King NeptuneKing Neptune
King NereusKing Nereus
King NikochanKing Nikochan
King Nikochan's ServantKing Nikochan's Servant
King NodKing Nod
King NormanKing Norman
King NovaKing Nova
King OberonKing Oberon
King OctopusKing Octopus
King of BirdlandKing of Birdland
King Of CatsKing Of Cats
King of EnglandKing of England
King of HeartsKing of Hearts
King of InsuranceKing of Insurance
King of JerichoKing of Jericho
King of Meta-RikanaKing of Meta-Rikana
King of MexicoKing of Mexico
King of MidlandKing of Midland
King of MooKing of Moo
King of New YorkKing of New York
King of NinevehKing of Nineveh
King of Red LionsKing of Red Lions
King of SiamKing of Siam
King of SlingKing of Sling
King of TaforashiaKing of Taforashia
King of the NightKing of the Night
King of the People of the ValeKing of the People of the Vale
King of TroyKing of Troy
King of TuranKing of Turan
King of XerxesKing of Xerxes
King of ZinniaKing of Zinnia
King PapaKing Papa
King PawKing Paw
King PeterKing Peter
King Peter the PersnicketyKing Peter the Persnickety
King PhilipKing Philip
King PiccoloKing Piccolo
King PompKing Pomp
King Pygmalion IIKing Pygmalion II
King Radovid VKing Radovid V
King RandolphKing Randolph
King RandorKing Randor
King RatKing Rat
King RaymondKing Raymond
King RegelliusKing Regellius
King RenardKing Renard
King RichardKing Richard
King RichardKing Richard
King Richard IIIKing Richard III
King Richard the Chicken HeartedKing Richard the Chicken Hearted
King Roland IIKing Roland II
King RupertKing Rupert
King Rupert the SecondKing Rupert the Second
King SalazarKing Salazar
King SalmoneusKing Salmoneus
King SandyKing Sandy
King SarastroKing Sarastro
King SatyrosKing Satyros
King SaulKing Saul
King SaulKing Saul
King Saul's AideKing Saul's Aide
King SeadophKing Seadoph
King ShahryarKing Shahryar
King SharamanKing Sharaman
King SharkKing Shark
King ShurifonKing Shurifon
King SigmundKing Sigmund
King SisyphusKing Sisyphus
King SkarlKing Skarl
King SkyKing Sky
King SolomonKing Solomon
King SolomonKing Solomon
King SombraKing Sombra