Harry Potter Voice Compares


Lady #1Lady #1
Lady #2Lady #2
Lady #3Lady #3
Lady #4Lady #4
Lady #5Lady #5
Lady (1)Lady (1)
Lady (2)Lady (2)
Lady (Ostrich Thing With The Balls)Lady (Ostrich Thing With The Balls)
Lady / VioletLady / Violet
Lady 1Lady 1
Lady 2Lady 2
Lady AdmirerLady Admirer
Lady AgathaLady Agatha
Lady AlvidaLady Alvida
Lady AmaltheaLady Amalthea
Lady AnnLady Ann
Lady at Bus StopLady at Bus Stop
Lady AuraLady Aura
Lady Baden-BadenLady Baden-Baden
Lady BadiyanuLady Badiyanu
Lady BaneLady Bane
Lady BelgemineLady Belgemine
Lady BirdLady Bird
Lady BlueburyLady Bluebury
Lady BorealisLady Borealis
Lady Bovina RibsbyLady Bovina Ribsby
Lady BoyleLady Boyle
Lady BumblebeeLady Bumblebee
Lady buying steakLady buying steak
Lady Campanula TottingtonLady Campanula Tottington
Lady CapuletLady Capulet
Lady CassandraLady Cassandra
Lady CatherineLady Catherine
Lady CelesteLady Celeste
Lady ChanticleerLady Chanticleer
Lady ChaosLady Chaos
Lady Chef on RadioLady Chef on Radio
Lady ChocktowLady Chocktow
Lady CluckLady Cluck
Lady ComstockLady Comstock
Lady ConstanceLady Constance
Lady CroftLady Croft
Lady CurlycrownLady Curlycrown
Lady DeadpoolLady Deadpool
Lady DeathstrikeLady Deathstrike
Lady DeBurneLady DeBurne
Lady DiabolynLady Diabolyn
Lady DormaLady Dorma
Lady EboshiLady Eboshi
Lady EdwinaLady Edwina
Lady Elaine FairchildeLady Elaine Fairchilde
Lady Elissa ForresterLady Elissa Forrester
Lady FaceLady Face
Lady Fan 1Lady Fan 1
Lady Fan 2Lady Fan 2
Lady FoxLady Fox
Lady FrenzyLady Frenzy
Lady GagaLady Gaga
Lady GagaLady Gaga
Lady Gaga Express ConductorLady Gaga Express Conductor
Lady GobblerLady Gobbler
Lady GraniteLady Granite
Lady GretchenLady Gretchen
Lady Gunslinger 1Lady Gunslinger 1
Lady Gunslinger 2Lady Gunslinger 2
Lady HayakawaLady Hayakawa
Lady HowardLady Howard
Lady IkuLady Iku
Lady in StoreLady in Store
Lady In WaitingLady In Waiting
Lady in WaitingLady in Waiting
Lady IpswitchLady Ipswitch
Lady JayeLady Jaye
Lady JoLady Jo