King HissKing Hiss
King HubertKing Hubert
King HughKing Hugh
King HugoKing Hugo
King HyruleKing Hyrule
King JellyfishKing Jellyfish
King JibralKing Jibral
King JihlKing Jihl
King JohnKing John
King Joseph ChadwickKing Joseph Chadwick
King JulienKing Julien
King K. RoolKing K. Rool
King Kai / North KaiKing Kai / North Kai
King KandyKing Kandy
King Kashekim NedakhKing Kashekim Nedakh
King KashueKing Kashue
King KatuunkoKing Katuunko
King KennethKing Kenneth
King Kenny the KindKing Kenny the Kind
King KepheusKing Kepheus
King Khamer VIIIKing Khamer VIII
King KongKing Kong
King KongKing Kong
King Koo KooKing Koo Koo
King KoopaKing Koopa
King KouKing Kou
King KwanzaaKing Kwanzaa
King LarryKing Larry
King LeoKing Leo
King LeonardoKing Leonardo
King LeonidasKing Leonidas
King Leopold's DaughterKing Leopold's Daughter
King Leoric / Skeleton KingKing Leoric / Skeleton King
King LionKing Lion
King LittleKing Little
King LittleKing Little
King LittleKing Little
King LlortKing Llort
King LotorKing Lotor
King LouieKing Louie
King LouisKing Louis
King LouisKing Louis
King Louis ActorKing Louis Actor
King Louis XVKing Louis XV
King LunaKing Luna
King LykonKing Lykon
King MagnusKing Magnus
King MalbertKing Malbert
King MardenKing Marden
King MaxKing Max
King McGuireKing McGuire
King MidasKing Midas