Franchise: Land Before Time
Most Reprisals:Kenneth Mars (voiced in 12 titles)

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said at 2:44 PM on Thu Sep 11 2014
Another talented VA gone? But if it ever continues, who will succeed him?
said at 8:46 PM on Fri Sep 13 2013
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Grandpa Longneck was never recognized as a voice by Bill Erwin. Fact is Kenneth Mars should be considered Grandpa Longneck's first voice actor because Bill Erwin never spoke when the first movie was made. Too bad Kenneth is dead. If there were a new Land Before Time movie, I'd be surprised who his new voice actor would be. Personally, I observed Kenneth's sound when voicing Grandpa Longneck when I was a kid and I managed to perfect the replica voice. If I did the voice of Grandpa Longneck, I'd do it in loving memory of Kenneth Mars.
TylerMirage (Admin)
said at 9:18 PM on Thu May 28 2015
@Legacyman Actually, Grandpa Longneck can be heard in the final version of "The Land Before Time". He chuckles when baby Littlefoot is about to fall asleep.

Perhaps he had more lines in an earlier cut of the film and they were removed? Who knows? But he was still credited and his voice *can* be heard, albeit very briefly.

As for could replace Mars (providing they put Grandpa in the movie at all), 99% chance it'd be Jim Cummings. He was a pretty good replacement for him in "The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning".
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