King RichardKing Richard
King Richard IIIKing Richard III
King Richard the Chicken HeartedKing Richard the Chicken Hearted
King Roland IIKing Roland II
King RupertKing Rupert
King Rupert the SecondKing Rupert the Second
King SalazarKing Salazar
King SalmoneusKing Salmoneus
King SandyKing Sandy
King SarastroKing Sarastro
King SatyrosKing Satyros
King SaulKing Saul
King SaulKing Saul
King Saul's AideKing Saul's Aide
King SeadophKing Seadoph
King ShahryarKing Shahryar
King SharkKing Shark
King ShurifonKing Shurifon
King SigmundKing Sigmund
King SisyphusKing Sisyphus
King SkarlKing Skarl
King SkyKing Sky
King SolomonKing Solomon
King SolomonKing Solomon
King SombraKing Sombra
King SphinxKing Sphinx
King StefanKing Stefan
King StrongheartKing Strongheart
King SuckerpunchKing Suckerpunch
King TantalusKing Tantalus
King Terenas Menethil IIKing Terenas Menethil II
King ThalesKing Thales
King ThinggKing Thingg
King ThroktarKing Throktar
King TokKing Tok
King Tom XIVKing Tom XIV
King TritonKing Triton
King TrodeKing Trode
King TutKing Tut
King TutKing Tut
King TwistomerKing Twistomer
King Ulvik (Left Head)King Ulvik (Left Head)
King Ulvik (Right Head)King Ulvik (Right Head)
King UrinKing Urin
King ValtosKing Valtos
King VegetaKing Vegeta
King ViktorKing Viktor
King VonKing Von
King VultanKing Vultan
King Wallace IIKing Wallace II
King Wasteful VKing Wasteful V
King WebsterKing Webster
King WhamonKing Whamon
King WilhelmKing Wilhelm
King WilliamKing William
King WilliamKing William
King Woody Woodeater IIIKing Woody Woodeater III
King WormKing Worm
King XarionKing Xarion
King YamaKing Yama
King YemmaKing Yemma
King YmironKing Ymiron
King ZahbarKing Zahbar
King ZahnKing Zahn
King ZarkonKing Zarkon
King's AideKing's Aide
King's CaptainKing's Captain
King's GuardKing's Guard
King's ManKing's Man
King's MessengerKing's Messenger
King's MotherKing's Mother
King's SoldierKing's Soldier
Kingfish, the Radio AnnouncerKingfish, the Radio Announcer
Kingler (Ash's)Kingler (Ash's)
Kingly LionKingly Lion