King AlforKing Alfor
King AllfireKing Allfire
King Altador / Old Lupe KnightKing Altador / Old Lupe Knight
King AmoKing Amo
King AndreKing Andre
King Areulla VIIIKing Areulla VIII
King ArthurKing Arthur
King ArthurKing Arthur
King ArthurKing Arthur
King ArthurKing Arthur
King ArthurKing Arthur
King ArthurKing Arthur
King AstonKing Aston
King AuthorKing Author
King AwgwaKing Awgwa
King Azaz the UnabridgedKing Azaz the Unabridged
King BabarKing Babar
King BalorKing Balor
King BaltericKing Balteric
King BarboKing Barbo
King BarloweKing Barlowe
King BeardbottomKing Beardbottom
King BeeKing Bee
King BelshazzarKing Belshazzar
King BobKing Bob
King BohanKing Bohan
King BomboKing Bombo
King BooKing Boo
King BoreasKing Boreas
King BossyKing Bossy
King Bradley (Young)King Bradley (Young)
King CaelumKing Caelum
King CalvinKing Calvin
King CandyKing Candy
King CanuteKing Canute
King CaradocKing Caradoc
King CarnivusKing Carnivus
King ChadKing Chad
King ChappaKing Chappa
King CharlemagneKing Charlemagne
King CharlesKing Charles
King ClaudiusKing Claudius
King CobraKing Cobra
King CobraKing Cobra
King CobraKing Cobra
King ColbertKing Colbert
King ColdKing Cold
King ColeKing Cole
King CongletardKing Congletard
King CookieKing Cookie
King CorneliusKing Cornelius
King CryosKing Cryos
King DantonKing Danton
King DariusKing Darius
King DededeKing Dedede
King Ding DongKing Ding Dong
King Dionysius the YoungerKing Dionysius the Younger
King DominickKing Dominick
King Drake the ThirdKing Drake the Third
King DraykorKing Draykor
King DuncanKing Duncan
King Duncan's SoldierKing Duncan's Soldier
King EidillegKing Eidilleg
King EnmaKing Enma
King FahnKing Fahn
King FaradayKing Faraday
King FerdinandKing Ferdinand
King Ferdinand IVKing Ferdinand IV
King FergusKing Fergus
King FlippyKing Flippy
King Flippy NipsKing Flippy Nips
King FoltestKing Foltest
King ForlandKing Forland
King Freddy IIKing Freddy II
King FredericKing Frederic
King FrederickKing Frederick
King Friday XIIIKing Friday XIII
King FurryKing Furry