Princess Ariel

Franchise: Little Mermaid
Most Reprisals:Jodi Benson (voiced in 14 titles)

Popularity: 164th All Time, 216th This Week

Ariel is a mermaid and lives in an underworld city called Atlantica, which is ruled by her father King Triton. She has a big fascination with the world above the water, where the humans live and often explores to find human artifacts that she keeps in a secret cave. Ariel can be quite rebellious, and her curiosity causes her to disobey her father's orders about staying away from the human world and being so preoccupied, she forgets her responsibilities of being in a royal family.

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said at 9:17 PM on Wed Oct 12 2016
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That is ONE dedicated actress.
said at 12:43 PM on Sat Oct 5 2013
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I prefer Jodi Benson as Ariel. She's one of a few disney actors that never had a replacement take her place. Others include Gilbert Gottfried, Ernie Sabella, Jonathan Freeman, James Woods, Matt Frewer, Jim Cummings for some of his roles, etc.
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