Hannah Barbera Voice Compares


Lady GobblerLady Gobbler
Lady GraniteLady Granite
Lady GreenLady Green
Lady GretchenLady Gretchen
Lady Gunslinger 1Lady Gunslinger 1
Lady Gunslinger 2Lady Gunslinger 2
Lady HayakawaLady Hayakawa
Lady Hera VisariLady Hera Visari
Lady HowardLady Howard
Lady IkuLady Iku
Lady in StoreLady in Store
Lady in WaitingLady in Waiting
Lady In WaitingLady In Waiting
Lady IpswitchLady Ipswitch
Lady JayeLady Jaye
Lady JoLady Jo
Lady JoyLady Joy
Lady KagamiLady Kagami
Lady KaleLady Kale
Lady KumasterLady Kumaster
Lady LangleyLady Langley
Lady LibertyLady Liberty
Lady LightningLady Lightning
Lady Like/MemuLady Like/Memu
Lady LokiLady Loki
Lady LovelylocksLady Lovelylocks
Lady MacawLady Macaw
Lady MacbethLady Macbeth
Lady MacBethLady MacBeth
Lady MadthaneLady Madthane
Lady MarmaladeLady Marmalade
Lady NanoLady Nano
Lady NeighbourLady Neighbour
Lady of Griffin RockLady of Griffin Rock
Lady of the LakeLady of the Lake
Lady Of The LakeLady Of The Lake
Lady of the LakeLady of the Lake
Lady of ZeliteLady of Zelite
Lady OjoshiLady Ojoshi
Lady on 'Freckles' CoverLady on 'Freckles' Cover
Lady on PianoLady on Piano
Lady on StreetLady on Street
Lady on the StreetLady on the Street
Lady Penelope Creighton-WardLady Penelope Creighton-Ward
Lady PigLady Pig
Lady PortiaLady Portia
Lady Portley-RindLady Portley-Rind
Lady PotipharLady Potiphar
Lady PrattleLady Prattle
Lady PrimaveraLady Primavera
Lady RainicornLady Rainicorn
Lady Rainicorn's FatherLady Rainicorn's Father
Lady Rainicorn's MotherLady Rainicorn's Mother
Lady RataxesLady Rataxes
Lady SchumateLady Schumate
Lady ScottLady Scott
Lady ScottLady Scott
Lady ShivaLady Shiva
Lady Shop BossLady Shop Boss
Lady SlipperLady Slipper
Lady Smith SplicersLady Smith Splicers
Lady SpringLady Spring
Lady TethysLady Tethys
Lady TokimiLady Tokimi
Lady TouristLady Tourist
Lady TremaineLady Tremaine
Lady Truck DriverLady Truck Driver
Lady TwoLady Two
Lady UneLady Une
Lady UrsulaLady Ursula
Lady VainLady Vain
Lady VashjLady Vashj
Lady VerminLady Vermin
Lady Virginia RichingtonLady Virginia Richington
Lady WacLady Wac
Lady WindamereLady Windamere
Lady WintersLady Winters
Lady with bottleLady with bottle
Lady with LipstickLady with Lipstick
Lady with the Dead BabyLady with the Dead Baby
Lady WoodpeckerLady Woodpecker
Lady XLady X
Lady YodoLady Yodo
Lady YunalescaLady Yunalesca
Lady ZartraLady Zartra
Lady ZeraLady Zera
Lady ZorgaLady Zorga