton
Mayor Morty MarkumMayor Morty Markum
Mayor Ned McDoddMayor Ned McDodd
Mayor NeedMayor Need
Mayor of BedrockMayor of Bedrock
Mayor of BedrockMayor of Bedrock
Mayor of Bubble TownMayor of Bubble Town
Mayor of Castelia CityMayor of Castelia City
Mayor Of Central CityMayor Of Central City
Mayor of Clockwork TownMayor of Clockwork Town
Mayor of DimmsdaleMayor of Dimmsdale
Mayor of Halloween TownMayor of Halloween Town
Mayor of HoleMayor of Hole
Mayor of Munchkinland / Rizzo the RatMayor of Munchkinland / Rizzo the Rat
Mayor of New York CityMayor of New York City
Mayor of ParisMayor of Paris
Mayor of RedmontMayor of Redmont
Mayor of SodorMayor of Sodor
Mayor of Superhero CityMayor of Superhero City
Mayor of TownsvilleMayor of Townsville
Mayor of TrovitopolisMayor of Trovitopolis
Mayor Oscar BulloneyMayor Oscar Bulloney
Mayor OwlMayor Owl
Mayor PelicanMayor Pelican
Mayor PhlegmmingMayor Phlegmming
Mayor PigMayor Pig
Mayor PoopenmeyerMayor Poopenmeyer
Mayor QuimbyMayor Quimby
Mayor Quincy SharpMayor Quincy Sharp
Mayor RatonMayor Raton
Mayor Ron StarlinMayor Ron Starlin
Mayor RosaMayor Rosa
Mayor RosenbaumMayor Rosenbaum
Mayor SartonniMayor Sartonni
Mayor ScamboliMayor Scamboli
Mayor ShelbourneMayor Shelbourne
Mayor SimmonsMayor Simmons
Mayor SnipperMayor Snipper
Mayor SprymanMayor Spryman
Mayor StanMayor Stan
Mayor StevensonMayor Stevenson
Mayor SticklerMayor Stickler
Mayor TemerosoMayor Temeroso
Mayor TermiteMayor Termite
Mayor Thomas Van ZandtMayor Thomas Van Zandt
Mayor Thomasina JeffersonMayor Thomasina Jefferson
Mayor Tippi DinkMayor Tippi Dink
Mayor TongMayor Tong
Mayor TortimerMayor Tortimer
Mayor Turkey LurkeyMayor Turkey Lurkey
Mayor WatersMayor Waters
Mayor WeatherbeeMayor Weatherbee
Mayor WhinnyhamMayor Whinnyham
Mayor Woop SlapMayor Woop Slap
Mayor's AideMayor's Aide
Mayor's AssistantMayor's Assistant
Mayor's WifeMayor's Wife
Mayor's WifeMayor's Wife
Maypia AlexymetaliaMaypia Alexymetalia