4th Annual BTVA Voice Acting Awards - Movies


Master of the HuntMaster of the Hunt
Master OffayMaster Offay
Master OffayMaster Offay
Master Orgus DinMaster Orgus Din
Master OxMaster Ox
Master PandaMaster Panda
Master PhantomMaster Phantom
Master PhoMaster Pho
Master Prank CallerMaster Prank Caller
Master PrawnMaster Prawn
Master RhinoMaster Rhino
Master RhinoMaster Rhino
Master RoshiMaster Roshi
Master RyoMaster Ryo
Master Satele ShanMaster Satele Shan
Master SebrianMaster Sebrian
Master SenseiMaster Sensei
Master Sergeant Emily Dickinson JonesMaster Sergeant Emily Dickinson Jones
Master ShakeMaster Shake
Master ShenMaster Shen
Master Shen the Crane HermitMaster Shen the Crane Hermit
Master Sho-YuMaster Sho-Yu
Master Smith PreseaMaster Smith Presea
Master Soemon ObiichiMaster Soemon Obiichi
Master SooMaster Soo
Master SpyMaster Spy
Master Star ReaderMaster Star Reader
Master TMaster T
Master TakeyasuMaster Takeyasu
Master TanbaMaster Tanba
Master TeiMaster Tei
Master ThomasMaster Thomas
Master Tubby BearMaster Tubby Bear
Master Tuna FilletMaster Tuna Fillet
Master UdonMaster Udon
Master UtenMaster Uten
Master VegardMaster Vegard
Master VileMaster Vile
Master VrookMaster Vrook
Master XandredMaster Xandred
Master XehanortMaster Xehanort
Master Xehanort (Young)Master Xehanort (Young)
Master XinMaster Xin
Master XOXMaster XOX
Master YaoMaster Yao
Master YoMaster Yo
Master Yuon ParMaster Yuon Par
Master ZanMaster Zan
Master's CompanionMaster's Companion