King DededeKing Dedede
King Ding DongKing Ding Dong
King Dionysius the YoungerKing Dionysius the Younger
King DominickKing Dominick
King DuncanKing Duncan
King Duncan's SoldierKing Duncan's Soldier
King EidillegKing Eidilleg
King EnmaKing Enma
King FahnKing Fahn
King FaradayKing Faraday
King FerdinandKing Ferdinand
King Ferdinand IVKing Ferdinand IV
King FergusKing Fergus
King Flippy NipsKing Flippy Nips
King FoltestKing Foltest
King ForlandKing Forland
King Freddy IIKing Freddy II
King FredericKing Frederic
King FrederickKing Frederick
King Friday XIIIKing Friday XIII
King FurryKing Furry
King GatorKing Gator
King George VIKing George VI
King GerardKing Gerard
King Gerry the GenerousKing Gerry the Generous
King Gerry's DoctorKing Gerry's Doctor
King GlubbyKing Glubby
King GohtzaKing Gohtza
King GongKing Gong
King GoobotKing Goobot
King GoochiKing Goochi
King GorneeshKing Gorneesh
King GoshposhKing Goshposh
King GrahamKing Graham
King GrayskullKing Grayskull
King Great WhiteKing Great White
King GreeterKing Greeter
King GregorKing Gregor
King GrippulonKing Grippulon
King GruesomeKing Gruesome
King GungaKing Gunga
King GurumesKing Gurumes
King GustavKing Gustav
King GustavKing Gustav
King HagenKing Hagen
King HaggardKing Haggard
King HarkinianKing Harkinian
King HaroldKing Harold
King HeliosKing Helios
King HenseltKing Henselt
King HerodKing Herod
King HippoKing Hippo
King HissKing Hiss
King HubertKing Hubert
King HughKing Hugh
King HugoKing Hugo
King HyruleKing Hyrule
King JellyfishKing Jellyfish
King JibralKing Jibral
King JihlKing Jihl
King JohnKing John
King Joseph ChadwickKing Joseph Chadwick
King JulienKing Julien
King K. RoolKing K. Rool
King Kai / North KaiKing Kai / North Kai